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12:11 AM
okay, usually my first reaction is to want to yell at the guy too
but I went back and left him a slightly more useful comment
since the gist of his question is "assuming I know C#, how do I structure my code to write an RPG"
1:00 AM
on the topic of mechanical keyboards, The Razer blackwidow is a sub-$100 keyboard with Cherry Blues ... does anyone have any experience with that keyboard?
My suitemate loves it.
I use a Logitech G19. I'm just an average user though, don't know nothing about differences in tactile feedback and all that stuff. I use it, and it works. Enough for me. :P
1:59 AM
@Jimmy Funny you mention it
except it's not Cherry, it's their own stuff I think
similar to Cherry Blue though. This is the first time typing on it, so... heh. It's loud
2:12 AM
I picked this one over the Corsair Vengeance for the clicking and tactile feedback. With this one, there's no doubt whether you pressed the key or not. It feels like you clicked it, and I don't even think music will be able to drown out the 'CLICK!'
2:24 AM
I've often wondered about what's so important about keyboards like that. I'm never uncertain if I pressed a key or not, and I love that this keyboard isn't too noisy.
I looked over the guide, and he mentions one of the reasons for getting a mechanical keyboard is to avoid fatigue, which I have honestly never ever experienced in my whole life.
Getting a mechanical keyboard like that is like getting an expensive fast car. Sure it's better, but you'll rarely ever need it.
3:16 AM
fast cars can be fun
i should really just keep game programming wiki open for whenever someone asks a "what tech do i use" question, i can easily copy/paste the URL.
or write up a standard comment i can copy/paste into it
someone with a real blog
should write a choose-your-own-adventure post
that answers that question
so... none of us, then
You are at a juncture in your life. You suddenly have an urge to create a video game. If you have no knowledge of programming or modding or art, go to page 2. If you have a professional level of programming experience, go to page 3. If you have a beginner's level of experience, go to page 4.
If you want the most commonly suggested route, use Unity.
page 2: you realise that you have no knowledge on how to make a game, so you go back to your boring job of internet marketing
3:31 AM
Page 2: You have been eaten by a grue
you could even make page 3: You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike
I wonder if it would be completely off topic to turn this choose-your-own-adventure into an actual question.
each answer would be a node, and would link to other answers that were following nodes
I guess the answer is that it would be off topic, might as well just expand the table on gpwiki
3:46 AM
Anyone tried VS 2011 yet?
I heard Visual Studio 2011 doesn't support importing projects from Visual Studio 2010
which pretty much means it's semi-pointless for most people
@thedaian Permanently or just during the beta?
just during the beta, i'm sure
not being able to import from older versions would be a horrible, stupid idea otherwise
there. nice, massive comment on yet another "where do i start" question
10 hours later…
1:58 PM
I just discovered that Tabula Rasa had a private server project going middle to end of last year that got a C&D from NCSoft. Such extreme and varied emotions went through me in such a short amount of time D:
:( see, that sucks. the game is dead, why not release the server software so people can keep playing it, and thus keep your IP alive....
i'm sure there's perfectly valid legal reasons and such
but, it's just annoying/stupid/something
Something is right!
1 hour later…
3:07 PM
Is it bad/good that I'm honestly thinking about making a Choose Your Own "I want to make a game" Website?
3:28 PM
I support your decision
The problem comes in when you do the shameless plug for 90% of the questions asked here :P
If you want any opinions on how you should approach it - Wiki
i suppose wiki would be the best solution....
Maybe you could just contribute to GPWiki?
That way you can quickly link to other resources on there without shame
Kind of loses the appeal since it wouldn't truly be your own... but we would know ;)
3:45 PM
yeah, that would probably be the best option
On the plus side it makes putting it all up really easy! Just gotta make the content.
1 hour later…
4:51 PM
Hello, I have an issue, i dont know if its stupid, i am adding groups(in libgdx, you can control animated sprites with this) dinamically (lot of them), but when i do this the other animations begin to slow down (a lot :/), is there a way to handle this? thanks )
I'm not familiar with libgdx - sorry! Maybe someone will show up and see your post.
Are you magorich?
Q: Creating lots of sprites dinamically in libgdx

magorichHi I´m creating Groups that contains Sprites and adding bodies with box2D, but when I create many of this my animation gets very slow. How can I handle it ?? Thanks

No, thats the friend who i am helping :/
how many sprites?
I think the problem may be the creation of the Box2D bodies not the sprites
5:04 PM
first 100, but we ignorated the bodies to test only sprites, but the results were the same :/
whats "ignorated"?
ignored...sorry for that
so now you're only drawing 100 sprites, no physics?
yep, and its slow, now i tried with only physics and its at normal speed :/
These sprites are just rectangular sections of an image, right?
Are they small?
I don't know libgdx, but if this were happening in XNA, I'd say you weren't using the Sprite Batch properly (either one batch per sprite, or using immediate mode). Maybe there's something similar in libgdx?
5:12 PM
yep, they are small 8x8, i think that is something with the spritebatch, let me check
5:28 PM
no :/ i am using only one SpriteBatch for all the sprites
here is a story about game development (via reddit, so it's a lot of memes): i.imgur.com/y15UY.jpg
@Rudy_TM and it's configured to use the equivalent to Differed rendering so that all of your draws will be sent to the GFX card where the processing will happen?
no, thats what i am not doing, let me try it
6:00 PM
Pirate Kart V: Get a game on the floor in a booth at GDC: glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/2097
6:52 PM
@thedaian New plan. Make your choose your adventure page more like that. ;)
with the reddit and the memes and the stuff?
mostly the memes
7:31 PM
Real time platformer code editing. And more.
7:50 PM
Does he realize how annoying his website is though? worrydream.com
Braid: the IDE
you'd think that the guy who designed Apple could make a website design that isn't annoying to use
but then again, he designed Apple, so it's annoying to use if you're not on an Apple
Nothing is simpler... than one... giant... button : youtube.com/watch?v=9BnLbv6QYcA
8:01 PM
Obligatory link to The Onion video about that: theonion.com/video/…
Oh, you beat me to it.
More related to business software than games, but still an interesting read: al3x.net/2012/02/29/how-not-to-sell-software-in-2012.html
his website is invisible for me on Chrome for some reason
on IE, it looks really nice, just plain text on a plain white background
On firefox, I'm assuming it looks like what it's supposed to look like, which is terrible
oh, wow, his site is a lot less annoying on IE
8:17 PM
The whole internet is just a couple of thousand clicks away!
That site requires a good ol "Shutup and take my money!" pic.
Overall I like his points though. At first I didn't agree with many of them but the more I thought about it the more sense it made.
which points?
@thedaian anyways, regarding the IDE idea, I think it's super nice to be able to real-time change stuff and see the results
like, that's how my game logic kind of is set up, to have a recompilable python script driving a lot of these interactions
Specifically I was kind of caught up on 1 and 2
Like, the "change one line of code and your game becomes VVVVVV" effect is nice
8:27 PM
@Jimmy tylerrr07 is talking about the "how not to sell software" article
for number 1 I then read the word required which changed EVERYTHING and to add the add, any webinar stuff could easily be done through a series of videos instead and customers could view the videos they wanted
@thedaian yeah, I realized which is why I replied to the video @you
and yeah, having a recompilable script that can be reloaded in game, or even a settings file that can be reloaded on the fly is a really good idea
overgrowth just did that in their latest alpha
I have yet to try it out though
it's what i'm going to eventually do
have a "reload graphics" function accessible from my super awesome in game console
8:29 PM
Console commands is a big plan for me
going to make for very easy testing / debugging and gameplay tweaking
i've only got a few at the moment
but they're all fairly useful. except the "setmoney" one, that one is just there for cheatcodes
I need a writer
I think my lack of details in my game is what keeps me from being motivated
I have a good high level idea for gameplay and theme. I just have no specifics to work off of
Maybe I should just get drunk one night and write away :D
that's one way to do it
The problem is... I really just need another person who would be dedicated to bounce ideas back and forth with. My mind is one of those, one idea sparks another types until we have something really refined, types.
@thedaian you have a better way? wink wink
8:35 PM
So not necessarily a writer... just someone to collaborate with
well, according to the number of questions we get here, everyone and their brother wants to be a game developer/designer. so just wander around outside and you'll bump into about 20 people with game ideas
And that's why I said writer not designer! I don't need a game idea. I want specifics (story specifics, potential dialog, character interactions, etc) to go with the gameplay, theme, genre, and high level story that I already have
oh. well, the OTHER good news is that everyone and their sister wants to be a writer.
Thank god for sisters!
My reputation is acting up. :s
I was at 980 yesterday, now I'm at 962.
8:46 PM
recalculation must have happened
I was punished by the mean recalculator. :(
there was an epic recalculate on SO once
back in the old days
some users lost several thousand points overnight
Ouch. :P
I think I lost some because I got reputation from a an answer before it was moved to SO.
I guess I retained a bit of rep which should've been moved to the other account.
most likely
well.. my rep changed too
roughly -70
8:55 PM
i seem to be down 15
probably had an answer get unaccepted somewhere
there's a post on meta.SO about it:
Q: Upcoming Reputation History Changes

Nick CraverUpdate: this is now being tested on meta, we'll be watching for bugs and such over the next few days. During the rollout you will see empty reptuation tabs on profiles as we transition to the new storage behind the scenes, they'll be restored as the recalc rolls though each user. Behind the s...

9:30 PM
Ladies, Gentlemen.
Q: What happens with a Computer Animator for a 2D game?

Matt If this is in the wrong section, please guide me to the proper one, StackExchange's site doesn't seem to have a specific area for this type of question and Extra Credits said they got great information from this site for one of their videos, so I figured this is a good place to ask. It...

Do you guys want this?
It's clearly off-topic for gaming.SE, and I assume it's not going to work here but...
Apparently IndieCity isn't the greatest way to release for game developers: leonmillan.com/2012/03/…
thought I'd ask anyways.
yeah, I don't think that would work here.
I'm... not even sure what the question is...
I can't understand the question
I think his question is: If I learn 3D animation, could I use my skills to make 2D animations
9:33 PM
@JohnMcDonald yeah, that's what I thought.
answer: yes. assuming you learn "animation", not "how to use an animation program"
The question would obviously need to be heavily edited if it had any chance to work.
You might be able to point him here: content.gpwiki.org/index.php/Main_Page but that wiki is more for programming, and doesn't really talk much about art/animation
but that's pretty much applicable to anything. "what if I learn programming a 3D game but my studio makes a 2D game instead"
So you guys don't want it then?
9:35 PM
okay, what I thought. Always good to check though.
9:49 PM
i converted the screen coordinates to the world cordinates
now my hands are untied, and i can do so much
remember that with great power comes great responsibility
Congratulations, @Chorche! Hopefully you answer your questions on the site about how you did it, so you can accept your answers (and get sweet, sweet rep)
How much rep does one get for answering their own question?
i don't know if you actually get the 15 points for accepting your own answer
you don't
I think you still get upvotes though
9:57 PM
@thedaian Well way to lie to the guy!
The only difference between answering your own question, and someone else answering it, is that you won't get any points for accepting it.
The amount of reputation you earn from votes doesn't change.
10:33 PM
wow vs 2011 is still installing
I think it might have broke
that reminds me! I wanna dl windows 8...
any android devs here?
I've written "Hello Android!", does that count?
no, but anyway
no but really, just ask the question and someone may be able to help, with or without android experience
10:40 PM
can i define array more like in php
not php
actionscript 3.0
one year ago i was learning actionscript 3.0
and with actionscript i could define arrays like this:
@Chorche for the most part its the same 5 of us here all the time :)
array[] screenCoords = [[blxS, blyS, tlxS, tlyS, brxS, bryS, trxS, tryS],
[blxS, blyS, tlxS, tlyS, brxS, bryS, trxS, tryS]];
something like this
and then get the content like this:
int[][] myArray = { { 1,2,3,4,5 }, { 6,7,8,9,10 } };
i defined it like this: xD
float[] screenCoords = {blxS, blyS, tlxS, tlyS, brxS, bryS, trxS, tryS,
blxS, blyS, tlxS, tlyS, brxS, bryS, trxS, tryS};
I don't do android development but that's how Java initialization works
well, that should work
10:45 PM
shame on me
for asking a stupid question
Anyone good with linux?
@tylerrrr07 What aspect of linux?
@tylerrrr07 What do you need?
Anyone good with answering vague questions?
@thedaian ME!
10:54 PM
I have an Ubuntu installation along side my windows 7 installation. so thats 3 partitions with an additional 4th thats "system reserved"
I've read that having more than 4 partitions will kind of screw up the booting of the disk so I want to get rid of my linux install so I can add another
Can I just blow away the partitions or will that kill GRUB / booting in general?
Awesome! I want to do a thing with a technology so I get this exact result, how do I do it?
I once did something similar...it seems like GRUB stuck around, even though I had reclaimed the partition. I might be completely mistaken, though.
GRUB should be installed in MBR
so, no problem when deleting partitions
Ok cool. I remember screwing this up once before and I had to go get a boot disk to fix everything so that Windows would load again but I don't remember how I screwed it up before.
Making sure this wasn't it. :)
Some strange setups can have a boot record on the partition
Ah wait
You don't have a seperate /boot partition, do you?
10:59 PM
I've got 2... one I'm assuming was the system and one I'm assuming was swap... I have a 3rd that is my Windows partition and a 4th that claims its a System partition
on my C:\ under status it does say "Boot"
Using the computer management / disk management screen in Windows 7
So it would seem boot is on my primary Windows partition
GRUB reads boot menu entries from a config file in /boot dir
Can't remember if it gets copied on install or if it is read every time
Let me check
Would it help if I booted into my linux partition?
But if you are going to install another Linux distro
11:02 PM
Windows 8
Evidently I should get a second HDD
Win will probably install its own bootloader
wasn't aware of this 4 primary partition deal
so I don't think there will be any practical problems
11:02 PM
Alright. I'll just go with it. I've got 2 other PCs so if this goes out of commission for a bit its no big deal
Thanks for the advice.
Much appreciated.
another silly question
for (int i = 0; i < sCoords.length; ++i) {
float abc = sCoords[i][0];
float[] bigAbc = {
add abc in the end of the array
so... you want to flatten your 2D array?
i want to add content to the end of the array
so if you have {{1, 2, 3}, {4, 5, 6}}, you want {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6} assuming you start with an empty array?
i'm not sure if basic arrays can have elements inserted into them easily
11:16 PM
That's called flattening
also you might want to go through some basic java tutorials
well... if the size of the array is known before hand, just go through every element and move it
Q: How to flatten 2D array to 1D array?

JessyHow can I flatten the 2 dimensions array int originalArray[][] to 1 dimension array? int a [] = {1,2,6,7,2}; int b [] = {2,44,55,2}; int c [] = {2,44,511,33}; int originalArray [][] = new array[][]{a,b,c};

11:31 PM
for (int i = 0; i < sCoords.length; ++i) {
float[] invertedMatrix, transformMatrix,
normalizedInPoint, outPoint;
invertedMatrix = new float[16];
transformMatrix = new float[16];
normalizedInPoint = new float[4];
outPoint = new float[4];

// Invert y coordinate, as android uses
// top-left, and ogl bottom-left.
int oglTouchY = (int) (screenH - sCoords[i][1]);

/* Transform the screen point to clip
space in ogl (-1,1) */
normalizedInPoint[0] =
(float) (sCoords[i][0] * 2.0f / screenW - 1.0);
normalizedInPoint[1] =
i want that wcs content to be added to the end of the array, not on the top of the array
this should be posted to the end of the wcs array
so the in the end the wcs would be something like this:
float[][] wcs = {{

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