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12:09 AM
Activate... concentration... argh...
@NathanOsman lol - activating concentration is a problem sometimes
12:45 AM
So I now have a working DNS packet parser / generator.
Now I can begin building higher-level classes for mDNS and DNS-SD.
1:43 AM
what makes you think it isn't?
5 people VTC'd
@Seth looks like Community has done its job: askubuntu.com/posts/50387/revisions
$ sudo rm-kernels
3.13.0-92 - 2017-01-08 20:00:29.180718148 -0700 - 45M
3.2.0-113 - 2016-11-02 16:30:59.632368793 -0600 - 35M
4.4.0-59 - 2017-01-25 16:58:23.513400461 -0700 - 52M
4.4.0-62 - 2017-02-08 19:38:05.988940066 -0700 - 53M
4.4.0-63 - 2017-02-21 04:26:27.595525003 -0700 - 53M
4.4.0-64 - 2017-02-21 18:15:24.000000000 -0700 - 53M
4.4.0-66 - 2017-03-07 17:48:43.000000000 -0700 - 53M
4.4.33-040433 - 2016-11-19 21:01:30.241358332 -0700 - 50M
4.6.3-040603 - 2016-11-02 16:30:58.360929990 -0600 - 51M
But SEDE hasn't been updated since. Looks like the weekend will be wasted.
@muru ^^^ 1450 MB of kernels :p
1:48 AM
Why so many?
I collect kernels like other people collect pokemon
Anyway just showing how the code you posted yesterday worked out nicely... Next I'll run it into Zenity radio list with options to check which ones to delete.
@muru hmm, I was just looking at the meta posts and it didn't seem like they were going to run that for a bit yet.
Lemme check again.
The problem is I don't want to use apt-get purge if people have zero bytes available... I want to truncate file and then recapture deleted file space and then run apt-get purge... it's complicated.
Anyway @muru just wanted to thank you for your excellent answer and show you it wasn't wasted!
@WinEunuuchs2Unix You did accept it. :P
I did 15 minutes ago and commented.
At least I think I did....
Yup I made 2 points today so far :p
1:56 AM
@muru yup, looks like it ran: askubuntu.com/users/-1/…
So people can go ahead and fix anything it missed.
Google . . . you fail at censoring anything . . .
Also, good evening folks
Regardless of who you vote for... this is funny: amazon.com/Reasons-Vote-Democrats-Comprehensive-Guide/dp/…
#1 best-selling book for the day
...and the pages in the book are completely empty >:)
So much trolling taking place there :D
Politics are retarded . . . Java makes much more sense than politics
2:07 AM
Politics fills a boring day for many people
@WinEunuuchs2Unix well . . . apparently way too many people are too bored
Having never used Java I'll have to take your word for it :)
And in the other news. My goddamn lab report on Multiplexer code still isn't written
But at least the udev rule works, so I can now safely use the FPGA board for newer labs
@Serg A hundred years ago 85% of the population was employed making food. Now only 2% make food. That means lots of the others are paid to be in politics-media-banking-law-education-health-full circle back to politics, etc. and commenting on each other.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix here's plot twist : commenting on each other is politician's way of making food
2:12 AM
Perhaps... but the fact of the matter is they had to create artificial jobs for people to do something. Many of them are high paying. Lots of us in the Information Management field have to write software for them to live out their boring lives at work too.
Speaking of writing software . . . I need to finally add Preferences dialog to my indicator-bulletin
@Mateo guess what - I found a way to support Android 4.1+. So you can use NitroShare with Kit Kat now.
wow, sweet!
do you have my gmail?
I think so.
Let me quickly check.
oh, g+ yeah
2:23 AM
Actually, the reason I have it is because you gave me an Inbox invite.
So now I get to return the favor :D
inbox is cool, I would like a mobile scaled website on that, but it is still really useful
@Mateo okay, invite has been sent. It should show up in your inbox shortly.
we were all passing inbox invites around for a bit there
I just pushed the update that adds support for 4.1+ so you may have to wait a couple hours or so for the new version to sync. I'm not sure.
nice, looks like it hit
2:32 AM
Oh, excellent.
3:03 AM
@NathanOsman that's awesome!
makes my testing easier
2 hours later…
4:38 AM
@muru What do you think about the appearance / format? ^^^
4:52 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix maybe say "Last used on" instead of "last access date"
@muru They have to be using my cron reboot script for the "Last used on" date to be set. Otherwise it will be the date of publication by Ubuntu.
As you pointed out to me on another answer a couple months ago the "Last access date" is a stat field along with created date and modified date.
When grub loads vmlinuz it's as "read only" so Linux doesn't update the time stamps.
The cron reboot job I wrote does a "touch vmlinuz" to set the last access time stamp on boot.
I'll include that code in the Q&A.
2 hours later…
6:54 AM
Can a moderator trigger a remove to chat on this answer: askubuntu.com/a/891494/29012
2 hours later…
8:49 AM
Obviously, the idea of what is an acceptable question has changed over the years: askubuntu.com/q/8181/72216
What can we do with a pencil, apart from drawing and writing?
haha yeah I thought that
we should probably VTC that one!
9:14 AM
@terdon Thanks!
apparently I am really really dense today
9:32 AM
hmm actually it turned out to be the other person who was confused haha
For all who love motor sports: youtube.com/watch?v=HqK4PvbtBvE
@Zanna Haha, yeah, but apparently in those days, it was an accepted question.
yeah! times change :)
9:50 AM
Almost have my mDNS server working. It responds to dig now.
2 hours later…
11:23 AM
Hey people
11:44 AM
nobody here?
I have ubuntu 14.04 and my wifi is disabled in the connection option. and it is grayed. i ran a command "rfkill list all" and it says hard blocked : yes.
my wifi works fine in windows.
so can anyone help?
Hardblocked typically means hardware switch, do you have a wifi button somewhere on your keyboard?
12:08 PM
My [php] session IDs are not being deleted?
2 hours later…
2:36 PM
@NathanOsman I be published
2:58 PM
I think this question could do with a better answer! askubuntu.com/questions/8642/mounting-ntfs-as-read-only/…
3:11 PM
Hello :)
hi :)
@Zanna Good afternoon Zanna ! :)
@Zanna and I think this answer could do with a better question -> askubuntu.com/questions/891216/how-can-i-downgrade-unity - right ? (joke) hahaha :D
3:29 PM
was the response from me ^^^ to what you said before not funny @Zanna ? hmmm ... not a good day for jokes as it seems :(
sorry I got caught up in some other conversations... trying to do too many things at once
haha that question seems OK!
but maybe an X-Y problem
gotta run to work
@Zanna but the answer is even better - correct ? hahaha :D
mid March and it's been snowing longer than it ever did the rest of the winter
no idea
yay, humidity
I like spring the best. It's not too humid, not too hot, and there's lots to take photos of
I always enjoy the summer season ...
3:50 PM
@cl-netbox Not really, frankly. What makes you think this would be so hard to do? What does "Every Unity version is deeply integrated into the Ubuntu operating system" even mean? Installing the server version!? Why in the world? If you want to go that way, you could install the gnome version and then an older version of unity on top of that. Remember that in most cases, developers try to make new versions of software, libraries or whatever, backwards compatible.
So while I would expect that the newer unity not work with an older version, I would also expect that an old unity would work with newer versions of the libraries.
In any case, I am afraid your answer is nothing but unsubstantiated guesses. Sure, it might be right, but I don't know and neither do you.
@terdon server edition doesn't have all those desktop dependencies installed, so there is less to "fiddle around" ... anyway, I only posted the comment because I'm a friendly person ... my experience is that when you try to tweak unity too much things break badly.
That's an answer, not a comment. It would have been fine if you'd posted as a comment. And yes, precisely, the server edition has no GUI so you are suggesting the OP install a completely different operating system and then install all the X packages on top of that manually. Why not install Lubuntu or something instead if that's the way you want to do it?
Or, even better, why not suggest they simply try downgrading unity via apt?
I just see you stating all sorts of scary things with no evidence.
Does "Por favor hago tu propias pregunta." make sense?
@terdon suggesting the OP install a completely different operating system ? where is that written ? no terdon ... the answer is correct ... and : "downgrading unity via apt" ... what is this ? How should that work ? What will happen then ?
@jokerdino Not really. Do you mean "Haz tu propia pregunta, por favor" maybe?
4:03 PM
@terdon Yep.
I used the first person make, didn't I?
@jokerdino Yes.
@cl-netbox You suggested they install the server edition which is a different OS. Downgrading through apt is usually done via apt-pinning and selecting a specific package. You'd probably need to uninstall the current version first, but it should be possible.
Oh, of course, you could also just install the specific version.
Q: How to Downgrade a Package via apt-get?

user61928How to downgrade a package to an older version via apt-get?! Another tools are also accepted but apt-get is preferred.

In any case, I see no reason why it would be impossible. Yes, there might be issues, but the OP said they know and want to try anyway.
@terdon I did not ! I wrote this in the comment because I am friendly and answer to comments ... also you know that I hate DVs ... shall I remove the comment ? And please : unity is not just a package ... we have seen enough problems even after adding just only the GNOME DE additionally.
@cl-netbox I know you hate downvotes and you know that I feel they are essential to the site. I would be happy to remove my vote if you fixed the issues I pointed out with your answer but since, to the best of my knowledge, the answer is wrong, it needs a downvote.
Very nice ! Thank you very much !
@cl-netbox Of course unity is just a package! There's the meta package, ubuntu-desktop, yes, but there's also the normal package unity.
@cl-netbox This isn't personal. I don't care who posted the answer. It is completely irrelevant. I vote for the answer, not the person posting it.
4:11 PM
@terdon We have seen thousands of issues here when users add or remove DEs ... thousands ... downgrading unity which is a basic element of ubuntu ... please !
@terdon I deleted the comment !
@cl-netbox I've heard of issues because one meta package overwrites things from other meta packages. Do you know that downgrading unity alone will cause issues? What issues exactly? If you do, put it in your answer!
@terdon I am speechless ... unity is the whole DE of original ubuntu ... have you ever tried to downgrade GNOME 3 to GNOME 2 in e distro in which it is natively built-in ?
@cl-netbox No, have you? What broke? Put that in your answer!
You say that downgrading unity will break the OS with 100% certainty. What are you basing that on?
@terdon well okay I'm gonna change it from nearly 100 % ... done !
Look, a good answer to this would be: here is how you do it, step 1, step2 step 3 but, be aware that there are these dangers: danger1, 2,3 and that you might break your system because of them.
Something with evidence to back up the claims.
4:23 PM
Next DV received ... great ...
@terdon No ... I wanted to warn the user ! Next time I won't ... it is a VERY bad idea what he asks for ! VERY BAD !
shrugs. If you say so. I don't think it is all that bad. I really doubt that downgrading unity will be a problem. It might, sure, but it might also not.
Heh, unity depends on a lot of things.
@jokerdino thank you !!!!!!!
It's better to use an older version instead of trying to downgrade.
Ah, there we go, @jokerdino should know. So, would you expect that downgrading unity itself alone would break stuff?
Specifically if you first remove the relevant packages, install the older version and let that bring in its dependencies?
4:28 PM
Downgrading just unity is going to make a big mess. We have to downgrade all its dependencies, which are going to run to a significant list.
@jokerdino THANK YOU !!! For that I got two downvotes from members in this room !
@terdon I think that's a good thought exercise but I don't wanna be trying it on a production machine.
Of course not
@cl-netbox you got a list of things it depends on? That's a good addition to the answer.
I think the answer should tell them touching fire is not fun but here's how to light a fire anyway.
But why would you expect breakage? I mean, most libraries are backwards compatible. So installing a new package and expecting it to work on an old system is risky, but getting an older package to work on a newer system is usually OK
@jokerdino Yes, that.
4:30 PM
@terdon Ubuntu moves fast!
@jokerdino which list ? please ... it is SO obviously clear
@jokerdino Uhm. OK (says the Arch user), "fast". :P
@terdon Still not convinced that my answer is helpful ? PLEASE
10 mins ago, by terdon
Look, a good answer to this would be: here is how you do it, step 1, step2 step 3 but, be aware that there are these dangers: danger1, 2,3 and that you might break your system because of them.
I'll give you that but Ubuntu is not known for maintaining backwards compatibility that much. :)
They move where they store settings every version breaking our little config app :(
4:33 PM
@jokerdino Aww. That's silly.
@jokerdino yes that also ...
@terdon Why should I try to explain how to downgrade when it makes no sense ? Then you could ask everybody else here to improve his answers with this and that ...
@jokerdino Shall I add this to the answer ?
@cl-netbox I would, if they were to post them in chat as examples of great answers. But OK, since this is the Nth time I have had to go through this with you, next time I find an issue with one of your answers, I'll just downvote silently and avoid the drama.
That's not really useful on its own.
But OP wants to try downgrading for testing purpose so I guess a good answer has to outline ways of doing that..
It's for science~
4:41 PM
@terdon well, no drama at all ... discussing negative things is absolutely okay ... but I am very disappointed : I never said it is a great answer ... I made a joke and even named it as a joke - right ? Nobody else answered the question ? Why ? Because it is a mess ! and DV is DV - silently or not !
4:58 PM
@jokerdino @terdon my last attempt ... I updated the answer once again ... are you now satisfied ?
@jokerdino @terdon Please give me a feedback if it is okay now for you -> askubuntu.com/questions/891216/how-can-i-downgrade-unity/… you always say that DVs are placed in order to improve the quality ...
I removed my downvote.
@terdon Thank you ! :)
I now have to think why would someone want to downgrade Unity?
Sounds like X-Y problem to me.
@jokerdino yes indeed ... I am very emotional in this special case ... I only wanted to warn the user ... something that normally is a good thing to do
2 hours later…
6:54 PM
Q: creating dd Image of device which has lvm partitions

Siva AbbannagariI am new to this stuff and my question is below: I have a SATA disk (sdb) that has the below partitions, This is bootable disk /dev/sdb1 /boot /dev/mapper/vg00_root / ( this is on /dev/sdb2) Now I wanted to take the dd image of entire /dev/sdb and then copy the image to another disk ...

7:52 PM
Q: What is the BunsenLabs version of Ubuntu?

DrakaSANI love Debian, but I dislike desktop managers. Trying to set up Openbox by myself was confusing, so I was thrilled when I discovered BunsenLabs. However, a lot of applications that call themselves "Linux compatible" (Steam, GOG games...) really are Ubuntu compatible, which make a huge difference....

8:07 PM
@cl-netbox askubuntu.com/questions/49869/… looking a bit like this question
8:29 PM
Hey everbody!
Was hoping to get some attention for my question askubuntu.com/questions/891566/…
Q: Laptop only using subwoofer rather then surround sound

ThijserI have a (still relatively new) acer predator laptop ( G9-593-7757 15,6"/i7-7700/32 GB RAM/512 GB SSD/1 TB HDD/GTX1070 ) and noticed that the sound sounds far more hollow then when I use windows. It appears as if the laptop is only using the subwoofer rather then the 2 other speakers making the s...

@KazWolfe you here?
8:53 PM
@Zacharee1 No.
I need help
Java help
dun dun dun
what's going wrong?
Well I'm working on converting my app over to using fragments
this is an android thing, isn't it?
8:55 PM
unlesss it's some generic java thing, i can't help too much.
haven't looked at fragments much in the past.
hmm it's pretty specific...
wait I know the (obvious...) workaround
9:07 PM
WOW The site is in a boring state.
You don't think?
do you mean just today or longer term? I've been too busy to give the site much love today :(
Haha, no, just today. Actually just now.
oh yeah it does look pretty boring right now
9:18 PM
By the way @terdon I noticed that you removed my 16.10 tag, I was wondering why?
Just saw what looked like a text processing question but turned out to be a LibreOffice question :/
@Thijser unless it's a definitely version-specific issue, version tags are baaad
How would you know if something is version specific before knowing the answer?
And are they that bad, I usually know that if I find an answer that has a tag before 12.04 the answer is unlikely to still work. That makes filtering a lot easier.
@Zanna yeah, I stepped in the same trap...
@Thijser on the ccontrary, it makes many answers difficult to find.
@JacobVlijm hahaha
9:26 PM
@JacobVlijm really why is that? I mean I know that when I'm looking for something I usually exclude the older tags because I know they will no longer be relevant (am I doing this wrong?).
@Thijser I haven't seen your question, so I'm not sure really, but let me find the meta post...
(and I very much doubt anyone will ever search for anything specific on the 16.10 tag because doing so will give you a very varied set of questions with little hope of doing anything with)
Q: Version tags are being used improperly -- what to do?

Andrea CorbelliniTags like 12.04 and 13.04 are being used almost every time even if the question isn't version-specific, and even if the tag description explicitly says: You should only use this tag if your question is hardware or version-specific. Why is it a problem? Because the StackOverflow platform req...

Why wouldn't they work by definition? The majority of answers to version tagged questions will work on many versions.
9:30 PM
@Zanna ah of course, the spankings :)
Well in my experience questions tagged with say 10.04 or 11.10 tend to no longer work jsut because most of the surrounding software has been swapped out
(fun thing is that if you google this I get several different related meta posts which contradict each other quite a bit)
@Thijser certainly not cli answers. Also gui answers will have newer versions many times.
Seth was talking about updating stuff... I wonder how we can do that
Good question.
Maybe it's just the sort of problems I run into but I often come came across these older posts only to discover that they referred to stuff that was no longer part of Ubuntu (or available at the repos) and I found that by excluding them I can get my solution faster
9:36 PM
...or you might have missed the most elegant solution, because it was unnecessarily tagged :)
Perhaps, but if my method fails then I look for the versions with the older tags (because odds are they wouldn't be relevant)
Q: Run script at shutdown

RibbanI have a script that i want to run at startup and on shutdown. I have placed the file in /etc/init.d and named it testscript.sh Then i changed permissions sudo chmod 755 testscript.sh Then i made link ln -s /etc/init.d/testscript.sh /etc/rc2.d/S99testscript.sh So far so god, now the script ru...

By the way wish me luck, reinstall my graphics drivers
Good luck :)
9:48 PM
good luck!
Is there by chance any way to check if this went right before rebooting? It's a lot easier to fix my system if it's still working
Hello All! :-)
hello @ElderGeek
Anyway time for me to see if my system is still working, I will hopefully see you on the other side!
good luck! Hey @Zanna Any news on the Image link cleanup?
yay it still works
except for what I wanted to fix, oh well...
9:59 PM
Congratulations! Hey @ElderGeek
Hey @JacobVlijm
What's new?
Not much... have been teaching all day. Not many questions to work on atm for me :)
What about you?
Just got back from a meeting with a prospective client. Owner is out of town for the week but I expect a decision upon his return so things are looking up for me. :-)
Hi @ElderGeek :) nice to see you
Anyway I will see you guys later
10:05 PM
My view on the link cleanup is that we should completely hold off on it until the conversion has been done dev-side, because at the moment the query finds mostly stuff that we do not need to fix @ElderGeek
HI @Zanna Nice to see you too.
I spent a day exploring it and figuring out what we are dealing with, and I think at the moment it is a time sink
Yea, I was pretty sure that was the case. Although I suppose I can always use the practice editing.. :-P
@Zacharee1 the Outlook Android app supports the fancy notifications you wanted
but no Mark Read
Alto added bundled notifications about a week ago though
so I'm good until AOL goes under
10:10 PM
@Zacharee1 Wow. AOL is still afloat? ;-) Hi @Seth
There is a very small subset of stuff that needs to be fixed - the bit.ly links leftover from previous efforts - and I have a query to do that, which jokerdino is also working on. It's not many posts and I should be done with it soon. After the conversion, we can really get stuck in and fix the broken stuff :)
I'm doing it very slowly to avoid spamming the front page with it haha
@Zanna I'm always up for making things better. I type at the speed of sloth so hopefully I haven't had a tremendous impact on the front page.. ;-)
hahaha I guess I type pretty fast these days, have to slooowww myself down
yeah I know you are always doing the most positive stuff possible :D
Anyone have any experience spinning up MaaS DB clusters on ec2?
10:20 PM
Not me...
@RobotHumans um.. isn't the whole point of MaaS that you are using your own hardware and not something like ec2?
@Seth True, when I said MaaS, I could have meant juju
Oh. That makes more sense :P
I'm talking out possible interview points to make sure I don't have slips like that later.
@Thijser What they said :)
10:25 PM
Unfortunately I don't have any experience with DB clusters at all :/
@RobotHumans oh. Nice. Good luck!
Oh, hey @RobotHumans. A job in tech? Yay!
It would be writing web interface tests all day for a startup/incubator. So, it could be interesting... and I've written scrapers before.
Another opening they had was dealing with DB clusters, so just trying to get bearings.
Gotta be better than what you were doing before at any rate.
By the way, it took me ages to figure out that you'd changed your username. Kept wondering who this new guy who seemed to know all the chat regulars was :)
Probably. and that is quite funny :)
@terdon If you had asked, I would happily have told you
when did you become an AU mod?
What was the previous name? (Or is it secret :) )
10:32 PM
@RobotHumans I'm sure you would have. But I kept seeing you in the transcript. Haven't coincided here in ages.
@RobotHumans 'Bout a couple of months now I think. See what you miss?
@terdon yeah, i'm in here a lot less. I'm in a stock trading discord most of the time now. I wrote that python pandas talib layer thing, and I'm playing with quantopian. If you refine existing strategies to be better than the rest, they fund your strategy with 1-5 mil and give you 10% of gains. So, if nothing else, an interesting hobby.
And wow, turns out I've been a mod here for almost 9 months. Who knew?
@JacobVlijm IIRC it contained many instances of the letter A...
@terdon Geez, has anyone had a baby or anything?
@RobotHumans Au did: me, apparently ;)
And @ThomasWard
10:35 PM
I knew about lord of time
he's the "evil twin" though...
@ByteCommander AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAA Tell me when to stop :)
Wasn't it something like Aaaaaaaghhhh at some point?
No. I was at odds with that fellow.
10:36 PM
@ByteCommander No, you're thinking of whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
@RobotHumans I read it :)
@terdon ???
@JacobVlijm It's still in the edit history. Just keeps the casuals off it
@JacobVlijm everybody can read message history anyway
10:37 PM
Whaaaaaat was my old name.
hbdgaf was @RobotHumans
Oh hey, everyone, fun bug. Go check out the help/on-topic page
@KazWolfe that one too
@KazWolfe I assumed that's the name byte was remembering. You.
@terdon what did i do this time?
Geez, I do change names like some people change underpants I guess...
10:39 PM
@terdon those are nice question we are allowed to ask :)
@terdon It's all of the help center
@KazWolfe Nothing at all! I was responding to this:
3 mins ago, by Byte Commander
Wasn't it something like Aaaaaaaghhhh at some point?
@KazWolfe Yeah, on all sites :) Fun!
posting to MSE now
@terdon that faq is rekt
@KazWolfe The devs know. And are scrambling. Poor tykes.
10:41 PM
Q: Help Center is broken across all sites

Kaz WolfeSo, I wanted to read the Help Center today, but things are going weird. It seems as though question/answer data is replacing the help posts. For example, What does it mean if a question is "closed" or "on hold"? now reads as such: It depends on the framework you're using. Just use what it su...

makes me wonder how long it has been like that... since the last failed DDoS attempt?
... this is bs.
@KazWolfe yeah they're working on it.
user image
^ hilareous!
That one is fit for gems from stackexchange
10:49 PM
user image
It's not April 1st is it? That would be a gr8 april fool's joke... sadly, this is serious
@RobotHumans Nah, it'll be fixed soon.
Too bad :)
Back to normal on AU
10:52 PM
I also think askubuntu.com/help/how-to-ask-beta should no longer exist at all...
I suppose they were trying to be nice...
It's over :(
Boring help is back again
As opposed to fun but precarious precipice help?
Had some difficulties keeping enough air inside...
@RobotHumans lose*
10:59 PM
@Zacharee1 It weren't me Jethro. I knows the diffurence between loose and lose.
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