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9:11 AM
It boots! It boots!
@NathanOsman w00t
@user3108268 there's little advantage to 64 bit with less ram
You'll have marginally better memory usage with 32 bit in that situation
9:28 AM
so going 64 bit still better
I'd suggest 64-bit.
going 64 bit is always smarter. 32 bit is on the way out. Look at 32bit chrome for instance.
A lot of tools are abandoning 32-bit packages.
Android Studio for example cannot run on i386 anymore.
32-bit is really only useful for testing nowadays.
I agree with Nathan though I disagree with his apple logo :=)
@Rinzwind That's not my logo!
And have some appreciation! This is the fourth day I've spent trying to get this thing to run.
ESXi used too much memory and PCI passthrough didn't work properly.
KVM just wouldn't do it - now I'm using qemu directly and viewing over VNC.
Heck, if it boots and installs, that's progress!
I ought to go to bed, it's nearly 1:40am <.<
9:40 AM
i asked this because i.imgur.com/uFxl66Z.png last paragraph
so idk
@NathanOsman was the SU question any help/
Nobody responded.
But I got further on my own.
ah alas
I have the thing booting now and installing.
Had to manually create an HFS+ disk image since the installer wasn't letting me get to Disk Utility.
But so far so good.
9:45 AM
I made the mistake of forgetting to use screen on the qemu command though.
And reptyr doesn't want to work ಠ_ಠ
# reptyr 4049
[-] Process 4048 (boot.sh) shares 4049's process group. Unable to attach.
(This most commonly means that 4049 has suprocesses).
Unable to attach to pid 4049: Invalid argument
Can't I re-pty both of them?
10:08 AM
sorry no idea on that :P
Rinzy ! :)
10:31 AM
Oh god, I was dd'ing something for the last two hours, and I wondered why is it taking too long, but guess what the device was ejected. Wish cared enough to check the progress!
10:49 AM
so @muru looking at and I agree with you that both seem to be being used for anything relating to any possible meanings of those words. In general I think a tag should express something we can all be on the same page about, so is there something specific that you think each of those tags should exclusively refer to, so that usage guidance can be written and retagging done?
I'm not aware of anything specific to Ubuntu/Linux that those words should refer to, so I feel like there won't be much benefit in trying to destroy them, since people are likely to keep sticking vague words like this on their posts. I guess people may use them as search terms just as inconsistently as other people have used them as tags, and at least there could be a sort of woolly overlap between them that results occasionally in someone finding what they were looking for...
But please tell me what you think would be the best thing to do
I just want to nuke them. Limit could be probably changed to resource-limiting or something
(where applicable)
ok I'll kill I'm not sure about since I think it will be a zombie ie just keep coming back
11:06 AM
@Zanna new tags have to go through me to survive the day :D
:D maybe I should stop trying to kill new tags myself then, since if you leave them alone they should be alright!
Good morning @Zanna ! :) The front page ... please ... :D
IMHO @cl-netbox a few of these posts really deserve a bump as they look both answerable and worth answering by people who know more than me. I will take a break for now and do some more later
@Zanna Brake over ? hahaha ... please tell me when you finished, so that my new answer (quite important solution and topic IMHO) has a chance to be visible for a few seconds or minutes - okay ? Thanks for understanding and once again : no offense intended ! :)
I'm really honestly leaving the room right now
12:20 PM
What should be done with these types of answer as the User is posting different answer on same question askubuntu.com/a/880762/529390
I can't understand what's going on there. Did they intend to post two answers or did they just not spot the edit button?
@NathanOsman, Nice script! Thanks for the tag.
I flagged the one saying "open matlab from the terminal with this command" as NAA as it's... NAA
no idea about the other one, I'm going to comment...
@Zanna New Users problem I think but that should be edit rather than posting 2 different answers
neither of them look very promising XD
thanks for bringing it up
12:26 PM
good morning folks!
@IanC Good morning o/
hi @IanC :)
how are you two doing today? :)
@IanC Fine :) What about you?
12:31 PM
Hi guys!
Hi :)
The raspberry pi chat is empty!
@Hizqeel just a bit stressed from work, but apart from that it's all good :)
@IanC OK!
@IanC doing alright, heading out shortly to meet up with an old friend :) how about you?
12:35 PM
@IanC U will overcome the stress shortly :) & Nice to hear the last part :)
@Zanna that's nice, always good to re-encounter old friends :)
@Zanna Fine I am working with a group of people to make an AI.
@Zanna I was wondering, could I make a chat and talk about raspberry pi stuff in an askubuntu chat? (We also would like some other people's opinions on what we do)
@Rinzwind do you know if I can do that?
The above
Did everyone leave!?!?!
You can can press up-arrow to correct a spelling mistake rather than typing correction on the next line you *know.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix THANKS!
There are some raspberry pi users here but not many. They sometimes talk about it.
12:45 PM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix OK, I'll just make a different chat!
You might be better served by a dedicated raspberry pi forum but I don't know of any. I imagine google will reveal that.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix well not the SE raspi chat!
And it is called the bakery the general chat
I don't know. You can post raspberry pi questions on the mainboard in AU if it's running Ubuntu.
`@WinEunuuchs2Unix We just want to be lazy and use noobs
1:03 PM
thexed still has his christmas hat on
@RobotHumans it is welded to my head.
I'm sure I have something over here that can fix that ;)
1:27 PM
@ByteCommander I thought about your screen lock problem and assume that this is more a bug related to the brightness & lock settings and the power settings within the system settings tool generally, rather than to the virt-manager application. Those settings seem to be somewhat sensitive, especially when it comes to changing them while several applications are running ... for example : when I tested the screen lock behavior for you yesterday, it broke parts of unity. :)
1:37 PM
@TheXed I know about that... but no one uses the chat and we want others to review what we are doing.
2:04 PM
Does anyone lurking have experience running debsums? I'm following the steps in this answer, and debsums -cs (the third line of commands, essentially) has started its work. But that was a while ago (? should have noted time -- 10 mins?). It has returned some missing files, and now ... just sitting with a blinking cursor, and it's not exiting to prompt. Could this take a while? (I'm on 16.04 LTS, fwiw.)
2:21 PM
@UbuntuUser what are you doing exactly?
2:41 PM
@TheXed Trying to make a chatbot AI.
@Dɑvïd I would expect it to take a fair while, but I don't really know how long.
@Caleb Well, that's reassuring -- thanks. It found a bunch of Noto fonts that I'd blasted, but since then .. just quietly blinking (well over 1/2 hr by now). Hopefully it will show signs of life at some point!
In another terminal fire up top or something and see if there is a process actually using system resources or if she's flat-lined.
^^^ So it's been running an hour, and consuming a lot of CPU? (I'm not exactly sure how to read those numbers!) Might that be a sign of a process that's hung?
3:06 PM
Calculating checksums (for every system file no less) involves a lot of math. For lack of other evidence I'd take that as a sign of life and nose to the grindstone.
@Caleb Ta muchly! Will let it grind.... (As it happens, the debsums_init command ran pretty quickly -- a minute maybe? But will not give up hope!)
3:27 PM
@Rinzwind Hey Rinzy, your link (VSC) is a bit outdated ... haven't you seen my answer ? It's much more up-to-date ... :)
3:55 PM
100/113 on my Nvidia QA
@UbuntuUser oh I see...any way I can help you?
@cl-netbox sorry?
@UbuntuUser probably not :=D But a mod should answer that
@Rinzwind This question -> askubuntu.com/questions/880819/… ! :)
4:55 PM
Hey @Zanna good news : I could solve the "motherboard problem" I was talking about this morning successfully ... I am very happy that I've got it done ... just for your information :)
@Zanna : And it was a lot of work which unfortunately did not receive as much attention as it should. If you are interested, you can read the answer and the comments from OP below ... hope you afterwards understand better, why I was a little bit upset ... :)
5:27 PM
@TheXed Do you know HTML or Javascript?
@cl-netbox hmm oh you mean upset about the front page or about OP's comments?
I got stuck - need mod powers to untag merged posts
and I daren't ask any mods to do any more silly stuff for me since I already bothered them so much
@Zanna ok
oh hello you
@Zanna which OP comments ? :)
Hey @jokerdino ! :) Forgot to say : Congrats to the city fan ! :) They've won on Sunday ! :)
@Zanna Do you mean those under my answer ? No, they were more than nice ... OP was so happy ! :)
5:43 PM
glad to hear that :)
@Zanna You know, making non-bootable systems bootable or black screens "shining" is not a trivial thing (mostly) and not getting the same attention as those who are providing their "command line magic" or writing great scripts is somehow disappointing ... and in the end, who can use scripts or do other things when they are not able to boot into a properly working desktop ... do you understand what I mean ? :)
yes, it's awesome that some folks like yourself make the effort to answer those difficult questions about broken systems and suchlike that are hard for others to test out and so on
@Zanna Thank you ! :)
the questions that I can answer usually get answered by 5 other smarter people too, so sometimes I wonder if I am doing anything useful by answering at all
I guess that's one reason why I try to do other things to improve the site like edit stuff and review
@Zanna yes ... I think so, because you can see it on your reputation tab ... you receive so many upvotes for your answers ... :)
@Zanna My approach and intention is to solve problems that users are having with ubuntu ... at least the real and most valid reason why the Ask Ubuntu website exists (or should exist) at all ! :)
6:02 PM
why does Smali have to be so confusing
@ByteCommander Your pic is a wolf. So you might like this
And what is your picture @UbuntuUser ? Hi ! :)
6:17 PM
Q: how to post image in comments?

SohibIs it possible to post images in comments to make clear the situation for people who are ready to help? If yes, show with example, please. If no, then how insert more characters?

Ha ! the master of evil and darkness appeared ! Hi @ThomasWard ! :D Nice to see you ! :)
@UbuntuUser I think your pet has a neurotic issue
Good evening @JacobVlijm ! :)
Hey @cl-netbox!
This is the greatest Twitter account ever:
@DonaldDraws, Washington, DC
i'm the president and i like to draw
14 tweets, 15.5k followers, following 0 users
6:23 PM
@NathanOsman also he does it in dutch :P
It is also Hillaryous though :)
in light of the most recent confirmation, betsydevos.info
6:54 PM
@JacobVlijm Haha the picture is not my wolf!!! LOL ;)
7:10 PM
Q: Trying to do a duel boot with Windows and Ubuntu

Fallen O'PhantomSo i'm running windows 10 currently on my machine but want a duel boot of Ubuntu 16.10 and Windows 10. My problem is whenever i try to get the ISO file downloaded from the Ubuntu home webpage it says the file didn't download correctly or it has become magically corrupted...is there anything that ...

10 rounds! who will win?
@Rinzwind it has a suggested edit. Let's reject for fun :)
already accepted it :D
Yeah me too. cowards
@UbuntuUser I know that one. And yes, it's a cutie :)
@KazWolfe can you read Smali?
8:19 PM
Q: Installing Windows 10 in a duel bood with Ubuntu

Adrians NetlisI have Ubuntu 16.04 running on my machine, but for some purposes I need to install Windows. I like Ubuntu, however, and I wanna use it as my prior OS. So what I want to find out how to do is - how to install Windows 10 in dual boot os whilist keeping my Ubuntu 16.04 and how to ensure that Ubuntu ...

Variations on a theme...
@cl-netbox: Good evening! ;)
@terdon: I successfully installed Arch Linux by the way. :)
It is a lot faster and therefore better for my programming projects.
8:46 PM
in Charcoal HQ, 1 hour ago, by Andy
Blow up cities to your heart's content here: http://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/
Cool website.
oooh I nuked NYC
Now we're on all of the watchlists ಠ_ಠ
@edwinksl --^
@NathanOsman Which one were you missing before?
9:04 PM
hmm, how does snap apps run in unity 7?
@Zanna lol
*how do snap apps run
@Zanna lolllll
@terdon can I ask you about some perl black magic ?
A little more succinct: perl -F, -lane '$,=","; if (1 == @F) {$name = shift @F} else {print $name, @F}' fileglenn jackman 5 mins ago
How come here @F doesn't need to be cast to scalar ?
@ByteCommander handled. With a vengeance.
has orbital ion cannons in the 7PW range currently available to him
@terdon nevermind, glenn already explained that. List in scalar context is taken as number of elements. Not used to such magic
9:41 PM
@ThomasWard You must have enjoyed the nukemap too, didn't you? :P
You girlfriend must be very happy, @ThomasWard - she doesn't need to think too much about what to give you for New Year, Christmas or Birthday. Anything with ion canons, darkness , overloards, and evils will do
Kinda same thing here. Give me something related to Linux, programming/scripting, Asian cluture - and I'm happy.
A copy of Red Star OS maybe?
why doesn't sed has something like the c option in the vim substitute command? I'd guess it would be very useful to be able to confirm substitutions made on sed
@ByteCommander Frankly . . . Yes, why not ! I'm curious what kind of OS they came up with and how it's different. It's probably in Korean only though . . . which is a problem - I don't speak Korean, yet
9:58 PM
Is anyone else having issues connecting to LaunchPad?
Oh wait...
Never mind.
works for me
Is there a chat room on SE somewhere which is specifically for Arch Linux users?
No. Try #archlinux on freenode.
@IanC sed isn't meant to be interactive
10:02 PM
@ParanoidPanda It seems to me that it's your internet. I've never had issues with Launchpad here in Denver
So, after one year of having raspberry, I'm finally going to get a relay for it
@Serg: That may be, I have a terrible internet connection here. Even that picture took ages to load. I thought something might be blocking it, but it did load eventually so it was just the connection.
See ? Theory confirmed
I have a good deal with my internet company, but just the line I use doesn't permit a very fast internet connection.
I really need to change the company I use for my line.
10:06 PM
Too slow... :D
Gosh, theres a guy in front of me, who at first was mumbling to himself, then coughs/clears throat repeatedly, and now keeps clicking his touchpad on and off
I'm usually fine with people but just somehow find that person irritating
You know, it was really funny, the other day I was sitting next to someone on the tube and then I suddenly noticed that they were reading something on their kindle which was about how to get cowsay working with fortune and apt-get! :D
Probably some fun Ubuntu guide.
@ByteCommander perhaps
@Serg Birthday, dinner. Christmas, New Years, her presence is enough. Valentine's day, a nice date night with her.
And the rest of her time spending time with her.
@ThomasWard +1
10:14 PM
@NathanOsman: Can I install NitroShare and have it auto-update on Arch?
@ParanoidPanda No, it won't auto-update, as far as I know.
But yes, you can install it :D
Do you have any plans of having an updates system through NS for OSs which don't support things like PPAs?
Oh, right, it's in the AUR...
Though obviously I don't trust anything in there. Did you put it there?
10:16 PM
No, but I helped the fellow who did.
Yeah... I still don't trust that repository. :P
It's no different than a PPA :P
Or the security of those who upload stuff there.
Well, if it makes you feel better, it's pretty easy to build yourself.
Yeah, compiling from source is probably my best bet.
10:17 PM
You'll need these packages:
qt5-base qt5-svg cmake qhttpengine
And that's easy. Does the app get updated much?
qhttpengine is also in AUR but I am the one who added it :D
I am not familiar with that package, is that something of your creation?
@ParanoidPanda Not as much as I like but that's because I like to group lots of changes together.
And could I also just compile that from source?
10:18 PM
I just have general misgivings about the AUR. :P
qhttpengine is optional if it makes you feel any better.
You just won't be able to use NitroShare with any file managers.
Oh, I don't mind that. You mean just the right-click options stuff?
Because I don't generally use those.
The integration with file managers requires NitroShare's HTTP API which requires QHttpEngine.
But it's totally optional.
The app will run without it.
10:22 PM
Ok, then I won't bother with that.
In fact, you can probably do everything in one fell swoop if you install these packages: qt5-base qt5-svg cmake git
Then you can use these commands:
git clone github.com/nitroshare/nitroshare-desktop.git
cd nitroshare-desktop
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install
That should do the trick.
The last command needs root to install the compiled files into place.
I might have forgotten something but hopefully I didn't...
Haha snollygoster is back in the dictionary
Does anyone have any ideas?
10:30 PM
Q: Unable to compile Dropbox source even though pygtk is install on Arch Linux

Paranoid PandaI have recently installed Arch Linux on my system and I want to set up the Dropbox client so that I may sync some of my files with the cloud. I am trying to compile the client from source as instructed by How do I build the Dropbox installer for Linux?. However I have a problem, it instructed my ...

Although different OSs, in terms of this, it should be fairly similar I should imagine.
10:42 PM
Perlin' through the snow, in a one-line simple script : codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/109454/55572
@Serg - Can you help to figure out why apt-daily.service takes 25 second in my boot time?
With an SSD, I though boot would be < 15 seconds...
But not so
@AndroidDev erm . . . no idea how to do that. It's systemd, and I don't know how to deal with systemd services.
@Serg - So I disconnected all USB devices and other HDDs, and now we're down to a 20s boot.. but shouldn't it be faster than that?
@AndroidDev It should be within 30s for an SSD. 20s sounds about OK to me. I haven't timed mine in a long time, but it's within that range
10:52 PM
Wait.. what the....
@Serg - systemd-analyze plot says my total time was 3.33 seconds?
I think not!
Because systemd.™
Accidentally found how to list even numbers:
$ perl -e 'print join(",",map {$_ << 1 } 0 .. 2**$ARGV[0])' 4
@NathanOsman So should I install 14.04?
I don't like 16.04 anyway...
But would 14.04 boot faster?
Depends on what you need.
But 14.04 is still supported, so it's a good choice.
@Serg That looks indeed more like an accident than like code, but maybe Perl is to blame for that...
ducks, runs
10:57 PM
Lol, wait till terdon hears that
@NathanOsman I'm just wondering how people are getting 5 second boot time on their SSDs, and I have 20 seconds...
@Serg I read a page of perl and accidentally summoned Cthulu
@AndroidDev Does that include BIOS/EFI times?
@RobotHumans lol, classic meme :)
@NathanOsman No...
10:58 PM
My PC takes about 30 seconds to boot because I mount network shares at startup.
So some services can't come online until the network is ready and the shares mounted.
That, as you would expect, significantly slows down the boot.
But this is a clean install, no fancy stuff
Then 20 seconds is definitely unusual.
The syslog might lend some insights on where the bottleneck is.
What's odd is that systemd-analyze plot says my total time was 3.33 seconds
Powers of 2 : perl -e '$var=1; while( $var ){ $var=$var<<1;print $var . "\n"}'
Right well...
11:04 PM
Goodnight folks! :)
feck. I don't think I can solve that programming puzzle. Will take too much time. But at least I stumbled upon a few things in perl in the process
Alright, maybe a good idea for a break . . . unless I wanna make a speed run for this state machine
D flip flops and state machines, anyone ?
@NathanOsman @Serg So essentially, it goes GRUB -> Select Ubuntu -> Hangs on blank purple screen for 10s -> Ubuntu logo appears for 2s -> Login screen
I have the Nvidia drivers installed.
If that matters
Might also want to check dmesg.
That too
@Serg flip flops.
but I feel like that's enough already.
$ systemd-analyze
Startup finished in 4.274s (firmware) + 3.122s (loader) + 9.308s (kernel) + 9.738s (userspace) = 26.443s
$ systemd-analyze blame | head -n 20
          5.779s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
          1.522s data.mount
          1.087s systemd-cryptsetup@cryptswap.service
           917ms apt-daily.service
           736ms dev-sdb5.device
           689ms tor@default.service
           656ms storage.mount
           547ms gpu-manager.service
           452ms accounts-daemon.service
@AndroidDev Don't grieve too much about your 20s...
11:20 PM
$ systemd-analyze blame | head -n 5
          8.423s networking.service
          7.859s apt-daily.service
          7.846s lightdm.service
          7.434s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
          6.320s gpm.service
Windows 7 boots in 17s, so there must be a way to get Ubuntu to boot faster
@Serg u no ssd, m8?
@ByteCommander SSD actually . . .
DAMN Squirrel in my fireplace again!
11:21 PM
@Rinzwind How did you get your boot so fast?
@TheXed ever considered putting a sort of net on the chimney ?
@ByteCommander you mean m.2, not m8?
That's odd then.
@Serg yes, was going to wait until it warmed up a bit though...
@TheXed ? I meant m8 = "mate"
11:22 PM
@ByteCommander OH!
@Serg Sure they didn't sell you a SuperSlowDisk?
I kind of don't like systemd for the whole boot and shutdown delay a lone. Even with SSD
@ByteCommander I had this SSD with 14.04 working perfectly fine, fast shutdown and boot. With systemd on 16.04 those times increased
@AndroidDev even my m.2 drive takes around 30's....17 seems way to fast for a standard SSD...
I'm getting around 500MB/s read speed out of mine.
$ sudo hdparm -t /dev/sdb

 Timing buffered disk reads: 1490 MB in  3.00 seconds = 496.29 MB/sec
11:25 PM
For a single file? I would be interested to see what an average would be...
11:36 PM
$ sudo hdparm -t /dev/sda
[sudo] password for xieerqi:

 Timing buffered disk reads: 682 MB in  3.00 seconds = 227.00 MB/sec
Oh wait that is read speeds...
I was thinking write speeds...
Shiz . . . I'm out of coffee
my read speed is 1809 MB/s
How the heck?
Running fstrim right now, maybe that'll help a bit
11:40 PM
$1300 dollar computer should be fast @ByteCommander
@Serg shouldn't that 1) affect only write speed and 2) be done automatically?
@ByteCommander Yes and yes. Although maybe it helps with reads as well
$ sudo hdparm -t /dev/sda
[sudo] password for xieerqi:

 Timing buffered disk reads: 710 MB in  3.01 seconds = 236.04 MB/sec
slightly improved
@TheXed But still... is that an SSD RAID-0 array there or is really one of them that amazing?
Is it just me, or is there never enough time ? I came to library and started doing homework at 1 pm. Now it's 4:45 and I only have 1 problem done
There has never been enough time.
Although sometimes there's too much time. Like when you wait for a train that has half an hour delay again.
11:46 PM
That ^
rick@dell:~$  sudo hdparm -t /dev/sda
[sudo] password for rick:

 Timing buffered disk reads: 1546 MB in  3.00 seconds = 515.06 MB/sec
Kingston 240GB Savage X... got it on sale :) ^^^^
Smoke break . . .
Sleep break...
beer break...
Expecting to get haunted by nightmares of the 6 hours Maths lessons I'll have tomorrow.
11:59 PM
Yeah, same here. EMF class
@ByteCommander m.2 really is that amazing...
frankly I'd rather do state machines all day
I'd rather do programming all day.
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