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12:04 AM
> The only reason I still use windows is really for better internet explorer for work and unsupported games.
Oh dear. I fear I'm in over my head. I've got into a discussion about the betterness of Linux over Windows over on the Bridge.
12:25 AM
@Seth hm... internet explorer isn't a good reason
unless he needs to test, but there are the ie vm's for that
1) Linux is more secure at the kernel level. It's harder to get elevated priveledges on Linux than Windows. Linux isn't a magical pixie land free of viruses and bad stuff. You *can* get viruses on Linux, but they're rarer and can't do damage.

2) No OS is going to protect against stupidity and sneakiness. You can get malware from an ad on a site on Windows - far harder to do so in Linux.

3) Linux is free and doesn't force you to do stupid crap like have a Windows live account just to use your own computer.
Would you say that all this is true and a valid argument showing why Linux is better than Windows?
Ignore the third argument. The whole Win10 live account is invalid.
12:46 AM
Q: Backup and Restore list of installed packages and APT sources

ethanbmnz[Alternate places where this question is duplicate: http://askubuntu.com/q/590411/371765 and http://superuser.com/q/890880/412652 ] I commonly reinstall Ubuntu and back up my APT stuff [sources, keys and installed package lists] using the tutorial at http://askubuntu.com/a/99151/371765. However ...

@NathanOsman just pushed a word online webapp launcher to touch
so, since it's just a desktop shortcut to a site, hoping they let stuff like this happen
@RPiAwesomeness 1) citation needed 2) true 3) ... precisely. You can run a local account. 4) Argueing with engineers (and the bridge) is like mudwrestling with a pig....
@JourneymanGeek It is :P
12:56 AM
Quite honestly, your OS dosen't matter as much anymore.
I prefer windows for a school system cause ms word and citations.
(but I do ok with sublime text for real work, and that runs on the big 3)
YES. Sublime 3 FTW.
There is simply no other app like it.
I was fortunate enough that one of my previous employers purchased a license for me. But knowing how awesome it is, I would gladly have spent the money to purchase a license myself. It's that good.
I still use sublime text 2 (and should upgrade.. and buy a licence)
work has a licence for tech use.
@JourneymanGeek Citation: I'm not exactly sure where one would find a final source on that other than the source code. I've read it several places though, including this PCWorld article.
Red's new album Of Beauty and Rage is really good
@JourneymanGeek now you can run word online on ubuntu touch ;)
1:02 AM
Anyhoozerz. I'm off for tonight, at least for now. Bye all
1:19 AM
@RPiAwesomeness windows actually has a decent kernel. And tons of legacy cruft
To me the choice comes down to cost and apps.
My gaming box is windows (and I got that copy free from school)
My home server is Linux
My main desktop boots Ubuntu and Windows 8.1. My other devices include a Mac Mini and a Raspberry Pi.
The PC and Mac have a ton of virtual machines, however.
I've got Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Fedora (that fancy new cloud version), Ubuntu (for testing), and Haiku (for "research" purposes).
I've got Raspbian on the Pi (though it's running a custom kernel I built for it).
1:58 AM
The newer versions of Windows aren't bad, no. They've come a long way. However, it comes down to price/performance for me.
I'm not going to spend $80+ on something that I'd only use for a few games/apps, when I can do everything I need on Ubuntu for free and I have the ability to control basically everything.
Windows simply offers me no benefits over Ubuntu that I want.
I don't game enough to make it worthwhile and I don't actually do anything that really requires Windows
The security is a benefit - I hated having to have an antivirus on XP while I was still using it.
I'm seriously curious, what is so amazing about Sublime text?
Everyone talks about it, but I've never actually used it, so I have nothing to go on.
If anyone wants to grab some popcorn and watch some moderator drama over on Stack Overflow:
Q: Why was BalusC temporarily suspended from SO?

Mike BraunI hope this is the right place to ask this, but I was just browsing the JSF tag and saw one of SO top users BalusC was banned. See http://stackoverflow.com/users/157882/balusc Now I looked at the rules in the provided link at http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/04/a-day-in-the-penalty-box Non...

@RPiAwesomeness It's a feature-packed text editor that is very well organized. One of the nice features is a menu that is activated with Ctrl+Shift+P. From there you can do virtually anything - change syntax highlighting languages, disable word wrap, install plugins - simply by starting to type the name of the command.
There are syntax highlighting definitions for nearly every conceivable language. There's a project manager for working with many files in directories (and a way to easily jump between them too).
The coolest feature of all though - multiple cursors. Yes. For realz.
I can click somewhere in the document, hold down Ctrl, and click somewhere else. Anything I type will be inserted after both cursors.
I can highlight text, press Ctrl+D and instantly select the next occurrence of the selected text. That way I can edit multiple instances of some text at the same time.
2:20 AM
Whoa. That sounds pretty awesome
@NathanOsman like our dog friend, sublime 2 does good enough
Screenshot coming in a second...
action missing >.<
I'll do another one, hang on...
There, that should give you some idea.
let me help you...
@RPiAwesomeness just go here and stay at the screen
2:35 AM
@NathanOsman Whoa
Oh my gosh that looks amazeballs
Wish it was free though. I'm so cheap :P
Looks similar to brackets in some regards
it is free
go and get it
@Lucio It is? It says it requires a license after the try it out period thing
It isn't free. You have to buy a license to use it for anything other than evaluation.
But it's worth the price.
@RPiAwesomeness the period is infinite
o.O ... then what's the catch?
Sublime Text may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use. There is no enforced time limit for the evaluation.
2:38 AM
they are laughing at your face actually
@NathanOsman have you tried the rowhammer script?
You get the software for free...infinitely...but they ask you to buy a license. It's just software asking for donations in a more official manner?
As a software developer, I am in favor of paying developers.
@RPiAwesomeness You can't use it for commercial purposes obviously.
I'm confuseled.
@NathanOsman Aha.
I will look into getting this. I need to get back into programming, video work and school has sucked my attentions away.
2:41 AM
I think what they're trying to say is, "use it for however long it takes you to determine whether you like it or not. If you like it, please pay us. Otherwise, try something else."
That makes sense.
When I get a job after college I want to be able to set aside a portion of my paycheck (once I get a job) every time and then after a certain period give that money as a donation to some FOSS organization or software dev company that does stuff like Sublime Text.
that is what I thought at your age. then rent..
@Lucio lol. I'm sure :P
@Lucio: speaking of free software, NitroShare 0.3.0 is in beta. Interested in giving it a go?
All you need is two computers - doesn't matter what OS they're running.
I'm probably gonna get laughed out of town on this one, but I'm seriously trying hard to be able to get through college debt free.
2:45 AM
why not
^--- you can find installers / packages there
@NathanOsman Seriously, NitroShare is awesome. That thing would have made my installation on my desktop/transfer of files from my laptop to my desktop leagues easier.
Thanks :)
who is daniel?
Daniel? Well, there was the Biblical Daniel - the one in the lions den...if that's any help :D
2:50 AM
Daniel is the other guy who contributes code to the project.
didn't know that guy
first bug: doesn't have an initial window
You can meet him here :)
@Lucio It doesn't need one.
yeah, cool tool
@NathanOsman it does
It's 100% automatic. If you start the program, it configures itself.
2:51 AM
I thought there was a crash
Does it show up in the tray?
@NathanOsman that is cool, but just open a window. UX
@NathanOsman that's correct
my eyes didn't note any difference
hard to see it when you are waiting for a new window to open
you can open the transfer window, then client will close it and will note the tray icon
Maybe some sort of splash screen explaining how it works?
that could be cool too
Okay, that could work.
2:54 AM
foss ftw
ok, lets see how does this works :D
@NathanOsman Yeah. I think that would help the UX.
first feature request: android :p
@Lucio It's planned.
Though you'll probably see an Ubuntu Touch app first since most of the code can be reused as-is.
if there is someone on ear that I trust on who can make it, that's you nathan
Maybe just a little popup window that shows where the tray icon is and then open the main window and show the various little things that NitroShare can do.
Like Firefox's new feature walkthrough thing they've been doing. I really like that.
I'd offer to help with that code, but I don't think I'm versed in C++ well enough :P
I really want to find a good project to work on to learn Python & C++ (obviously separately)
2:59 AM
Let me know when you decide to learn C++. I'd be happy to give you some tips, etc.
It's a very powerful language but it's full of subtle traps if you're not careful.
@NathanOsman I'm already sorta learning it now, but I don't have anything to really put it to use and thus it will/has fallen away a bit.
However, all of my programming has ceased within the past few months because of school and trying to do a Youtube channel.
C++ has changed a lot lately with the widespread adoption of C++11 and now C++14.
I can hardly keep up with the new changes myself :P
that was quick
end point can't reject file so it transfers on the fly
@Lucio Wow. You use the radiance theme. I can't stand that personally
huge success Nathan!
3:04 AM
Yup, it's designed to be really fast.
@NathanOsman I've heard that C++11 is nearing the epitome of programming language amazingness
It certainly is.
btw, Nitroshare is very popular on the Spanish community
@Lucio Really? Cool!
they are complaining about file naming diff between windows and unix
some fix on that for the new version?
3:06 AM
File naming diff?
Filenames should be identical once transferred.
the file system in NTFS allow somethings and ext others
NTFS is a case-agnostic filesystem if that helps.
ie yeah
this is the best tool so far that I've ever used to transfer something on local net
as soon as people use it, they start loving it and want to share it
giving other people to know a tool that will make your job easier
That's great to know.
first feature request on website: place that hot damn favicon for www sake! :P
3:13 AM
Yeah, that's planned.
The website is missing a couple of things right now.
They'll be added before the final release.
(Which will hopefully be later this week.)
it looks great anyway
from the author words:
> El inconveniente lo presenta con nombres de fichero (o carpetas) largos que contengan espacios, al traspasar archivos entre Windows y Ubuntu o viceversa. Entre máquinas con el mismo sistema operativo no.
there is an inconvenience with the file names (and folders) that are long and contains spaces, when transferring files between W&U and vice versa. Between same OS it doesn't.
> Supongo que se arreglará en próximas versiones porque todo parece indicar que no han tenido en cuenta la forma distinta en que los dos sistemas operativos manejan esas cadenas de nombres.
@Mateo You filed that bug with the Numix circle icon theme, correct? That should be updated or a new one created for the taskbar icon.
3:19 AM
I guess it will get fixed on next version [article is from 2012 mentioning 0.2] because everything seems to indicate it has not been contemplated how does this OS handle this file names
I have a Windows XP VM I can use to test that.
let me do it for you
W7 <-> Ubuntu
@Lucio Filenames on NTFS can be up to 255 characters.
I think it's the same for ext2/3/4.
Obviously, certain filenames are not valid on Windows. (You can't have a file named "con", for example.)
touch: cannot touch ‘12345678912345678912345678912345678912345678912345678912345678912345678912345678912345678912345678912345678941234567891234567891234567894123456789123456789123456789123456789123456879123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123456968763453216546978098079807987098079’: File name too long
Yeah... that's... a bit too long :)
3:21 AM
@NathanOsman O.O
Pew pew pew...
nice question btw
That ought to do it.
yeah, spaces are working for me too
cases have no trouble (other than expected)
folders too
so, beta has passed!
3:29 AM
Seems to be working fine for me too.
NitroShare 1.0 :D
No, this is going to be 0.3.0.
There's still some more features to add before 1.0 :P
it gotta be public on android store
then it will rock!
best app 2015 award
3:31 AM
I'm working on it, I'm working on it :)
I know, you just only need more pressure :P
Trust me, I've got a lot already.
oh cool
I do not do Android. So I won't be of any help with that
I've only written two apps for Android myself.
Hopefully this will be easy enough.
what version it was the latest one?
3:33 AM
The previous version was 0.2.
sorry, what android version was running under
The two apps I wrote are for Android 4.0+.
I test on Android 4.0.4 and 5.1.
Ah, you have a nexus. I'd forgot about that
Well, there's also the emulator.
there is nothing like real device
that looks like a nice proxy for ubuntu
ok time to go
3:43 AM
I've got a decent Android phone now so I can help test!
Now, what are we testing? :P
Nothing yet.
@Lucio wants me to build an Android app for NitroShare.
But I haven't built it yet.
Oh. I want you to build it too :P
I will, I will.
@Seth :O you better go unnoticed
@NathanOsman Oh I'm just teasing. Take your time, take your time.
3:45 AM
good night!
night @Lucio!
1 hour later…
4:59 AM
^--- there's the splash screen
There will be a button in the lower-right to dismiss the dialog.
2 hours later…
6:31 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: This is the best way to copy? by miyatodf on askubuntu.com
6:49 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: What does Kernel do? by baba ramdev on askubuntu.com
7:28 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: What does Kernel do? by baba ramdev on askubuntu.com
I would use a laptop instead of a floortop.
Keep the all-in-one!
Looks cool, I would add it to the web-site too!
And the arrow should have the same colour as the NitroShare logo...
@Fabby: floortop?
7:43 AM
Laptop, desktop, floortop! :/
What do you call these things nowadays, then?
(and most modern 'desktops' are tower style)
8:08 AM
Ah! >:)
8:21 AM
I like floortop :=D
Going off-line! C U guys tonight!
2 hours later…
10:05 AM
Q: cron and at send mail to wrong user

ArchemarI have cron and sometimes at on an ubuntu 14.04. jobs output should be mail to me, but failed. I make a .forward in my home dir. mail explicitly send to local unix user is forwarded to my corp mail fine. echo archemar@mycompany.com > .forward date | mail archy I receive the mail at archema...

2 hours later…
12:13 PM
Q: migrate / copy / move dconf settings

gizzmoleI changed my operating system (LMDE to Ubuntu) and would like to migrate some of the settings stored in the dconf binary file. I know how to edit the dconf setting of the actual system (using dconf-editor or gsettings), but do not know how to read a dconf binary file of the backup of the home fo...

1:08 PM
@NathanOsman Nice :D Please tell me you're going to use a flat arrow in the final version and not the gradient
It would just fit better with the icon and the rest of the design
And I would agree with Fabby. I think a laptop would fit better than a desktop.
1:24 PM
@NathanOsman I like the desktop on the left actually. I see where you're going with the apple-y screen/computer in one minimalism transfer from "real hardware" to an appliance. I think I'ld more empathize with computer to phone or desktop to laptop than "a box to something I read as Mac" though.
2:00 PM
@RPiAwesomeness Great minds etc... ;-)
@RPiAwesomeness Actually, I think that a left-to-right gradient without a border going from white to blue would be cool too! ;-)
2:32 PM
Curent version of the NitroShare ( https://launchpad.net/nitroshare ) logo is replaced, I've provided a svg for refrence for providing a new icon.
Numix Circle
Undecided / New
@RPiAwesomeness oh they redid taskbar icons too!?
I think that is why I end up not switching icon themes, I like the taskbar icons - just want something nice for the launcher...
3:20 PM
looks like Bioshock Infinite just hit linux!
3:35 PM
@Fabby Interesting idea
@Mateo It's got the old icon:
hrm, not that it even needed a different icon there..
basically the same :/
@Mateo No, not really, but I do like the new one better :)
yeah, what is the point of copying over an identical icon for a theme when it is just going to mess it all up later
4:47 PM
@RPiAwesomeness can you help me out with a problem?
5:41 PM
Q: How to allocate more space to Lubuntu

Ryan KraftI used Wubi on an old PC of mine just so I could test out Lubuntu. I set it as dual boot so now I can flip between Windows 7 and Lubuntu but while I was setting up Lubuntu I didn't locate near as much space as I needed. All of the other answers I have found were about virtual machines but I need...

^ close that as a dupe of this:
Q: How do I give Ubuntu more space (when installed inside Windows 7 (via wubi))?

PavitarI had installed Ubuntu inside Windows XP but then I formatted XP and installed Windows 7. EDIT1: I used Wubi for the same. I want to know which one of the two will solve my problem? creating a virtual disk or resizing root? Also is resizing root possible as the 4GB ext4 partition is already in ...

Dumb question that I can't seem to phrase right for Google: How can I log all connection attempts to a port? I'm running ssh on a non-default port and for science I'd like to see how many connections I'm getting on port 22.
5:55 PM
@Undo netstat -tan ?
@Rinzwind Ah, thanks!
np. dont think it has an option to filter on port :P
I found tcpdump -i any port 22
that one requires sudo
or root
yeah, that's fine
5:58 PM
@Rinzwind Will that show connection attempts? In the past?
no it is -live-
I'm more interested in attempts going forward
22 was behind Amazon's firewall for the last while anyway
but I assumed he wanted live connections :P
Really what I'd like is something to log everything touching port 22 to a file
syslog will also hold connections to it
but that file is a mess :P
6:03 PM
sudo tcpdump -i any port 22 is working, now I just need to figure out how to get it to write to a file realtime instead of waiting until it gets terminated.
and then pipe it.
life sucks @NathanOsman
It does?
What happened?
yeah have not slept since sunday
6:10 PM
Too busy?
threw up sunday. throath was hurting when swallowing I could not sleep
tried milk with honey. milk with anise, tea with honey, paracetamol
Oooh. That sounds nasty.
nothing worked :P
so today decided for water ice and the pain is gone for now
That's good.
nope. wasted a whole freaking week with this
6:14 PM
Well, I meant it was good that your pain is gone.
Not good that you're this sick.
Be sure to get lots of rest.
@Rinzwind next time, if your throat hurts when swallowing, eat some yoghurt. I used to get a lot of throat infections as a child and that was the only thing I could eat. Since it is basically a cream, it stopped my tonsils from touching my throat when swallowing (which seems to be the source of the pain) and felt like I was applying a soothing cream to them.
i hate yoghurt
Yogurt is a dairy product, I find it tends to irritate your throat when it is sore.
6:18 PM
no more discussion about yoghurt. yuck
That might be a problem. At least you live in a country where the most powerful anti-emetic known to medicine is available legally.
sure do
I find apple juice is nice and soothing.
@NathanOsman When you have a strep infection or something, I've found it's the only thing I can eat without pain. Mind you, this is Greek yoghurt which is more creamy than most.
Apple juice, or any kind of juice, hurts when you swallow. It feels good when in contact with your tonsils but swallowing is awful.
even worse! greek yoghurt
6:20 PM
I also sometimes eat scrambled eggs.
i like that indian drink though
You've probably never had any. What they sell as Greek yoghurt outside Greece has very little similarity to the real stuff. The stuff we get here is more like cheese than yoghurt. Also smells like it.
In that case, yuck.
Umm, and that's a good thing. Really.
It's got a tang to it :)
6:21 PM
@terdon I can guarantee I had greek yoghurt. The greek restaurant here is run by greek sisters and their dad
Did it have a thick skin on the top?
There are 2 types of Greek yogurt. I've only ever seen the one outside Greece.
Greek yogurt is disgusting... IMHO...
There's the skin.
ALL yoghurt is disgusting. FACT
- there I made it correct
6:24 PM
@TheX Heh, that's how I feel about that milky, liquid stuff the rest of y'all consider yoghurt :)
Well I don't like that stuff either...
bbl. need some offline time :=)
is there any place that offers free web hosting other then google sites?
@TheX Hundreds. Search for "free web hosting"
6:31 PM
@TheX You don't want to go down that route...
@terdon wait... let me change that... are there any good ones?
If you want cheap hosting, I can help.
Ah, that's a different question :)
@NathanOsman how cheap?
$5 / month.
6:32 PM
I don't have a job right now lol
Okay... I'm not sure there's much I can do then. But I can get you $5 / month with the first two months free.
That's the best I can do.
@NathanOsman that is tempting... am I locked into for a year?
So at the end of the two months I could quit?
6:34 PM
I just need it temporally for some expermenting
^--- be sure to use that link
(The referral code gives you the $10 credit for the first two months.)
I don't think it worked...
or I don't know what I am doing...which wouldn't suprise me...
What didn't work?
it wants to charge me...
Ah, they just want your credit card information to avoid fraud.
6:38 PM
I may want to wait anyways ondina is actually working for a change...
They won't charge you until after two months.
cool I might check it out in a bit...
2 hours later…
8:10 PM
Q: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS prints color even though I specify grayscale

SonihalI have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and installed drivers for Canon MX 920 according to these instructions http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/07/canon-drivers-for-ubuntu-and-linux-mint/ I can print things from Ubuntu to the Canon but my problem is, no matter how many places I specify "Grayscale", it ...

8:28 PM
This spam is getting weirder and weirder! :D
I wonder if this picture is real... :D :P
8:53 PM
Ugh. I just took a practice Macroeconomics test and I scored friggin 57% of 60 questions. >.<
Thank goodness for practice tests
...except it doesn't show me which ones were wrong/right
@ThomasW. @Seth @RPiAwesomeness stickers are in envelopes with stamps, going out tomorrow so I bet they will be there sometime next week
@Mateo Awesome! :D
@RPiAwesomeness: So do you think that goats can really climb tree? Or is this a photoshop job...?
Because I really can't tell! :D
@Toroidal Dude. It's Africa. Crazy stuff happens over there.
8:55 PM
definitely photoshop.
@Mateo Neat! Thanks again!
@Seth That's what I thought
I don't think you are supposed to take it seriously either ;P
Woo! +65 reps on one question!
@edwardtorvalds What's the problem? Sorry, I wasn't around - taking a stupid Macroeconomics test :P
@RPiAwesomeness Undo's Summary of Macroeconomics: people buy stuff from other people if they want the stuff other people have.
@Undo Thanks man! I've got this AP test down pat now :)
8:59 PM
Glad to help!
jk. Macroeconomics is interesting, but the tests suck
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