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12:02 AM
Makes me wonder if something on ppa.launchpad.net got changed.
4 hours later…
3:57 AM
@Videonauth I think I figured out my ppa problem. I was using 5.0.0-36 kernel and having the ppa problems. Dropped back to the 5.0.0-32 kernel and it works flawlessly. Looks like there is a bug in the 5.0.0-36 kernel.
I have also confirmed this on a second host I have here with the same kernel on it.
4:12 AM
OK, never mind. That didn't work after all. After a reboot or two and testing with the 32 kernel, it is not working again on the PPAs. Something is making me go, hmmmmmmmmmmmm
4:31 AM
Q: Best way to split a mixed directory by extentions?

ThomasDrI have a directory tree with several file types and I want to split this directory to the same directory structure, with only one File types. What is the best way?

3 hours later…
7:55 AM
Q: How to ensure I know my password?

DimsI am connecting to machine via ssh key and have sudo rights. How can I check that username password I know is correct? /etc/shadow doesnt' contain me. What else can be done?

8:15 AM
lol answered. saw a mistake. needed 10 minutes to fix the mistake but got 3 upvotes AND an accepted answer before I editted correctly (and even now I have doubts)
9:05 AM
@Rinzwind share the link, so we could help you ;)
9:24 AM
There is hope for us:
@damadam I think Rinzwind is talking about this question
@Fabby would it be a Solaris rise? Oracle is in a good mood now, they would probably take Sri Lanka school as further clients from Microsoft :D
10:08 AM
Is my comment not too aggressive? That guy made me lose all patience
@damadam yeah, your comment is way too aggressive imho
if you lose all patience, I recommend closing the tab, if possible :)
@Zanna already done, however always reopen when a comment notification show itself. I hope that I don't infringe the CoC with that comment (because I tried to reorient that guy even if he drove me angry)
well, one can always delete a comment and write a less impatient one with the useful advice to ask questions about Linux Mint on Unix & Linux
10:27 AM
It seems to me that the last two comments (only one of which is by you, the other is by the OP) are doing more harm than good and are best removed. The question should also be closed as off-topic (not about Ubuntu). These things could happen in any order.
I deleted my comments
The message shown on questions that are closed as "not about Ubuntu" describes other SE sites and links to help page about what on-topic. So I think the OP will be fine even if nobody adds any more comments.
3 hours later…
1:29 PM
Is an issue about creating table on postgres (using ubuntu 18.04) on-topic here? Should I post it on SO / ServerFault?
nevermind, I finally found the solution :D
1:48 PM
@damadam naaa gonna delete it if user picks the other one :+\
2 hours later…
3:54 PM
This answer's comments are a bit of a mess askubuntu.com/a/597414/168094
Is there some way I could get a mod to go in and clean them up?
There seems to be even a novel question in the comments.
@Seanny123 by flagging them?
I did flag the chatty ones, but the other ones are messy enough that I'm not sure what to do?
@Seanny123 as a general rule, you can use a custom flag and leave a message explaining what problem you see.
you're right, I'll just do that
@Seanny123 you bring back an old comment :D
4 hours later…
8:29 PM
Q: Difference between /$ and ~$

Michael ShoeWhen I log into a server running Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64 and run ls nothing shows and there is a ~$ at the end of the command prompt. When I type cd / the prompt changes to /$ and I can see many more directories listed. When I login am I initially in the home directory of the user and then by us...


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