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6:00 PM
it feels slow at the time, but in a couple of months you'll suddenly realise how much you know
Q: Virus in windows killed mouse also not working in Ubuntu

Jennifer WarHawkI received a virus in Windows 7 that killed my ability to use my mouse in any way. It also froze up my computer. Then I installed Ubuntu. The mouse worked when I was operating off of the Ubuntu disc but when it was downloaded and installed and the disc removed my mouse stopped working. It did beg...

that must be the most insistent virus I've ever seem
most virus are OS specific right?
they solved their problem using my answer but accepted other answer...
sounds familiar :P
but have an upvote, hope they come to their senses
Thanks @Zanna
it happens, once I lost a bounty for someone even though I was the only one that wrote a script for the OP that did what he asked for
yeah, I still have hard feelings about it :/
I upvoted you too @Anwar
6:13 PM
@IanC thanks :)
I left a comment. waiting to see their response
@IanC hard to accept...:( where?
@Anwar it was not the OPs fault though, it's something about the bounty system
@IanC -all-
@IanC how was that?
I think the bounty has an expiration date, and if expired before the OP accepted my answer or something and the other guy got it
A: Automatically get different terminal colors each time I open terminal

IanCFunctional Version Instructions: The Script considers you're using gnome-terminal, which is the default Ubuntu terminal. Before running the script, open the gnome-terminal and create some profiles (Edit>Preference>Profiles) with different settings as you wish (background color, text color, ..)...

6:18 PM
@Rinzwind, there could be a virus that detected the OS and then infected appropriately :p
have an upvote there @IanC
@IanC nah. takes too much effort
@IanC oh. that one! OP accepted other answer there!
most of these virusses are started by script kiddies
@Zanna Thanks :D
@Rinzwind that's true
6:22 PM
@IanC I would say It's OP who ended bounty askubuntu.com/posts/809590/timeline.
@Anwar I think after someone is rewarded with a bounty you can't change your mind and give it for someone else, it's probably what happened
but well, I didn't remember it was the accepted answer, good enough for me :D
I liked this album, youtube has been recommending me some cool stuff
earthquake in the sea near Japan :(
oh :( my brother is there
6:33 PM
Honshu 6.1. 400km out
so probably harmless for the island
7:32 PM
Hi. anyone else here?
@Rinzwind Sure does fixing problems teach, if you're willing to hold hands with an inexperienced user for a few hours or however long it takes? From looking at the question, this seems to be a rather complex problem and the user is probably not very familiar with the topic, so you have to guide them and start explaining at Adam and Eve.
@ByteCommander teach a man how to fish ...
@Anwar ho
But fishing is easy.
Teach a man how to build a car would be a better comparison.
@Rinzwind hi !
7:36 PM
and then he drives off without a driver license :P
if you give someone a script, you will frustrate them for a day... if you teach them how to write a script, you will frustrate them for a lifetime...
make it a PHP one and he'll go to Louisiana to curse you with voodoo dolls
so close to 200 :P :P
@Zanna i rofled
@Rinzwind lol!
@edwinksl glad to hear it ^_^
gimme 1 more good q you q askers :(
7:46 PM
I have a bad q
why are rpm and yum packages included in ubuntu repository?
maybe those yum packages secretly upgrades the Red Hat to an Ubuntu distro
"upgrades", Red Hat users probably would want to punch me in the face if they read it :p
actually Red Hat was the first linux distro I've heard about when I was a small kid, so all my respect to it
@Anwar they are not >:)
the rpm package manager installs the command "alien"
they are actually :)
I installed rpm and there is a command rpm from it
you do know we are heading towards a unified installer? ;-)
i don't know. what was that?
I read about Smart today. but i think it's abandonware already
7:59 PM
oh the idea is to have 1 installer to do redhat, suse and debian installer files :)
not sure if that is the official one :D
never heard of it.
skimmed through the page. I knew little about AppStream.
But Smart project was funded at some point of time by Canonical
Hmmm.... RedHat. I've got the installer DVD for that around for over half a year now probably, but never felt motivated enough to actually install it, not even in a VM. :(
Well, let's just do it. Now or never.
github.com/smartpm/smart << here @Rinzwind
I just found it while searching for something to answer a q
8:14 PM
@Rinzwind: They should do something a bit like Java, but for installer files.
So that the installers can be all the same, but the program just behaves differently on different systems.
@Zacharee1 so many memes...
When is Firefox 49 going to be available through the Ubuntu repositories by the way? There is a quite a serious man-in-the-middle vulnerability patched in it.
@ByteCommander ikr
@ParanoidPanda never
8:19 PM
That one I like though
according to @ByteCommander (right?) there are some pretty serious graphical issues in it
There were graphical problems, yes.
I'm back on 48.0
In my opinion, they are a bit to slow when it comes to releasing security updates, I mean, they took like 2 weeks for a major kernel security update after the exploit already known.
I was gonna say there weren't any mods here right now, but they've all been seen 1m ago or sooner
They should be a bit faster with those sorts of things.
8:20 PM
Time to test the firefox-next PPA again though :)
Stability should not come before security.
@ParanoidPanda I think Stability plays a very important role in Security
@Zacharee1: Yes, but with some things you should just release the update a little faster.
8:21 PM
@ParanoidPanda maybe in an incremental update, but not as FF 49, because I don't think that's ready
but there is a solution
Use Chrome! :D
FF 49 was released as Stable today by Mozilla.
or use a ppa for ff :P
@ParanoidPanda but it was not when 16.04 got feature frozen >:-D
@ParanoidPanda well there you go, but Chrome gets a lot of updates
@Rinzwind: PPAs can be even more secure. And I meant as an update, not installed by default.
@ParanoidPanda ppa's are safe when from trusted sources :-P
8:24 PM
@Rinzwind: They are more likely to get hacked than the official repositories.
that's an open door :P
Oh Red Hat installer, why thou no let me switch keyboard layouts?
I might install it on a VM later too :)
Ah, that was the next step. Impatient me.
time to get ready for work
see you all later!
8:36 PM
who uses firefox here?
i need some help with checking something :p
raises hand
can you go to developer.android.com/studio/index.html and see if you can see the download button?
@edwinksl do you not see it?
this is related to askubuntu.com/questions/827321/… and it appears to me google/android fixed the page for firefox, but i want to confirm
@Zacharee1 i didn't when i wrote my answer
and neither did OP nor a bunch of other people
@edwinksl button loud and clear
8:39 PM
ok so google fixed their crap
@edwinksl hey almost 5k
@Zanna thanks :)
any time :)
@ByteCommander was that you? >:)
@Rinzwind wut?
I'm innocent.
I think.
8:44 PM
upvoting me ;)
200 \o/
18 days from legendary <3
@Zacharee1 still lower than yours
I made the RHEL installer crash!
@ByteCommander file a bug!
8:48 PM
It ejected its DVD and died.
Too late, it's dead.
@ByteCommander that's not a bug. it is intended behaviour
when the dvd starts flying across the room now that is a bug
seen it happen >:)
I was about to configure the installation servers when it crashed.
That was not intended.
the dvd ended against the wall and was broken in 10000s of little bits
225 <3
8:51 PM
I make an iso of the DVD now and use that for the VM.
No flying bugs tonight please.
12 minutes remaining, why does RHEL have to be so HUUUUGE
Ubuntu could be that big :=)
Now it ejected the DVD, but goes on writing the iso image to my HDD, filling everything with zeroes... >.<
next time pick CentOS
@Zacharee1 your MSE post did reasonably well despite being closed
I just want to test that free RHEL 7.2 copy I downloaded...
@ParanoidPanda I'm on Firefox 49.0b10 now again btw.
The graphical glitches seem to be fixed.
You can get it from ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next
9:00 PM
Closing as unclear, but no idea what that answer has to do with the question.
@Rinzwind dutch weed :p
is a link to a bug report NAA?
never mind, I just voted to close the Q, it was self-answer by OP
"It seems to be a known issue <link> "
9:18 PM
does anyone here knows android programming?
Hey everyone, I've got an issue installing Ubuntu on virtualbox
I keep getting this image when installing
that's some colorful bug
maybe the graphic card simulation isn't working?
I've downloaded the 32-bit iso twice (incase something screwed up there)
does this image shows up before the installer appears, or after some point on installation?
it goes the 16.04 screen with the four dots, then after that this pops up
the mouse appears for a second, then the colors appear
9:25 PM
Q: Ubuntu 14.10 does not install in virtualbox

MVitI'm currently running Windows 8.1 x64 (a problem in itself that I can't change sadly ;-P) with the latest version of VirtualBox (4.3.18 r96516). I managed to get the server version up and running with no issues but I cannot get the desktop version running. I can boot to the menu and start the p...

try this
@CBredlow why 32 and not 64?
@Rinzwind 64 doesn't show up as an option for virtualbox
you got a 64 system?
I think it is understandable for virtual machines if he doesn't dedicate much memory for the VM, no? @Rinzwind
I do
9:27 PM
then it should offer 64 :P
@IanC: 32-bit being better for memory is a myth.
That's what a leader in the Ubuntu GNOME team told me anyway.
@IanC dont think so. it would complain yes but still pick a 64-bit
Can't remember if it was the manager or the founder.
And what is my machine so slow?!
9:29 PM
oh hey that answer worked
I couldn't find it when searching 'virtualbox Ubuntu install multicolor box error'
@ParanoidPanda, I don't know, but this guys from the answer seems to have tested it and noted 64bit uses more memory, which makes sense askubuntu.com/questions/7034/…
anyways, gotta go to work
me bedtime >:)
cya 2
@IanC: I don't know, that's just what I was told. But by someone who should seriously know their stuff so I'm inclined to believe them.
9:31 PM
Q: What are the differences between 32-bit and 64-bit, and which should I choose?

squallbayuWhat is the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit Ubuntu? I've heard the 64-bit platform performs better and can detect more than 4GB of RAM. Also, while some apps haven't ported to 64-bit yet, ia32-libs lets a 64-bit machine run them. If so, why not promote 64-bit over 32-bit?

Oh, I'm late with that link...
Anyway :)
If I have 2 ubuntu computers at home, how can I get one to see the other's hard-drive on the network, without exposing it to the world?
nfs? smb?
not exposing it to the world shouldn't be a problem since when you're behind a NAT router, no incoming connections can get through without you port-forwarding them
Network address translation (NAT) is a method of remapping one IP address space into another by modifying network address information in Internet Protocol (IP) datagram packet headers while they are in transit across a traffic routing device. The technique was originally used for ease of rerouting traffic in IP networks without renumbering every host. It has become a popular and essential tool in conserving global address space allocations in face of IPv4 address exhaustion by sharing one Internet-routable IP address of a NAT gateway for an entire private network. == Methodology == The original...
9:52 PM
What, like my wifi router?
I haven't pulled up the config page in years - how would I be able to tell?
any computer using IPv4 needs a NAT router if it's sharing a connection with another one
@edwinksl the question not so much, but the answer, yeah
@AaronHall anyway, you could take a look at the guides here for smb: help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba#General_Samba_Guides
9:58 PM
@AaronHall If you don't know, you're likely using NAT.
or you could set up an SSH server on your computers and use SCP/SFTP if you want
@Zacharee1 got repz, doesn't matter
true true
but lost 4 :p
@edwinksl answer questions. You need 420 rep (s0 1337)
@Zacharee1 rep cap bruh
@edwinksl well it doesn't have to all be today
10:02 PM
but i saw 420 and all i could think of is to get it all today
Yeah, I probably want to ssh into my old laptop...
how do I make it not launch the desktop on boot?
A: How do I boot into the console and then launch the Ubuntu desktop from it?

izxTo return to the login screen Press Ctrl+Alt+F7 to return to the login screen. You can exit your terminal session on tty1 by typing exit before you do that. Doing startx -- :1 will start another X session under terminal tty1, logging you in directly (use :2, etc. for even more displays). Note ...

Q: How do I disable X at boot time so that the system boots in text mode?

Olivier LalondeIs it possible to disable X at boot time? I'm setting up a server so it would be nice if it wouldn't load the graphical interface every time I boot.

RHEL 7.2 VM successfully installed.
I just have no idea what to do with it...
oh right, the link i posted won't work with systemd
10:35 PM
@edwinksl Well if you reach the rep cap in the next 1.5 hours, you can just keep going :p
oh you have reached it today o_O
Oh dear, I hope they don't think I'm completely barmy posting a question which includes the acronym "UFO" on a Physics site... :D
Q: How does the "Lifter" device work?

Paranoid PandaQuite some time ago I watched a documentary on UFOs, now whatever you may think about the subject, or the documentary, at the end of the documentary a device is shown which its inventor calls a "Lifter". He says that nobody at the time was sure exactly how it worked, though he did give examples ...

I hope they don't just pick up on that bit! I can't help that the guy who made the documentary also went to visit this amazing inventor and that's the only place I could find it! :D
Well, anyway, it's a perfectly valid question in my opinion if you look at the link so hopefully they won't just write it off when they see that acronym.
I just feel a little silly writing it there.
10:46 PM
@ParanoidPanda Is UFO English? I thought that was only a German abbreviation and in ENglish those are called foo fighters?
I hope it doesn't turn out that the documentary actually staged the whole thing! That would be both embarrassing and disappointing! :D
@ByteCommander: Never heard of "Foo Fighters" in any context other than the band... UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object.
And I have heard that a foo fighter is a UFO...
lemme research
The term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific theaters of operations. Though "foo fighter" initially described a type of UFO reported and named by the U.S. 415th Night Fighter Squadron, the term was also commonly used to mean any UFO sighting from that period. Formally reported from November 1944 onwards, witnesses often assumed that the foo fighters were secret weapons employed by the enemy. The Robertson Panel explored possible explanations, for instance that...
Aha. So it had something to do with UFOs at least.
Yes, but only from that specific period.
10:50 PM
Well, learned something then :)
Yes :)
@ByteCommander what's it in German then?
I also now know what Foo Fighters are (and probably where the band got their name)!
@ParanoidPanda ionizing the air ;)
@Mateo: Well, I would still like to know how to construct one.
10:52 PM
unidentifiziertes/unbekanntes Flugobjekt
German words are so funny sometimes
Anyway, it's getting really quite late now here, so goodnight! :)
@ParanoidPanda balsa, aluminum foil, and a ton of electricity ;)
@Zacharee1 The same, translated literally. Unbekanntes Fliegendes Objekt.
Or what you said.
Basically the same.
@ByteCommander I like yours better
although Flugobjekt is fun to say :p
Oh, and if it hits you you will probally be killed by electroution @ParanoidPanda not a fun project for those with paranoia
10:58 PM
@Zacharee1 You think so? To me it sounds normal. Even with American accent...
o/ @Mateo - I missed you the other day
Hi @RobotHumans guess we just passed each other
any good movies lately?
a few were ok. nothing really popped
Ive been on a "artsy" trend lately I guess I would call it
High-Rise, and The Neon Demon
arq was okay. sully was pretty good. expected more out of don't breathe. kingslave was enjoyable. highrise was decent as a social commentary, but i think it missed the mark a little. war dogs was hilarious. i expected more out of blood father. didn't even try neon demon
11:11 PM
I liked the part where he was painted up like brave-heart with the gray wall paint
@Mateo you should post that as answer. I've added your link as comment by now so that it does not get lost.
heh. i think i enjoyed the overall commentary more than any single part of it. no one part was really that memorable for me. i think that's why i felt like it missed the mark. no one scene encapsulated the entire movie more than "why does the top floor have champagne and caviar going in, while we are in brownouts?"
@ByteCommander hey I can pronounce German...
Q: Can I have your disk and ROM dumps please? 🤓

LiveWireBTCan someone give me a heads up how to better respond to seemingly far to broad questions which might be solvable by observing an issue first hand and with the consent and trust of a user to not do anything fishy with their data or hardware? I guess I would be able to solve the following case at ...

11:15 PM
but since I don't speak German, it's funny
yeah, I feel the time-line jumping didn't work for it, but yeah all the normal objects as forts and armor, and such, and that everyone just kept doing their "job" as it extended forward
@ByteCommander well, I'm not to familiar with physics, so that will give someone the context needed
yeah. and the not leaving as trash piled up in the sea of cars that nobody knew where they parked - b/c they had been in their apartment sized cubicle for too long
@AskUbuntuMeta ?!
well if you want to see keanu reeves find a lion in a hotel room, with little meaning to the plot see the neon demon @RobotHumans ;)
yeah, i guessed as much
11:24 PM
@KazWolfe read the question
but basically the plot is the fashion industry(photography models) + horror, with some scenes at the end that they show to be real actually happening to the characters, but seemed to be more realistic extensions of the photos being taken
@Zacharee1 that question makes even less sense. We're dealing with XKCD:
Within five minutes of the Singularity appearing, somebody will suggest defragging it.
there's no technical way outside of BIOS for this to happen.
And, given this, there's no technical way for it to work on install media but not a raw install.
11:35 PM
anyone see the nextcloud ubuntu core box?
That's interesting
not something i'ld pay someone for, but interesting
$80? Pretty cheap @Mateo
all you need extra is the pi
wait, you need to buy a pi?
so all-together $115
11:38 PM
So then what's the box itself?
the box, the drive, the sd card preinstalled, and the cables
how big's the drive?
and the SD is where Ubuntu runs?
1TB drive
so yeah, you can basically build your own, I think it is cool they are doing a branded run
and I allready have 2 or three pi
You gonna get two or three boxes? ;P
11:46 PM
For a 1TB 2.5" custom-built HDD, along with an SD card (how big?), $80 isn't bad
I have more rep than sabdfl
Mark Shuttleworth
yeah but he has more money than you
@Zacharee1 at least more than 4 I would imagine
11:47 PM
well yeah
@KazWolfe considering he actually made Ubuntu, I think that, in terms of what rep is meant to represent, he has more than you
well i still have a higher rep score than him, so...
well I see the meaning of rep is lost on you as it is lost on me
> Reputation is a rough measurement of how much the community trusts you; it is earned by convincing your peers that you know what you’re talking about.
3 mins ago, by Zacharee1
@KazWolfe considering he actually made Ubuntu, I think that, in terms of what rep is meant to represent, he has more than you
@Zacharee1 so... numbers DO lie?
11:52 PM
this is a special case
just saying, he then also has more rep than you.
you're higher than him too, iirc
also i'm pretty sure he's responsible for very little of ubuntu itself. He mostly runs the company that funds it, iirc.
Why would I care that the creator of Ubuntu is more trusted than me, the guy who uses Windows?
Maybe now, but he's the one who founded the whole thing
no... he just funded it.
> Shuttleworth funded and founded Canonical Ltd.
wow, the Ubuntu Wikipedia page doesn't say "unix-like" as the OS type
yeah... funded. i don't think he did much at all for ubuntu's existence except throw money at it and make not-very-good decisions (Hi, Unity!)
11:58 PM
Um, no. He started the whole thing.
Or at least helped start it.
And Unity is great. So then.
@Seth eh, gnome2 was better, and unity was a poorly-executed vision for the convergence platform to make Ubuntu run on everything, including TVs.
I still want a more modern theme for Unity

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