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6:29 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix not when it is a clone :-P
and what's worse: cloning an NTFS ... you can tune those from linux >:)
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8:40 AM
How do you hide some applications from appearing in open with menu?
Good question...
@Anwar By adding NoDisplay=true in its Desktop Entry I guess
Q: lsyncd - How to include specific directories and exclude rest of all directories

Dhaduk MiteshI want to include some of the directories in lsyncd process and exclude rest of all directory. I have so many directories in a multisource directory. I want to include only temp and temp1 directory and exclude rest of all directories in lsyncd. I try using below code in /etc/lsyncd/lsyncd.conf....

Didn't work
It hides from dash though. But I can see it in Open With context menu
Q: Globally associate file type with certain application

Alexander KimI don't need "Ubuntu-tweak" and i know about GUI method of associating certain files with certain applications using right click and "Open with". I am having problem setting filetype association globally in a file: /usr/share/gnome/applications/defaults.list E.g.: image/x-psd=gimp.desktop I...

8:52 AM
It's not what I am looking for
I had an answer for that question too :)
@Anwar Then post a question on the main site, put all those details into your question and provide a link to the question here.
@Anwar Do you need the Desktop Entry? If not, try deleting that
Well, What I want to achieve is not showing KDE applications in my GNOME DE. For example, not showing Okular in GNOME. I can achieve it with NotShowIn=GNOME; this hides the menu from dash.
But Okular still appears in Open With menu. So, I want to hide Okular from open with in GNOME, but not in KDE
9:19 AM
@Anwar I have no idea about that. Try posting on main site.
ok. Thanks
1 hour later…
10:34 AM
@Anwar guessing: it is probably connected to the settings of the mime types @kulfy
that would be ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list
it is likely a file shared between all desktops. so you want need to create 2 backups: 1 for gnome, 1 for kde and copy it over mimeapps.list on login
@Rinzwind I'm not sure if manipulating mimeapps.list is enough.
@Rinzwind I seem to remember that there was a move to prefer one of ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list or ~/.config/mimeapps.list over the other. On my Kubuntu 18.04, the former is there, but empty. The latter has content. I'll also look at my Kubuntu 19.04 in a while.
10:59 AM
@Rinzwind it appears that ~/.config/mimeapps.list is the preferred file now, at least in Kubuntu 19.04 (which is a clean install and not an upgrade).
@Kulfy, I think having two mimeapps.list files, one for each DE, and remembering to switch between them should work.
@DKBose In my installation ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list is empty
I use vanilla GNOME
@Kulfy, I feel that ~/.config/mimeapps.list is the current favored location. I remember reading a discussion somewhere about the new preferred location.
May be.
@DKBose ah cool.
@Rinzwind, but there's also a cache which may need to be dealt with (wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/XDG_MIME_Applications). It may just be simpler to take a while and choose the right app each time.
11:46 AM
GG locked my self out of my desktop with yubikey
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1:00 PM
Q: Disabling a key in Ubuntu 18.02 that isn't showing in keyboard panel

AlonSamuelI have a problem that when I'm pressing Alt+Shift (both right and left) ubuntu is changing the language... I'm trying to disable the shortcut of changing a language in my ubuntu 18.02 , but I don't see it in the shortcuts panel.... I only see super + space (in the picture 'Switch to next input so...

1:38 PM
Q: Pmem and huge pages

TomIn my Ubuntu 18.04 Intel system, there are 356gb of DDR. Out of this memory, 300gb, are pre-allocated using the pmem mechanism (since we have an external HW that sends us contiguous data chunks of 10gb). We are accessing this memory in a totally random manner. We've witnessed a memory tpt degr...

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3:35 PM
Q: Mismatch in USB devices listed by lsusb and sys filesystem

prabandhamI work on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS PC. I have a need to find out the USB device name that matches a particular USB device ID. When I run the lsusb command to list USB device interfaces, here is the output I get: etc/udev/rules.d$ lsusb Bus 002 Device 004: ID 03f0:231d Hewlett-Packard Broadcom 2070 ...

Q: Restricting a user to a certain directory on SSH login

Chris YatesI am having trouble restricting a user to a fixed directory when they connect with SSH I want the user restricted to /var/www/home however I connected myself and they are free to move about the system I set the home directory to /var/www/home so they go there upon login however this doesnt res...

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4:35 PM
Why this script changes LANG when run from command line, but not when called from .desktop file
export LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8
export WINEPREFIX="/home/uname/.wine"
wine /home/uname/.wine/drive_c/GOG\ Games/Worms\ Armageddon/WA.exe</code>
Please help with that script/desktop file, I have no clue why its not working askubuntu.com/a/1144750/449979
I know, but even desktop file have Exec=script.sh not working, while script.sh working from command line. Only one thing not working is LANG=...
4:52 PM
Q: Gnome-keyring: "Automatically unlock this key whenever I'm logged in"

user353934I don't seem to have the option to "automatically unlock this key whenever I'm logged in" when trying to SSH into another computer. This is a screenshot of my prompt: This is an example I found on some random website, but it shows where the option should appear: I have seahorse ssh-add ssh-a...

5:39 PM
@LeonidMew Stupid question: Have you forgot ! in shebang?
Thanks, I'll add it now
But script is working from command line
5:52 PM
A: Change system language for Gramps in .desktop file

Jacob VlijmI installed Gramp and tried it here, and this should really work: Exec=/bin/bash -c "LANGUAGE=en_GB gramps" LANGUAGE= takes precedence over LANG= Note Make sure you run the application from the local .desktop file: After editing the local one, make sure you log out / in before running it aga...

Try LANGUAGE instead of LANG.
1 hour later…
6:59 PM
@Kulfy LANGUAGE don't support codepage, while Russian have few
Q: VirtualBox 6.0.8 menu text small in Ubuntu 16.04; All other programs good. Guest boxes good

Hugh McCurdyI was running Virtual Box 5.2.22 under Ubuntu 16.04. After my employer updated the kernel, VB ceased to work (kernel modules). After following the instructions provided by the error message, I thought I'd try a newer version of VB. I installed 6.0.8. VB 6.0.8 solved the problem but now I have...

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8:23 PM
Hey @terdon are you there?
I think GabrielaGarcia's comment to this question are somewhat rude and I strongly believe that it is necessary that a mod should step in and let them know where they are going wrong.
8:39 PM
@Kulfy Terdon is just one person.
Flagging for moderator attention puts this into the Mod queue where the whole team will help you...
@Kulfy the wiser head gives in. I know you mean good, but you should be really careful with statements like “I expect you to be nice in future.“, that comes off very condescending and is prone to escalate the situation rather than clearing it.
I agree with dessert: it's not nice but neither is it rude... Would you mind deleting your own comment?
yes, and what Fabby said: flagging is teh way to go
@Fabby Yeah but I guess mod's queues are always full of flags and this was urgent and important IMO.
@Kulfy Flag for moderator attention is the highest priority queue.
8:42 PM
@dessert @Fabby I've already taken down the comment.
(anything else like deleting and closing and... we can help out...
@Kulfy Thank you.
And don't feel bad: We've all made that mistake...
@Kulfy and that’s where you’re wrong, and I’d even say it costs a mod more time when they’re pinged than when you raise the appropriate flag
@Kulfy Yeah, I really appreciate your commitment here, you’ll be a great candidate in the next election! ;)
@dessert I wouldn't use wrong in this case: Not ideal: yes, but not wrong...
the queues are full you’re saying?
One more mod to help out in the queues pretty soon.
8:45 PM
@Fabby I should rather thank you and @dessert for clearing things up.
that’s what I was referring to, not the fact that it is important
@Kulfy you sir are a nice and humble person
Actually I've been around since a year and getting to know things takes some time.
Sorry @terdon :-)
@dessert Thanks for the compliment :)
@dessert I've known the queues to contain 1000s of items. Now it's just a few 100:
@Fabby I agree comment could have been rephrased. But I thought his speech was little bit rude and I should step in and commented whatever came to my mind.
@Fabby the review queues maybe, but the mod attention queue? I really hope it’s reserved for the real emergencies, I for one use it very rarely.
8:52 PM
@karel Why did you take out the spaces and use triple backticks??? (I always edit it the other way around)
@Kulfy totally understandable, but it’s a good tip to try to stay calm and avoid stirring up emotions
@Fabby me too
@Kulfy Next time: go out for a smoke and then read again and then comment...
>:-) ;-)
where do these triple backticks come from anyway? I never get them with the formatting buttons…
@Fabby I don't smoke. I'll rather have some beer ;-)
@dessert Me too, but we have a lot of mods now, so I feel less compelled not to flag
@Kulfy Good for you!
8:55 PM
@Fabby It's less than 24 hours and we'll see a new mod
And whatever the outcome is, I'm going to ping the new mod and tell them "Congratulations to you and my sincerest condolences to the community for you becoming our newest mod!"
When I found out my sister was pregnant, I told her: "Congratulations! Do you know who the father is already?"
Her boyfriend laughed his arse off and she grimaced more than smile...
9:41 PM
@Fabby I do quite a bit of editing in Stack Overflow where the triple backticks allow the editor to write the programming language after the 1st triple backticks which makes the code block that follows syntax highlighted in color. Sometimes bash gets syntax highlighted in Ask Ubuntu, when I want syntax highlighting to be disabled so I add none after the 1st triple backticks to disable syntax highlighting.
@dessert recent (couple months? a year?) addition to the SE markdown parser. And backticks are clearly superior.
One thing, as karel just said, is easier syntax highlighting.
instead of
<!-- language: bash -->

and it also doesn't require you to modify each line but just add something at the beginning and end, which is sometimes useful, depending on how the OP mis-formatted it already
though I still use the indent syntax sometimes too if it's easier to just select everything and hit the shortcut/button, or in more complex nested structures
Code that is mis-formatted is very hard to read compared to consistently formatted code with one uniform length of indentations.
10:23 PM
Q: startx not automatically running on reboot

APorter1031When starting up by machine, I am prompted with a terminal asking me to login, rather than the nice GUI that I am use to. When I login in, I am able to run startx and everything works smoothly. I added the following to my ~/zprofile but it only ran once I was logged in. if [[ ! $DISPLAY && $XDG...


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