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2:20 AM
Q: Apt Update not working

hrishit biswasGetting this error on PopOs apt-get update Reading package lists... Done E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/

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5:07 AM
Q: How to fix the mask value in acl?

Karthik NedunchezhiyanI have set the mask value to r-- (group class). When I added a group with rw- using setfacl (setfacl -m g:test:rw- time.txt). I noticed mask value is changed to rwx. I thought mask value is the upper bound permission value for a group class. If we tried to give more permission than mask permissi...

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7:41 AM
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9:19 AM
This is just spam to me: askubuntu.com/q/1195083/36315
@Rinzwind OMG Yaay
@blade19899 star it! :[)
@blade19899 yeah check the profile of the answer: askubuntu.com/users/1023768/tom-harry
farming reputation
also watch OP profile
flagged it all over the place :=)
9:37 AM
@damadam @Rinzwind I saw the profiles of both and the Q/A thats why I called it spam. TO f'ing obvious
@Rinzwind .... I see 1 star.... Did you really star it? :P xD
Do you guys still play 0 A.D. ?
1 hour later…
10:51 AM
@blade19899 no star my hats ;-)
@blade19899 not me. Just finished Star Wars Last Order. The next few 100 gaming hours I will be busy with The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III
make a spreadsheet to help me track the throphies
does this work: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/… @blade19899
@Rinzwind Darn. The work laptop I got is more powerful then my HOME PC. Played 0 A.D. on it, and I needed a 1000 units to make it lag, just a lil bit. Wanted to play with other folks
@Rinzwind YOu are really in to gaming xD
11:07 AM
@Rinzwind insane player :D
@Rinzwind my last 0 A.D. match was 3 moths ago:
11:58 AM
@damadam The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III --speedrun-- takes about 95 hours :D
@blade19899 well what is BAD with this game: at the end you go to ng+ and can tranfer certain things into ng+ so you can keep going. This does NOT work for treasure you open. 288 of them. Need to do that in 1 playthrough ... and some of those treasure are hidden or can only be picked up at a specific moment or after a combination of events. Soooooooooo very easy to miss.
12:39 PM
damn messed up my script :*(
Q: How to find total active namespaces in linux?

Karthik NedunchezhiyanIs there any way to find how many active namespaces are present in linux? like mnt ns - 20, net ns - 40 etc. Thanks

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2:03 PM
hello guys
I was using virtualenv without any problem I could create, delete enviromnets. But after the installation of Anaconda in my machine its not possible to create new virtualenv, but I can use the old ones. Whenever I try to create a new one the following error is showing:

user@user-H270M-D3H:~$ mkvirtualenv test
bash: /home/sysg/.local/bin/virtualenv: /usr/bin/python: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
How to get rid of this. What's the real problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
do you have a /usr/bin/python?
how to check that
I used which python and it shows the below path
2:23 PM
Q: What is the use of pivot root in mount namespace?

Karthik NedunchezhiyanI am trying to understand use of pivot_root in a mount namespace. In most of the resource, explanation is more complex to me. Can anyone kindly explain the use of pivot_root with real-world use-case. Thanks

2:34 PM
@SRJ577 how about ls /usr/bin/python
Its showing
ls: cannot access '/usr/bin/python': No such file or directory
so there is your answer :)
/home/sysg/.local/bin/virtualenv assumes /usr/bin/python exists
4 hours later…
7:00 PM
@Rinzwind then what should i do
fix the she bang in /home/sysg/.local/bin/virtualenv OR run it by using "python " in front of it.
5 hours later…
11:40 PM
Q: All commands and ssh connection stopped working after hplip installation

GuiDupasI am trying to configure a print server on an Ubuntu Server 16.04 After the installation of HPLIP package all the commands I try to execute on the command line stopped working. I have rebooted the system and it didn't work. I checked my .bashrc and .profile files and they are OK. Now, as my co...


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