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10:36 AM
How can I create a chat room for the site WebApps?
what are you talking about? there is one, and you just talked in it
in WebApps, 9 mins ago, by chanchal1987
Why WebApps Chat redirects me here??
@balpha OK
1 hour later…
11:41 AM
okay, so somehow chat's broken for me.
Here's what should be in the IC room
Let me check - it is possible I got the room URLs switched...
Help me out: IC vs OOC? (pretend I'm idiotic...)
nonono. I don't have access to the IC room, despite being owner
In character, out of character
ah, right. Yes; 1 second
You now own the IC room
oh, Hello :)
thank you so much. Is there any way to grant me mod permissions on the IC room?
We frequently find need of editing player actions and whatnot
you should now have them
11:46 AM
Also you have an /insane/ reputation :)
Awesome. Thank you so much.
marc is generally insane; that's not restricted to reputation
don't make me /kick you...
::laughs:: Welcome you two.
Would you like to play Red Team? :)
It's a special privilege I reserve for mods :)
@Brian - note: you'll need to grant additional access to anyone who needs access to the IC room as they enter.
Hrmmm. So my prior manipulations have been removed?
right. And can I add them before the fact?
11:48 AM
Sorry, yes; it might not look it, but this is a completely different chat server.
Oh, funky. Cool :)
Also, has the horrible queuing for rapid typers been reduced?
hrmm, that word doesn't look right
no; is that causing significant problems? (I'm going to drag this aside to chat-feedback, btw)
28 messages moved from The Back Room: Table 1 - OOC
Cool. thanks :)
Um... it's really annoying to me if I'm having conversations in multiple rooms. I type /quite/ quickly. I'm happy for lag to be introduced, but I'd rather not have to click "retry"
Also, I don't seem to have mod access in the IC chat.
But yes, I'm serious about allowing moderators to play red team. :)
why would you have mod access?
I don't see a diamond
Asking for limited mod access for that one room, because of the needs of the room.
11:55 AM
oh, you mean you want to be room owner
Basically as we're running the In-character aspects of a game in that room, players frequently mis-type and the edit period expires before we can resolve it
The usual scenario is: "x says something, y says "but, that's not what happened" and the timeout on edits dings"
no, editing other people's messages is restricted to moderators
as is editing out of the 2min window
we can't grant you that
drat. ::sigh::
Is it even /possible/ to have fine-grained controls like that, so I can ask the site mods?
or is it not worth the hassle?
the site mods can do that
but they can't grant anyone else the right
Right. Oh well.
Thank you for the response.
And I imagine deleting is in the same boat?
11:57 AM
And can i have owner of OOC as well?
using the two channels to test some of the answers from the site.
It's novel :)
@BrianBallsunStanton you are now
Thanks, mate.
Well, with that, I'll get out of your hair. thanks for the help and the answers.
I've imported the other users
I'll see if I can set them up
12:02 PM
@MarcGravell @balpha Does this mean I'm not moderator on our rooms anymore?
The rooms are still RPG branded, but I seem to have lost rights there
you should be -- if you're not, that'll be fixed
try now
shouldn't do; I've just tweaked something - can you visit logout for me? (and log back in, obviously)
ok done
I see you as a mod, now
It seems I have my mojo back
so are all chats going to be here now, or just beta sites?
12:07 PM
Mostly here, if I understand the plan. For some of the sites, the user-base was too small to support much of a conversation.
So here we get cross-pollination, so to speak
But we can still partition the rooms as we choose (hence the RPG room should seem familiar)
Is there a way I can get a "Rooms for site" view?
would be useful when moderating?
Should I have RPG in my room titles?
@CRoss Jeff was reluctant, but I can't think of a way of avoiding it, to be honest.
@BrianBallsunStanton It has a little RPG icon on it
so probably not necessary
@BrianBallsunStanton perhaps if it is unclear. Note that we do give it an icon too
12:10 PM
Hrmm. I'll err on the side of repetition for now, until it starts to annoy me.
@CRoss here's a trick for you, though: 4 RPG rooms first
(which is actually what you get if you click on "chat" in rpg.SE)
and yeah, in that case, RPG takes up way too much space in my chat titles
12:12 PM
you could just use "RPG"
everyone would know what that is, we might just have to kick out the computer gamers once in a while ;-)
I don't suppose I can use explicit newlines in the room descriptions?
I'd love to have in-character and out of character be sub-heads
Not AFAIK, but there is a description field
Yeah. Fair enough.
12:35 PM
Have y'all ever thought about getting the other devs in chat sometime?
It might be fun to have an hour with the devs sometime. Maybe on SO chat.
G'night all. And you all are welcome in the Back Room anytime, especially if you want to throw some minions to their deaths :)
@CRoss Jeff, Kevin, Jin, Zypher, and Geoff are on chat.SO quite regularly
I'll have to hang out over there more
Shall we somewhat suggest migrations?
@balpha Where did our private mod room go? Will we still be able to have those?
12:48 PM
@CRoss sorry, I meant chat.meta.SO
hmm... @MarcGravell what was the plan with the mod rooms?
you should still have them; if the room is tied to a SE, only your site mods can walk in (other people need explicit access).
For rooms that are not tied to a SE (i.e. SE-wide discussion), all SE mods are mods.
are you missing your rooms?
hmm... I could have sworn I brought the RPG one over; I know I did webapps, for example.
@CRoss Do you need the history? or just the room?
@MarcGravell I can't see it
just the room probably
nor me; maybe I didn't bring it over. I've been playing with lots of rooms... :(
production moves are always fun
12:54 PM
It'll work
Now all I need is another non-RPG SE mod to be honest and tell me whether they can get in or not!
I have request access page.
thanks @mbq
(that is the desired and correct behaviour, unless you are an RPG mod)
@mbq - I guess I'd better import the stats room from meta...
@MarcGravell So I thought about...
@MarcGravell The host field, that defines which site owns the room?
And the room owner can change that at will?
12:58 PM
moderators only; and in fact you need to be a moderator of that room. Hmm; maybe I'll make that site-admin only!

 Ten fold

CrossValidated general room.
@MarcGravell Thanks!
1:37 PM
Quick question -- is it expected that migrated comments that were replies read of the form ":256223 [Whatever]"?
2:17 PM
@balpha @MarcGravell I'm getting spurious messages in my global inbox.
> chat message on Moderator room: 2 new replies
yeah, me too -- thousands of comments on my answer to welbogs post on meta :)
but it links to chat.rpg.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/10821#10821 (which takes me to a photography transcript)
@CRoss where does it link?
And there's a retry twice/ duplicate issue too :-)
I'm guessing the messages have been renumbered since they came across?
2:23 PM
yeah -- let's assume that this is a migration artifact, but please report if it happens again @CRoss
Spurious messages? Any more detail?
Just what I gave already
1 hour ago, by Marc Gravell
For rooms that are not tied to a SE (i.e. SE-wide discussion), all SE mods are mods.
Should that include me? Or is it just launched sites?
Hmm. Where does it pull rep from? Your highest site?
Ah, dammit : I imagine that mentions got reprocessed.
@Michael -which site are you mod on, and which site is your profile using?
If you go to your profile page you should be able to choose your SE persona.
2:29 PM
@MarcGravell Unix and Linux, and my profile here is SO
@MarcGravell Will that change if I'm a mod or not?
@MarcGravell Oh, I see. Thanks
At the moment, yes. I suspect it will.
...that was odd. I'm no longer sure how many times that message went through, or what order they happened in
Ok, so switching to the profile where I'm a mod made me a chat mod, it appears. Neat
I also saw double; 15:29, 15:30, 15:29 - there's a gremlin edge condition in there somewhere.
2:32 PM
@MarcGravell I got a "timeout" locally, so I retried twice, gave up and refreshed the page; so apparently it was reporting a timeout but actually going through
I had the same situation a few minutes ago, see my deleted message
@MichaelMrozek That also means you can take ownership of a room
(if it's associated to a site that you're mod of)
Or if it's not associated at all (I think)
@RowlandShaw Ok. We didn't have a chat beforehand, so I don't think we have a premade room
I just randomly logged out; not sure if that happened to everyone else
2:36 PM
fine here, I think
good for me
I don't think I've ever seen this many people with chat-mod in the same chat room
aaaargh, everything is blue
here I come bringing some sanity :P
(kick in 3, 2, 1...)
oh gawd
it all goes down from here
@radp is here
I wonder which sites won't get migrated here? I see gaming hasn't yet
2:40 PM
I hope gaming doesn't :P
We actually use our chat...
and RPG doesn't?
We'd like to move gaming. Probably tomorrow. We want to consolidate chat down a bit.
2:41 PM
> parsererror - retry / cancel
Er... Retry please Bob?
so, @radp, this chat breaks your script.
The retry link and me aren't on good terms at the moment, but canceling and resending worked
@rchern yep.
That's another reason why I'm not a fan of this. :P
what script?
2:43 PM
SO Live chat edition
SO Live! Chat Edition. It used the domain name to know what site it should've pulled rep updates from.
...obviously I'll change it to pull updates from Gaming instead :P
Hardcoded ftw!!
should pull from all
If you are hacking into the user-info JSON, is is all there
2:44 PM
not a bandwidth hog at all
@rchern no -- that uses 30 times as much API calls.
@radp, no really? lol
@MarcGravell, this is live updates of rep changes though...
@MarcGravell tell me more?
@rchern Ya really, there's no unified API that tells me "give me all rep updates from all sites"
you need to ask each one of them separately.
@badp has the truth of it
2:46 PM
oy. i know. i wasn't being serious
(we need a stackapps room - go to it, hackers)
> Look at you, hacker. A pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine? -- Marc Gravell/SHODAN
tsk, what is needed as an SE Tavern :P
misguided-falling upon new-looking chat site ftw
2:47 PM
there aren't enough of them yet obviously.
quick, a mod create it first! ;-)
Although that previous sentence didn't actually make any sense
@MarcGravell, how do I associate the room with that site? I don't see any site selection
There is a "general" room - it could be renamed
@rchern edit => host
oh, you do it after you create it? weird (;
2:48 PM
@rchern and I are already hanging out in general. The rest of you would just ruin it

The SE Tavern

I'll bet you all pretend drinking fruity drinks with foreign n...
Woah...! Blueeeee....!
by the way
@CRoss ↑ (how it was before gaming was split to its own chat site)
Great, now I have to watch three General Rooms now...
Well, mostly the default will be right. It is a mod feature to change it
no site autocomplete either?
pfffft q:

 Stack Apps

API, Apps,Scripts, and Libraries that work on Stack Exchange s...
2:51 PM
@radp I was around if you don't remember
@CRoss I know, so? :)
If we're giving feedback, the chat login message isn't particularly clear - I hadn't realised I had to create an account on stackexchange.com - it appeared as though it would log me in with any of my *.stackexchange.com accounts
@rchern - sheesh; I'll add it later
@YiJiang But most of them are on the same site, or will be soon
@Thomas - it will
2:52 PM
@MarcGravell, fair warning, I was up until 2am and I didn't sleep well. I'm grumpy. (;
@ThomasMcDonald that is the case
Holy! Feature Request: Change @-mention color from blood red NAO!!!
So it should have just logged me in?
@YiJiang hm?
@YiJiang don't you just love it?
@ThomasMcDonald yes, if you have recently logged in to any SE site
2:53 PM
I did have a SE account, but chat complained my login was too old :/
@MarcGravell, @balpha, what chats are / will be combined? Trying to figure out what my @include block should be now
@ThomasMcDonald Popular Demand is having problems too
in The Tavern (General) on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 5 mins ago, by Popular Demand
I can't log in to SE chat. I'd report this there, but....
@radp Stop @-mentioning me! My eyes are bleeding
@radp Same thing happened to me just now, too. I was already logged in at stackexchange.com; I had to log out/in again for it to let me into chat.
Although I hadn't noticed you could have an account on stackexchange yet, so I guess something positive came out of it
2:54 PM
meta.stackoverflow, stackexchange, stackoverflow, superuser, serverfault, askubuntu? anything else needed?
So the whole chat.* universe is getting consolidated into one place?
@BrantBobby except for the trilogy and AskUbuntu, it seems
@rchern I think that is the list. Gaming should move "soon"
Is AskUbuntu staying separate?
@rchern That is their way. ^_^
2:56 PM
.mention {
@MarcGravell the least you could do is merge back our chatlog from both MSO and chat.Gaming though.
Ahhh.... relief
yeah, the red really isn't all that readable
@radp - I thought I had...
I quite like the red
2:57 PM
What are you missing?
You hadn't when Gaming was launched
I like the design of Chat.SE. What will it's main purpose be (as opposed to Chat.SO and Chat.MSO)? Will all the Chat rooms be merged into this one eventually?
Ah, I haven't migrated gaming yet
That is tomorrows job, I think
@PiersMyers From what I understand it's a central location for chat for the majority of the *.se sites until they reach the mass needed for a single chat location, might be wrong though
wait a second
HTML5 is required to chat here right?
so I'm done chatting on Gaming from my mobile.
2:59 PM
Let me repeat: chat.gaming is not yet closed down
yes, IE7 is out
I like the notify twang sound :)
@radp works fine with android and iCrap
@MarcGravell I know it isn't, just mentioning we have some backlog left in MSO too
The data will be migrated when it is
2:59 PM
I was simply recalling, that's all.
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