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Q: We have 5 [farming] tags: what to do about it?

Easterly IrkThis new question created a farming tag. I was fairly sure we had one already, because I remember fixing a typo in one. However, it turns out we have 5. Which crops involve the least collateral harm when grown/harvested? - farming How to avoid being part of the slaughter of cockerels on the f...

Q: Should we allow "big list" questions?

TurionOn many other StackExchange sites, there are some excellent "big list" questions. These are basically questions that have many possible answers, and each answer may contribute such a question. The community decides by voting which are the best answers. We have several questions that would lend t...

Q: If someone asks if a vegan/vegetarian diet is better given that you suffer from X should we point out non-vegetarian alternatives?

Robert LongsonLet's say someone says that they want to know if going vegan or vegetarian would reduce their symptoms if they suffered from some specific disease or allergy. If there is evidence that this is so, or even evidence that it has no effect then clearly we can point to research that shows this. Is i...

Q: What is the [sharing] tag for and how could we be more precise?

ZannaWe have a sharing tag with two questions: What can be said when people argue that "plants suffer too"? How can I communicate ideas about vegetarianism or veganism to others without appearing like I am imposing it on them? These questions are both about discussing veg*nism with non-veg*ns. I f...

Q: Does accepting an answer deter future responses?

NiitakuAs you may have noticed, I don't accept answers on my questions immediately. The main (and only) reason is that I fear the future readers would not add their answer if they have one. Should I accept one as soon as it answers my question or is it good to wait a little? I take the opportunity of ...

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