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10:01 PM
What's going on ?
Anyone interested in Robots ?
I'm looking for followers for a new robotics stackexchange

Proposed Q&A site for professional robotic engineers, hobbyists, researchers and students.

Currently in definition.

Cool, thanks !
Aw I wish I had more reason to hang out at this forum.
In another life I was going to be a game developer.
In another life I was going to be a robot
I completely understand
I would have joined them, but I realised they'd messed up the proposal so badly.
I decided to create another one and try to do it the way I think is the proper way.
Sensible name. Better questions.
Are you a game developer?
in another life, as well
we have a lot of hobbyists here
10:15 PM
You're a hobby game developer ?
sort of. I spend time on it but I haven't finished any projects.
Heh. Starting projects is fun. Finishing them sucks.
Kind of like the extent of my robotics experience is "competing" in a competition in university.
Shipping is a feature.
10:17 PM
Shipping is the most important feature.
Started off doing graphics algorithms, and writing them up on my website. Wanted to join a game dev company. But got sucked into robotics.
@JoshPetrie - Are you interested in Robotics?
Would you like to follow my Robotics stackexchange proposal ?
Josh is actually a killerbot from the 1800s who pretends to be a 20-something employee of ArenaNet
Fire !
Aim for the eyes!
I find robots rather boring, but I will forward the proposal site to some people who don't.
Thanks !
night night
10:27 PM
"Shadow Robot Company" sounds like a great place to work
it sounds like you make robots for evil villains
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