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6:58 PM
I have seen Larian LeQuella do it on Biology and other SE sites. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as the question and answer are valid and comply with the current posting rules.

And often I will search for an answer to my question after posting. And who is better at knowing what exactly one was asking than oneself. I can imagine allowing self answers to be a problem if the user is clearly using copy pasta just to inflate their score.

What about giving the ability to answer one's questions as a Privilege?
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8:22 PM
Q: Is wikipedia authoring here necessary and allowed?

Werner SchmittI'm very glad this site finally launched after the long area51 odysee. But one of the first and highest voted questions I saw today looks very dissappointing to me, esp. when trying to attract experts to this place. Can scientists create totally synthetic life? The author asked this imho impor...

8:43 PM
Q: Is there a preferred citation style?

kateShould links be given or a PMID is enough? Should the links point to PubMed or directly to the journal article? Is there a care-free citation style in the syntax? If not, can we make/decide on one? For me, PMID is enough, but then again I don't mind digging in the databases. Not sure about non-p...

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10:21 PM
@GabrielFair This has come up on meta meta.biology.stackexchange.com/questions/92/…

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