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5:51 AM
@Rinzwind so i have to edit the path and give this path "/usr/local/bin/python" right ?
@Rinzwind Do you know why is it showing like that. Because earlier there was no issue in creating virtual env but now its encountering this.
3 hours later…
9:04 AM
more and more hats :D
why are the people here always destroy their python?
it's almost a rite of passage lol
9:20 AM
Oh, so I mis that. Maybe I have to do it too. :D
10:08 AM
I have no words for this one: askubuntu.com/a/1195376/36315
@blade19899 nice answer lol
3 hours later…
12:51 PM
**The Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Pre-release Survey**
@blade19899 this one trumps yours askubuntu.com/questions/1195410/…
@Rinzwind That one made my brain hurt
Vote to delete, got immediately deleted. Forgot I have that power now xD
@Rinzwind you think I should keep this deleted?
yes please :D
Will keep this deleted!
1:28 PM
@Rinzwind > Budgie rocks!
SAME! Its my new default desktop interface!
ubuntu survey: what do you expect from ubuntu desktop in the next 2 years.
answer: buy up and dismantle microsoft.
@blade19899 it has been mine since gnome3 infected ubuntu
@Rinzwind That's not going to happen. Atleast not by Ubuntu. Hopefully some day though
I'm thinking about switching to Fedora altogether though
1:50 PM
I smile everytime I hear about Fedora because that's the name I gave my cat when I got her and now the first thing I think about when I hear it is not the OS haha
(My heart balances between Ubuntu and CentOS, although I shall say, I've been disappointed by the first one the last few months (especially the snap/apt double installation drama...))
next cat name : Cent, Arch or Debian? :D
@damadam I wanted Debian but my spouse wants it to be Kali :p
Although Manjaro could be cool too (but they don't like that either. Bummer D:)
and the drama would be Windows :D
oh god please no xD
@damadam Puppy Linux :D
Thats an actual Linux distro: puppylinux.com
1:55 PM
debian rocks
@blade19899 I didn't understand the aim or main advantage of Puppy :/
@damadam I dont understand the aim or main advantage of most forks. But, people still forking.
download a fork just to have a puppy on background : best answer ever ! :P
2:29 PM
Q: Host rebooted when issued `swapoff -a`

KahnOn a physical host running Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS and serving as a hypervisor via qemu, hosting a single guest, I've issued: swapoff -a To the host, which hung for several minutes before kicking me out of the console. I was unable to get back onto the host, and found that it had rebooted, which re...

2:40 PM
Anybody here has experience with Fedora?
2:51 PM
@avazula What are your thoughts and experiences with it?
Completely forgot about Linux Scoop:
@avazula don't say it purrs and it leaves hair everywhere to @blade19899 question :D
@damadam LOL. My mind is made up. Switching right now! xD
@blade19899 very limited. I used it back in college (t'was the OS on our lab computers). Seems nice for educational purposes and people who like a nice GUI, but Ubuntu still seems better for both those goals. I switched to RH and CentOS when entering the industry ; easier for handling safety rules and policies
3:29 PM
@avazula Thanks for this. I am going to use it for my personal desktop, I just need it to do my basic stuff/and handle some IDE for my coding. Other than that, don't need much.
3:40 PM
@blade19899 Yo :-)
Forgot to mute this tab, on the phone with some co workers, and the sound was very loud.
Now I know he has never been on this SO chat before xD
@Rinzwind Yo D:D
Fedora experience here :=) 6 years of using and 2 years of WEARING one
@Rinzwind I would like to know your experience on the Linux Distro called Fedora, and I would love to know you experience with the hat called a Fedora!
it is very velvety :+) so not good when it rains
Thing is.. the OS is basically a gnome 3 desktop but with no sudo.
4:00 PM
... no sudo? Huh?
they use root
sudo is optional
Ah okay, I was wondering. I actually fired up a Fedora VM, just so that I can verify that statement XD
sigh. I even have 1 HP UX I have to maintain :(
and 2 AIX. even worse
@Rinzwind Arch Linux seems easy next to that :D
Ahhh, Arch Linux, tried that once. Never more then once!
4:14 PM
really? I love Arch.
No more dependency hell!
@terdon That was years ago for me, back when my linux knowledge was limited, eventually I landed on Ubuntu. Just a lil bit easier for a noob to install
Oh, far easier. No question.
But once you have it installed, it's not too hard.
But yes, not for new users. Absolutely.
I might try it out again in gnome-boxes, or one of my laptops
dependencies on Arch are really totally erased? how does that work?
@damadam I was wondering about that myself
4:26 PM
@damadam Not erased. They're just never a problem for some reason. I can't actually tell you why. Their packaging system just deals with it better than apt
@terdon enlighten us Sifu
package system is pacman if I'm not wrong
so it packages better UNLESS your package is a yellow candy
so why pacman isn't available on Ubuntu? :(
is it an issue of dpkg?
4:32 PM
@damadam ?
You can't just change the frontend, you'd need to completely replace dpkg as well.
You can't just use pacman with deb packages, the entire packaging system is different.
^^ a comparison of Arch and Ubuntu.
2 hours later…
6:51 PM
Oh new design? Repu points in blue.
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy Me? No not really. I rarely have the energy to work on stuff like that after uni.. I'm taking advanced scripting/automation this coming quarter though so I'll be doing some then.
1 hour later…
7:59 PM
Q: Can SQL Server 2017 and 2019 Express editions be installed together on Ubuntu?

yW0K5oI read this article that named instance of SQL Server 2017 Express can't be installed. Have this changed for SQL Server 2019 Express?

3 hours later…
10:35 PM
Hi all, anyone able to help me debug a BT pairing problem?
I'm trying to connect to a NEXA BT Headset. It pairs w/ my Android phone no problem. It does not show up when doing a scan from bluetoothctl.
chipset is Broadcom Corp. BCM20703A1 Bluetooth 4.1 + LE
Sorry Naxa not Nexa
10:55 PM
Q: Edition standards

guillermo chamorroSince a while I've being an active member of AskUbuntu and Unix & Linux. As such I often edit Q&As. But I'm lost in some aspects and details of specific edition standards. This post an this post are, in my opinion, just related, not duplicates (though are parts that address my concerns), since t...

Nevermind, I got it... downloaded HCD file and renamed it

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