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1:02 AM
Q: Change .fasta file name

OFSMI have something like 2000 fasta files with a structure like this_ Name_ID#_Name2_ID1...2000.fasta I want to change the order of the filename to this: Name2.Name_ID#_ID1...2000.fasta Some idea how to make it possible? I'm usin Ubuntu 18.04 Thank you very much

7 hours later…
7:33 AM
@Zanna Isn't he answering his own question in the question?
seems so yes
7:49 AM
so maybe the answer is an answer
not sure how best to edit
3 hours later…
10:46 AM
Q: Just dual booted my computer with ubuntu 20.04 and bluetooth manager is not opening up

user422236I am a complete noob when it comes to ubuntu/linux. For some reason my bluetooth manager is not opening and i can not turn on bluetooth from the setting app. I have uninstalled and installed the bluetooth already and have followed a long with previous trouble shooting stackoverflow posts regardin...

1 hour later…
12:10 PM
Q: How to the new user to the site get more clarification for a question with less information?

MFAPAs a new user to the site, i would like to try answering to other users questions. Lets say, The question i found has some limited information, with some additional information i could provide the exact solution. As a general rule, i can't post the clarification as an answer, But as a new user m...

2 hours later…
2:00 PM
Q: Does oomkiller kick in at overcommit ratio

user422280If I configure the following /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory = 2 /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_ratio = 50 What happens if a program tries to allocate 50%? Does it kill the actual program only or can it somehow kill other processes like oom killer as well?

9 hours later…
10:55 PM
Q: Ubuntu 18.04 not recovering from suspending

Emma BashorunFor quite a long time, I've been unable to recover my computer after suspending with sudo systemctl suspend or hibernate. The machine successfully suspends but an attempt to recover it only brings up the keyboard light, motherboard fans, and WiFi indicator. But the screen doesn't come back on. I'...

11:19 PM
Q: xen guest gives the message "it has not initialized the display (yet)" and it is freezes there forever

MariettoI'm a new xen user. I'm learning how works the xen hypervisor that I have installed on ubuntu 20.04 with the command : apt install xen-hypervisor. I want to boot the phisycal installation of windows 10 x64 bit that I have on /dev/sdb,which belong to these partitions : root@ziomario-I9:/etc/xen# f...


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