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12:13 AM
Q: rsync not recognizing synced drive as synced after OS update

ASGI'm in the process of rebuilding a fileserver. I've added new hardware and an update from Ubuntu 14.04 to 18.04. All my drives are recognized and I am able to mount my mdadm RAID fine. I have a crontab that periodically rsync -avh --delete's the data from the RAID to an external drive. In the ...

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1:54 AM
Q: Can't source .bashrc from .bash_profile when using `sudo su - username -c`

OmegastickI have the following in my .bash_profile: echo bash_profile if [ -f $HOME/.bashrc ]; then echo Sourcing bashrc source $HOME/.bashrc echo Sourced bashrc fi My .bashrc file is quite long, but at the end I have an echo Path set statement and some exports. When I execute sudo su - use...

2:30 AM
@Innovator-programmer How have you set it up? Likely if you're having that problem you will need to adjust the mount options. Probably the mount command will show something helpful.
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3:36 AM
Q: Script to recursively replace invalid characters in filenames, not directories, with rename

senor_noseI'm looking to write a script that will find and replace any characters other then [^A-Za-z0-9._-] in a specific file type (in this case .avi) with an underscore '_'. I want this to exec recursively from the current path. I do not want or need to change any folder names as I have control over ...

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4:39 AM
Q: How to add time to a date variable in linux

ohmgIf the current time is 20200121101010 (%Y%m%d%H%M%S) here is my code agof=`date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S -d '-5minutes'` agot=$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S -d ${agof} -d "-5minutes") echo $agof echo $agot I expected it as below 20200121100510 20200121100010 but it works 20200121100510 20200121100510 How ca...

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1:22 PM
Q: sudo apt-get update failed while installing nodejs

user1036336I found this error and stuck here. kindly help Installing the NodeSource Node.js 12.x repo... Populating apt-get cache... enter image description here

Is it clear which version of Ubuntu the user is using?
The tags say 14.04, they say 16.04, but precise is mentioned in the attached image
I'm so confused
2:02 PM
could have tried to use 16.04 repos cause everything supports it :D
I see xenial AND precise repos
5 hours later…
7:13 PM
Q: I can’t configure NTP to work with the GPS module as a synchronization source (NMEA + PPS)

Denis ScherbakovI can not configure NTP on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS (Linux 4.15.0-74-generic). As a source of synchronization I want to use NMEA + PPS from GPS module. GPS module is connected via USB using the SILABS CP2102 interface converter: Bus 002 Device 003: ID 10c4:ea60 Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. CP210x...

4 hours later…
11:18 PM
Q: How can I connect my android phone to my ubuntu laptop without internet?

SreeI have an external wifi modem. Inside the ubuntu laptop, I have an internal wifi card and internal network card. I want my android phone and laptop to be in the same network without using internet. Is this possible? I dont want to enable wifi hotspot in the laptop.

11:51 PM
hello ,I am new here and do not how to encode,could someone help me please?

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