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1:50 AM
@LeonidMew, same but I figured it out. Nginx is like hard wired to run on port 80 only
5 hours later…
6:22 AM
Q: How to replace an empty line with the line below it?

vib_29I've parsed a file but there's some issue and a quick way around is to replace empty line with line below it so how do I do that like the folowing file apple banana big sig cake should convert to apple banana banana big sig cake cake

7:18 AM
Q: Process waiting for input from other process

user7290726I need to have a mechanism wherein 2 process should communicate. Process A will do some job and wait for input [file path] from another process B. Each time Linux machine is rebooted this should happen. The number of times this happens is controlled by the count in process A. Thought of doing ...

7:59 AM
Twice today now...Anyone else having issues?
this question seems a useful one for our site
I don't think it needs to be closed
It's really about setting up to write code, isn't it... that's on topic here
@Zanna reopened
@Fabby thanks a lot!
@Zanna people tend to forget AU is a "site for Ubuntu users and developers" <-en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ask_Ubuntu
8:12 AM
oh no...
that "developers" bit though is about development of Ubuntu specifically
we interpret this as an end user question
shell scripting is on topic... but pure programming questions in other languages are off-topic
haha it's a bit complicated
Q: Please don't close questions that are for "developers"

An0nI see questions on Ask Ubuntu set to on-hold or being closed because they involved bugs and are meant for "developers". Stated in the description for askubuntu.com Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It's built and run by you as part of the Stack Exchang...

wait that's a completely irrelevant meta post about something else entirely :D
sorry for that XD
the is this programming question off topic? is a pretty fuzzy area of our scope
I tend to go by the chances of getting a good answer in this area rather than any other consideration
like, I remember Eliah Kagan found a badly answered C++ question. He said, this shows that AU is not a good place for C++ questions. If our community can't evaluate answers properly, then it's not the right topic for our site
OTOH questions about Python for instance tend to get well answered here. So I'd vote to keep open or reopen if an answer's been posted
but this is a very tricky way to manage scope.
@Zanna thye site itself seems to be kind of inconsequent though when it comes to languages. Many, no practically all, cli questions are not Ubuntu specific, while a language like Vala is the "house" language of Gnome, so OT by definition one would say. Curious what would happen if I posted a Vala Q.
I think Ubuntu specificity has nothing to do with it - simply that shells are used by so many Linux users
@JacobVlijm Your question would be on topic if and only if it were about developing something that would be part of Ubuntu. That's how I understand it
8:29 AM
Sure! but that should count for anything if you apply the rule strictly. I remember quite a few downvotes/close votes on programming for Ubuntu.
... as well as cli questions, not closed, despite the fact that they are not Ubuntu specific (which is fine with me, but still). Think the line between programming an scripting is extremely vague.
Many things seem to be more by tradition (which changes over time) than a rule that makes sense in all possible ways. Also note for example that we often see heavily upvoted answers on SO, containing only ... a link! @Zanna
Interesting to note the differences in perception.
8:51 AM
Q: How to configure LVM on my Ubuntu 18.04?

MikiBelavistaI need to configure physical volumes and LVM on my Ubuntu desktop. I worked with my virtual boxes, could not upgrade them due to insufficient space. My lsblk lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT loop0 7:0 0 132,1M 1 loop /snap/postman/81 loop1 7:1 0 3,7M 1 loop /snap...

9:25 AM
@JacobVlijm Using a language in Ubuntu makes it on topic
Though I would assume there is a boundary where it would be better to ask it on a coding specific site :)
9:43 AM
@Rinzwind Thought it was the other way around: if a question is about an issue that needs solving -> fine, if it is about an issue + specific language -> programming question.
@Zanna @JacobVlijm Btw, where does this “Ubuntu specific” come from? I can’t find it neither on any help page nor in a relevant meta discussion, on-topic on the contrary speaks of “Ubuntu-related questions”. IMO the question whether something is specific to Ubuntu – what ever that means, a clear definition seems insanely complicated – should not be relevant.
Q: Fstab intermittently mounting drives while using nofail

FloggedhorseWe have 4 backup disks that we rotate in one removable caddy slot. The fstab script intermittently works....it appears the fstab script is not getting to later lines. Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-148-generic x86_64) Example - this will NOT mount the 3rd disk (1C66E504730C5C29) /dev/mapp...

@dessert I assume Ubuntu specific and Ubuntu-related is kind of the same?
not at all! one includes anything with Ubuntu, the other excludes anything that’s not.
@dessert There is no rule about "Ubuntu-specific", only about "applicable to Ubuntu".
9:55 AM
^ that's a nice definition
After all, there is almost nothing that is actually Ubuntu-specific. We would have a very empty site if we only allowed Ubuntu-specific stuff.
@dessert Yeah, I see, you' re right.
The development thing is indeed trickier. The way I see it, there are two broad categories. Classic scripting languages like perl, python, awk and the shell are traditional *nix tools and part of a sysadmin's toolbox. So questions about using those on an Ubuntu system are on topic. Compiled languages would also be on topic but only when the problem is related to Ubuntu.
Things like "How can I convert a string to an array in C" I would consider off topic, but "How can I query the procfs filesystem in C" would possibly be on topic.
I think Gilles's answer to this U&L meta post is also broadly applicable to us:
A: Unix C API calls ontopic?

GillesUnix's shell interfaces tend to be pretty close to the syscall interfaces. In particular shell utility errors are often straight lifts of system call errors. So people who understand the one often can help with the other. Therefore I think questions about the system interfaces (i.e. the C API) sh...

Obviously not the general UNIX stuff, but the basic idea that if it is about the Linux kernel side of things (and, for us, is being tested/run on an Ubuntu system), then I guess it would be on topic.
So if you're developing an Ubuntu driver for a piece of hardware, for example, you should be able to ask here.
10:27 AM
@terdon indeed a tricky set of variables to decide on. In general, in cases of doubt, I feel there is more harm in a too strict policy than every now and then letting a case on the edge slip through.
@JacobVlijm Yesh! Absolutely.
I also feel it is always better to err on the side of allowing more content on the site than removing it.
This is a perfect example for me:
^ this!
Q: Uninstall R from Docker image

AliAsFirst of all, I have read all the threads in stackoverflow on this topic and I have tried the provided solutions in them, which resume in: sudo apt-get remove r-base sudo apt-get remove r-base-core delete everything in .libPaths() The thing is, I'm using a Docker container which c...

The question of managing a docker instance and the software installed on it is 100% applicable to and interesting for users of Ubuntu. And we just lost that question because of the too-strict policy. In an ideal world, I'd have just edited that to not mention Debian and then we would have gotten a useful question and the OP a helpful answer.
But, as it is, I just migrated to U&L instead.
Seems a perfectly applicable one!
10:35 AM
What about askubuntu.com/questions/1146483/…? I don't know what invoice2data is all about. Is this one Ubuntu-related? Any thoughts?
@dessert indeed, you are 100% right
Btw @JacobVlijm I'm sorry for wandering off! It was lunchtime and I was in multiple conversations. Suddenly I realised the time and rushed out to find food, forgetting everything I was in the middle of
@terdon thanks for the insights!
@Zanna Haha, no, don't worry, didn't even cross my mind. We all have work to do (or eat).
@terdon indisputably I think
@JacobVlijm :D
@DKBose Off-topic. Leaving comment.
@Zanna Oh, very disputedly, I am afraid. People keep voting to close bash questions FFS! Let alone anything more complex.
10:44 AM
@Fabby is this a Windows thing then? Waiting for the comment :)
So much so, that I even had to ask on meta back when I first started being more active here:
Q: Are bash/shell scripting questions on topic?

terdonI have seen a number of users voting to close scripting questions as off topic. Is this the community consensus? Are bash questions not welcome here? How about other shell programming questions?

@DKBose MacOS, Debian Ubuntu Python script.
@Fabby thanks!
@Zanna do you manage with the "local" cuisine? Sambhar, rasam, more, and rice, rice, and even more rice?
10:55 AM
@terdon yeah, but those people doing that are just wrong ;)
@DKBose omg I love it. Best food in the world
Tuxdigital mentions a search tool that doesn't use indexing: youtube.com/watch?v=tsC4GXT6_88&t=2016s. It needs a bit of RAM but otherwise is supposed to be fast.
There's a place just down the road from me that is too good. I totally need to buy some cooking equipment and start making my own food to save money, but I'm delaying that so much because eating out is too great
@Fabby so how is it off topic?
@Zanna I used to have "hostel" food and so wasn't too thrilled!
@DKBose the quality definitely varies hahaha
I love the fermented foods and coconut based chutneys. Too yummy
11:05 AM
IIRC, idli and dosa do involve some fermentation of the rice batter. But our hostel staff economically used to under-fry the dosa and under-steam the idli :(
Haha I like them soft, but if you're eating slimy fermented rice batter it's no fun at all
11:45 AM
@Zanna Please help me with that, a question’s title is “Is there a way to make it so the cursor is included when I prtscr key?” and I want to make it “How to include the cursor in the screenshots created by pressing PrtScr?” – is that acceptable or can it be further simplified or improved?
maybe “… screenshots created when PrtScr is pressed”?
@dessert instead of cursor, you could use "mouse pointer"? man gnome-screenshot refers to "pointer".
oh, didn’t think of that, thanks :)
@dessert sure, but instead of "how to" I would put "how can I". Just because I'm pedantic
That reminds of my school teacher with "yes, you can but you may not" ;)
I'd go with "How do I" ...?
12:01 PM
@terdon Close vote retracted.
12:46 PM
@JacobVlijm I read this comment there: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/64068/… So I'll leave things alone.
@DKBose I can imagine. It' s often what we want to read as concencus :)
1:38 PM
Q: Keyboard shortcut to make all of show, hidden or create (create, minimize or maximize) process of windows in the current workspace

YedhrabAs I said at title, I want to make: Create window if It's not exist Show (maximize) window if It's created before Hide (minimize) window if It's showing now (focused) Do all of these process in the current workspace

2 hours later…
3:17 PM
Q: No sound in Ubuntu 19.04

Pavlo B.I've installed ubuntu 19.04 on my computer and I have no sound on it, when I go to the config penel of sound, it displays they green line that is moving like I have sound, but there's no way to make it sound. I tried some solutions that I found but there's no way to listen anything.

4:17 PM
Q: Ubuntu 19.04 closes session

Pavlo B.Sometimes when I'm working with my computer, it goes to the login screen I saw this error in the syslog but I didn't found any information about it gsd-keyboard[9905]: gsd-keyboard: Fatal IO error 11 (Recurso no disponible temporalmente) on X server :1024. at-spi-bus-launcher[9840]: XIO:...

4:54 PM
@ByteCommander is it possible for mods to delete an accepted answer? It has come to my attention that I have an incorrect accepted answer that I wish to delete.
1 hour later…
6:17 PM
So, @ByteCommander is the new mod?
6:29 PM
Indeed, thank you.
@AndroidDev Just raise a custom moderator flag that explains the issue. Someone will take a look and we'll see what we can do. It should be possible, I asked for something like that years ago too.
6:52 PM
If you want, you can additionally leave me a notice here and I'll have a look, but the flag makes it easier to handle and also keeps the flag text as permanent record for the reason, so we'll know why it got deleted in the future.
7:09 PM
Weirdweird, for the past few days, I don't see any green. just the rep number changes...
7:22 PM
@Anwar anwarry! :) :)
@JacobVlijm swallow a bit of gamma radiation :=)
Oh, wait, I forgot to take off my sun glasses :) @Rinzwind
that'll work too
@JacobVlijm do you know of any wifi applet that lets me add more info at the panel besides just the icon?
I know there is an alternative network applet, not sure what it can do, let me see...
looking for it :+)
is that "network applet"?
what the hecjk. installing it :+)
Not sure, a quick look: github.com/danielpinto8zz6/budgie-network-applet let me ask foss
7:28 PM
Gentlemen how can i remove a specific port number from the url without exposing port 80?
installed 'network applet' but see no difference :X
see if fossfreedom is awake...
@OvieTrix I would assume with an url shortener? or an alias in apache?
@Rinzwind url shortener are you trolling me?
nope :=)
it would hide a port if you want to
7:31 PM
LOL thanks for the knowledge
not really? a shortener usually just redirects with a 302, I think
Yep, it was that "Netwerk Applet". I remember it had a few extremely funny translated strings. Not sure what it can or can' t @Rinzwind
does not looklike it adds anythijng to the panel. Just a different view
can a usb 2 provide power? or was that just 3 and C :X
i have a weird thing: my cowon j3 does not mount over mtp when I use my usb3 OR the usb 2 next to it. The usb 2 on the other side (both) do mount it.
7:35 PM
wait (someone with) an icecream is calling... brb
eh. I am eating cherry flav. icecream atm :=)
when did you hear me calling?
lol I just ate some ice cream too
sethy! :) how's life? I met the biggest idiot in ICT last week. and I have a 25 year career :P
now I want ice cream
7:40 PM
I was ordered to fix a problem a subsidiary created but tried to hide they did from the company they worked for. In the end 4 people got fired after I sent that company my bill and a vert very large explanation on what "do you really want to delete all discounts?" means :D
life is ok. still a struggle but making progress. Finally start bachelors after summer \o/
cool. bachelor, That was early 90's for me :P
@Rinzwind oof. Always own your mistakes!
Hiding them only makes it worse.
@Rinzwind :P
Technically I should be finishing it next year, not starting it. but w/e. Health problems suck. Grateful it's only added 1 year and 1 quarter to the overall length though. Could have been much worse.
@AndroidDev done
AndroidDev is alive?! Feels like I haven't heard that name in a while.
7:43 PM
@Seth I know. I have 4 migraines the past 2 months :P Learned today my mother had 15 this year alone. Just make your health a priority ;-)
@Rinzwind Ouch! I hope that doesn't continue to be a common pattern for you.
My average is 5 a year so I will likely go over that. We both have a lazy left eye that is partitialy the reason. I had 2 severe concussions when I was young. That's the 2nd part of the problem :)
@Rinzwind, I always go for walks to keep health up
they're really relaxing and you can listen to music
if I get to 2 paracetamols in time I can subdue it a lot (like 90%+)
music and light are not an option when I have it :D
@Seth 1.5y lost or could you do a little bit? :P
I heard we are going to get nvidia drivers in the next ISO.
Are there any plans to also include mpeg2? The patent on that expired so it is free :)
I cant find anything on that except for fedora adding it :P
ah well.
@JacobVlijm ever heard of tuxedo computers?
@Rinzwind yeah. kind of...
7:52 PM
german ;-)
"empfehlung" means "recommended"
@Rinzwind I know
thinking about getting one of those but I don't think I like the small hinges
looking up the word hinges
Ah, scharnieren :)
7:59 PM
^^^ always fun to read the docs :)
"use get_n_monitors instead" :D
Hehe, what it doesn't mention that Gdk.Screen 's get_n_monitors is deprecated, so use Gdk.Display ' s get_n_monotors instead :). Nowhere on the page though :)
8:16 PM
@Rinzwind "do a little bit"? I don't follow.
hmm did I misread that your bachelor was 1.5y longer? :P
9:08 PM
@ByteCommander thanks
@Seth hi :) I've just been super busy...... also I probably should change my name lol, I love doing Android development as a hobby but I'm not super great at it....
@ByteCommander sorry to bother you again... The edit to this question has rendered my answer to longer "answer the question" if you will. Should I just leave it or?
(The question was changed from "Why is hibernation so complicated" to "How can I make it work on my laptop")
Hmm, this is difficult
The original "why is it difficult" was something I thought to be a relatively bad question, but your answer to that is quite good.
The changes that got made, including the OP's specific hardware and steps taken to enable it, are very substantial, so you're right the answers don't really fit any more
I'd personally probably lean towards reverting the edits and asking the OP to instead post a separate question about their specific case and how to get that second bullet point to work, leaving this one as theoretical question about the general difficulties of hibernation. It might be closed as too broad/opinionated then maybe, but I think it's better like that to preserve the answers and content.
@AndroidDev I wrote a comment, if the OP's fine with asking a new question about the specific hibernate on lid closing issue and reverting the original question, that's how we're gonna do it. I don't just want to force that on them though.
@jmath1983 I see you got two relatively good answers about the theoretical difficulties with hibernation, which I think address your original question quite well. However, due to the substantial changes to your question over time, making it basically only about hibernating when closing the lid instead, these answers do not fit any more. I think it would be best to revert your question to what it originally was about and you then ask a new question regarding the hibernate on lid closing issue. What do you think? — Byte Commander ♦ 1 min ago
1 hour later…
10:39 PM
@Rinzwind no that's right. going to take me 5 years and 1 quarter.
I don't understand the sentence "do a little bit" in this context however.
11:06 PM
I guess he means if you could complete some courses etc in part-time or prepare stuff during the break.
11:47 PM
I'm not doing a break.
That's taking classes in summer until I graduate.
hmm, idk anything

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