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8:40 AM
Q: How to use overlay mount to combine multiple directories with different sub directories?

RobinI have downloaded several git repositories arranged in different source trees: repoDirs1 (with child dirs including vendor) repoDirs2 (with child dirs including vendor) specialRepos1 specialRepos2 To get a workable source tree, I have to do as following: 1. cp -rp repoDirs2/* repoDirs1/ 2. cp -...

9:14 AM
I don't think so.
It's about a problem that happens while attempting to install Chrome OS.
I've voted to close it as off-topic, "not about Ubuntu."
I also flagged it.
@EliahKagan Seems like chromium os is installed on top of ubuntu maybe? chromium.org/chromium-os/quick-start-guide
The part that goes wrong isn't in Ubuntu though, is it?
It seems to me that, even if they started out with Ubuntu and plan to dual-boot Chrome OS and Ubuntu, the question is straightforwardly about Chrome OS and not Ubuntu.
9:24 AM
All right.
4 hours later…
1:32 PM
Q: Starting postgresql 10 from mounted drive

SxipperI have Ubuntu 18.04 with boot disk of 30 GB(VM_A) and there was mounted drive(4TB) to it from another machine. due to a recent restart the mounted drive was unmounted then i had to mount that drive to VM_A in media/mounted_drive 4TB dir. Now this mounted drive had Postgresql 10 running fine which...

2 hours later…
3:03 PM
@kashish good catch :)
Q: Ubuntu 18.04 lag after kernel downgrade 5.3->4.4

birinoramaI am running Ubuntu 18.04 on kernel 5.3 but for some testing purpose with real time kernel I have to downgrade to 4.4. After downloading and installing the 4.4 kernel, I booted into it and everything is super laggy. I tried figuring out what is the problem but I did not find anything useful, I al...

5 hours later…
8:01 PM
Q: Deleted VirtualBox VDI while VM is running?

mckldsI accidentally deleted an ubuntu.vdi while the VM is running. Oddly, the VM is still responsive and running without issues. I expect shutting down the VM will result in total data lose. Any help would be amazing right now. Is there anything I can do to recover the .vdi or preserve the VM operatin...

2 hours later…
9:39 PM
Q: udev mounted devices not showing up in df command or rather mount vs udev rule mount

lorugantI am mounting an external hdd/ssd using udev by writing a udev rule to mount it to a directory,it shows up in the directory that I am mounting it to but, it doesn't show up in 'df -h'. But when I explicitly use the command line mount for mounting my /dev/sda1 or /dev/sdb1, it is able to mount and...


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