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12:01 AM
Overall, I think in the past I've been a little too crazy with answering on the site, so I might set a few limits on that. Besides, I'm trying to work on my character and stuff like that, and gonna need to look for a new job, so yeah - I'll still be answering just . . . a little smarter now.
As for Deepin, I'm actually quite happy with it. Eh, there are a few things which I miss from Unity, and a few things I would like to be different, particularly cooperating with my two external screens, but overall it's alright.
Yeah, I was thinking about Elementary or Arch for my next Linux version.
@Fabby Thanks for suggestions on the leather way back. Although I ended up ordering different type, since my seller didn't have it on hand and it would take time to order ( which means my friend wouldn't get it before new year), it led me to the right seller after all, and I ended up getting her custom-made journal with my own drawing on it and her initials. Very much satisfied.
I actually like Unity, but I really don't like Gnome
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy Did you get a really happy ending to that story???
@Fabby We've purely friendly relationships, and she's actually my mentor in . . .metaphysical aspects. So, no and I wouldn't expect that out of it. Besides, she lives in entirely different state :)
You're just too nice is what your problem is!
(I'm sometimes too nice, sometimes not so...)
12:09 AM
Heh, that's the way I like myself to be, and I am quite comfortable with that
alright that's one BBB complaint made
BBB complaint ?
Better Business Bureau
Ah, I see. Somebody's customer service sucked apparently
not exactly
12:26 AM
Good night!
Also : Woof!
Sleep well, Fabby ! See you around
12:48 AM
While I had to laugh at this too, I quickly stopped because I too did something equally foolish as a child. I took about 2' of lamp wire which I shorted one end by twisting together and put a plug on the other. I laid the wire flat on a polyester carpet (which fortunately was black and grey colored) and proceeded to plug it into a wall receptacle. In my head I was trying to "see if I could make the circuit breaker blow" not realizing that a short circuit doesn't "arc" probably would create that pulse of high current that'd flip a breaker, I heard that distinctive omnipresent HUMMMM and say
1:00 AM
Anyone has a recommendation?
Q: Nginx webabb conf + Certbot automation tool

ArcticoolingI run a Ubuntu 16.04 Nginx server environment used to run websites from different CMSs. I'm looking for a FOSS, payless, communal tool, common among professional Linux server admins to automate the following Bash code that creates an Nginx webapp conf, a symlink to enable the conf and an associa...

1:11 AM
@NathanOsman, remember I told you about Staticman? I implemented a comment system using it but without having to open the whole webpage repository (just a repository exclusive to the comments). I'm writing about how I set it up here if you want to take a look :)
so far it seems to be working nicely, maybe it's a good alternative for people who want to move away from Disqus (except for the fact there's more coding involved)
1:36 AM
@NathanOsman I just noticed I sent you a link to localhost:4000 hahaha, here is the correct link!
1:47 AM
@IanC Plot twist: The localhost link worked.
@Seth could I've opened some ssh tunnel remotely so your local port 400 points to my page? :evil:
2:18 AM
@DarfNader jesus
2:49 AM
well, I'm going off for some rest, after I catch up with the work I postponed for writing to the blog lol
good night!
@TheWanderer Yep, with this and my other childish antics its amazing I am alive to write this pithy comment.
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5:54 AM
@DarfNader Now that's a story.
All I did when I was a kid was set a small bag of steel wool on fire with less flame than a birthday candle.
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7:00 AM
Hello, I asked a question that has been put on hold. Here it goes: [Backup with Deja-dup: keep records to keep history vs keep lastest backup to save memory?](https://askubuntu.com/questions/998082/backup-with-deja-dup-keep-records-to-keep-history-vs-keep-lastest-backup-to-sav). I have edited the question to make it fit. Could anyone check it to see it seems fine now?

7:33 AM
My router just added a built-in BitTorrent client with the latest update. :|
@NathanOsman Does it download updates that way or something?
7:44 AM
@pedrez It seems fine now, though the edit text is probably unnecessary. Since the accepted answer no longer fits the question (it's not generally allowed to change a question so that good answers for the old version of the question are no longer valid) and since "on hold" is rarely removed, I'd recommend copying the current text of the question (without the edit text), reverting the edit to the original version, and pasting the newer text of the question into a new question.
Q: My question has been put "on hold" and I have edited it. Now what?

pedrezI asked a question that has been put on hold because it was considered LTS. Here it goes: Backup with Deja-dup: keep records to keep history vs keep lastest backup to save memory?. I have edited the question to make it fit. I wish I could indicate to the members that have flaged my question that ...

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9:14 AM
@NathanOsman Wait so the resultant fire was less flame than the birthday cake, or that you were able tp ignite steel wool with less fire than a birthday cake? Also, what birthday was it? This will give me a sense of the size of the fire. Also, assuming your were able to burn the steel wool by it being in an O2 rich environment, was this an experiment where you were were able to add some reagent to water so that the H was bound to it freeing up the O2?
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10:37 AM
Good morning :)
Q: How to get the wifi card intel 7260M work on Jetson TK1?

廖茂生I reflash the jetson tk1 to 21.6.Below shows that I succeeded: head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release # R21 (release), REVISION: 6.0, GCID: 9887687, BOARD: ardbeg, EABI: hard, DATE: Sat Oct 14 01:25:24 UTC 2017 And after this I run installGrinch.sh which was cloned form git repo.Below shows I also su...

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1:27 PM
@ByteCommander even fish don't smell like that
3 hours later…
4:18 PM
Q: how to make BIOS to boot from shimx64.efi?

Fatemeh KarimiI'm really new to Ubuntu. I installed Ubuntu on my acer aspire laptop alone. it installed successfully. but it doesn't boot. I used boot repair to solve the problem. here is the link. also boot-repair message said: "please do not forget to make your BIOS boot on sdb1/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi file!"...

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9:03 PM
Q: Making the last curl-derived data in stdout executable

ArcticoolingI've tried to run a raw Bash script from my personal Github account, into stdout with curl this way: curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/user/repo/master/script.sh | bash the execution failed as these data aren't executable. I tried to make these executable this way: curl https://raw.githu...

9:17 PM
this review audit system. How does it work? I've been blocked from reviewing for two days, because I failed another review :D
which I admit I agree with, but I would say it's not a clear cut, rather a "bad, but..." answer
@vidarlo the (automatic!) audit system is not perfect, compare these meta questions – don't bother. :)
@dessert that is what I've figured after a bit of googling. I mostly find it amusing
lots of the audits is clear cut, like the edit audits - if you pay attention they're a breeze, if you don't you fail. But for close votes... not so much. Sure, it may not be a perfect question, but there's a difference between good and disaster
A: Disagree with Low Quality review audit

FabbyFYI: We all fail audits every now and then (and it stays frustrating no matter how much rep you get) but in the end you get to "smell" them and then you just open the original in a new tab, look that over and then it becomes obvious that it's an audit and then you just vote the same reason as the...

understands an STFU&RTFM when he sees it... :)
9:36 PM
@vidarlo Not at all, I suppose your objections are totally valid, I just have nothing to add to Fabby's answer there: It's best to stay sceptical and follow the link to view the actual question outside the review system. And if you nevertheless failed, don't fret, just write some answers instead. :)
yep, I totally understand fabbys answer
it's just irritating that the review system is that bad. There should be an option to contest the audit and flag it - and on the other hand I understand why it's not there...
Q: setgid bit in umask of systemd service script

KaysonI have a downloader service running, and I'd like it to set the setgid bit of every directory it creates. Its already doing so, but I suspect that's because at the moment, the parent directory also has setgid. What do I set the umask to? I'm also wondering how umask, particularly in a systemd sc...

10:08 PM
The questions of this user are quite basic and follow pretty much a copy-paste pattern... askubuntu.com/users/785714/fantaubuntu
@ByteCommander agreed, but how can we do about it? I downvoted (no research) and in the case of find VTC as too broad.
dunno, probably nothing more
maybe someone should comment an RTFM or so, not sure. In a more gentle way though
Q: Read-only error when trying to boot from almost any Linux distro

j2997After updating Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 to Ubuntu 17.10, I started running into some problems. There were the semi-expected ones (like malfunction GUI features) that came with the merge of Ubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome, as well as the unexpected ones. And the biggest one that I cannot seem to solve is why I...

@ByteCommander you're right!
10:24 PM
@ByteCommander you're completely right. Answered the first one, as a courtesy to new users, but vtc for the second one...
@ByteCommander and 'to broad' should be renamed to RTFM imho :P It's not a broad question, it just RTFM...
it's the opposite of too broad actually, but “too localized” has been removed as a reason to close…
@dessert exactly. But then we should update the off topic reasons or whatever. Because closing a question that can literally be answered in one sentence as too broad is confusing
10:49 PM
Q: Is there a version of tar that can archive multiple files at the same time?

Skye BowenI am using tar for my backups, and am running into an issue, where some of my data disks are much slower than my tape drive. This is extending backups. Is there a version of tar that will process multiple sources files (file-systems) simultaneously? I am already using pigz compression.

11:11 PM
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