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12:05 AM
holy crap I'm caught up on something and actually watching it live.
someone learned barry's secret identity AND HE DIDN'T TELL THEM
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3:05 AM
headline on facebook: did the flash really just [spoiler] a major character for good? wow. i wonder what the missing word might have been. i bet it was "marshmallow"
2 hours later…
5:18 AM
Q: Is this property of doppelgangers ever shown in the show?

TaladrisA plot point of the 22nd episode of the second season of The Flash TV show is that Has this property ever shown in the show? Or was it just introduced in the show for that episode?

5:41 AM
RIP Henry Allen T__T
@KutuluMike Wally, damn ;(
@StackExchange What? Really?
@StackExchange Renamed the user to Green Obie, if anybody things he need different name then ping me or any other mod.
@MAFIA36790 O-o
6:15 AM
@KutuluMike disappointing
1 hour later…
7:26 AM
@KutuluMike Good.
8:07 AM
@AnkitSharma :(
8:54 AM
@KutuluMike That would be a hilarious mess.
2 hours later…
10:47 AM
now I'm going to have to watch old Flash episodes to see if Reverb or Killer Frost really are left-handed
quick google always shows reverb using his right hand
@KutuluMike also tell me if they do ;)
yeah same w/ KF
I'm frustrated seeing numerous deaths in Arrowverse ;((
deathstorm is right handed
or at least, always throws right handed first
10:59 AM
Why i am clicking stuff when i know they contain spoilers
stupid me
you're also in the wrong room if you're avoiding spoilers for these shows
e.g. mafia already posted a flash spoiler, i think.
Did they ever mentioned supergirl's earth numbering? Or should we assume it earth 3 by default.
5 hours ago, by Ankit Sharma
@MAFIA36790 O-o
@phantom42 Mafia even pings me to discuss spoilers ;D so nothing new in that :D
@GreenObie O-o
@AnkitSharma Hey, I'm not that cruel ._.
Okay, h bar is famous now!
@MAFIA36790 hahahahahha
@MAFIA36790 bleh
11:08 AM
They were expecting something... like Lorentz transformation in 2d ;D
If someone want to make something famous make this one famous
@MAFIA36790 flagged for offtopicsm ;p
@AnkitSharma hehehe... go on ;))
I accidentally read a spoiler for the season finale of Agents of SHIELD by clicking on a link titled "Spoiler-filled discussion of the season finale of Agents of SHIELD".
Agents of SHIELD bleh
11:14 AM
can't see teh image
@DrRDizzle Okay, I hate that show.
Purely insane.
Q: Why aren't there more supersoldiers?

thegreatjediIn The Furst Avenger, we see that the supersoldier serum that created Captain America was destroyed when the Nazi spy blew up the lab, and its formula lost with his dead creator, just like in most other versions across all of Marvel. In Civil War, however It appears that the formula has been ...

@MAFIA36790 Who on Earth hates Arrested Development?!?!
You lose all the points.
@DrRDizzle I don't hate but i don't care
@GreenObie maybe they have limited stock and don't know how to duplicate it
11:46 AM
12:05 PM
@DrRDizzle people that want to be banned from this room
speaking of arrested development. did everyone catch the best cameo of civil war?
user image
@DrRDizzle I can see how that might be misleading.
12:20 PM
@phantom42 "There's always money in the Winter Solider program."
I really wish they'd have made a hop-on joke now.
1:01 PM
Q: Does Star-Lord ever go back to earth?

Rogue JediIn the Marvel Cinematic Universe, did Star-Lord ever go back to earth, after being captured by the Ravagers? He had his own space ship, The Milano, so he is presumably capable of returning to earth. If he doesn't go back, is there any reason why he's prevented from or chooses not to, even for ...

1:25 PM
Speaking of Arrested Development
Q: when we going to see Next Super girl?

RANSARA009can any one tell me pleas when we going to see the Super girl next Episode or Serious? last one finished on "Better Angels", after that i didn't saw any episode update..

@phantom42 I'm hopeful for the future, but I'll remain a healthy level of skeptical until we start to see this change pay off.
Which presumably won't happen until some time after Justice League, given that's already filming.
Although honestly, anything that might start limiting Zack "No More Heroes" Snyder is a good thing in my book.
1:45 PM
@DrRDizzle I'm better that the re-org was probably a response to how much they hated Justice League so far.
perhaps Mr. Johns will go in and tell Zach to get his act together starting right now
grrrr.why u guys add images which ic an't see in office
John Berg REALLY IS Jay Garrick
@KutuluMike everyone is jay garrick
you guys watch supernatural ?
its in the netflix queue
i was hoping to watch it next, but wife decided she wanted to rewatch LOST
1:53 PM
is that a good thing or a bad thing, to rewatch lol
I watch Supernatural
it's a much different experience now.
watching without expectations or dashed hopes
Q: How far can the devil's trap reach? (spoilers for season 1)

Fox-ChanIn season 1 episode 22, the devils trap is introduced: a magical ward that traps demons withing its circle. It is used in the same episode to trap Meg (possessed): What confuses me is that she was trapped in it when it was painted on the ceiling and she couldn't leave the circle, so how far wo...

any idea on this question
the guys in mos asking about it
didn't I answer that?
1:56 PM
looks kinda open ended
during the original watchthrough, you're like, "come on, explain THIS". now that i know which bits will/won't be explained, i can focus on and enjoy (or rage at) the stuff that they do do.
oh, I started to answer it and realized there is no answer.
so its needs a theirs no answer answer lol
@KutuluMike I feel like DavRob60 and myself are the only true Tron fans left.
i never watched lost the first time, its something that floats at the back of my list for years now
2:13 PM
@KutuluMike I doubt there is enough of Justice League to react to at the moment. I reckon this is in response to the under-performance of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and I'm assuming there will be more to come.
2:37 PM
Worldwide total for BvS is still $869,852,278. Oh boo hoo, it only make like 3X its budget. What a major flop...
well, i still haven't seen it, so it's a flop.
they never release marketing budgets
Q: Why did S.H.I.E.L.D. leave such an important object so undefended?

DCShannonThis question is about the end of season three of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. After they they just leave it in the hangar with the hangar doors wide open and minimal security. I understand the hangar doors were still damaged, but why leave it out there? That's idiotic and makes no sense. This wa...

@JackBNimble No one's claiming it's a flop. But Warner Bros (and most people) expected the film with two of the biggest, most recognisable superheroes in the world meeting for the first time to make Avengers level money, and it didn't, because it sucked.
That has consequences, this being one of them
@JackBNimble Also, with a rumoured budget of $410 million, it's likely that the film barely made a profit when marketing costs and the cut the cinemas take is taken into account.
2:53 PM
I guess I'm just basing that off the BoxOfficeMojo claim of $250M
@JackBNimble BoxOfficeMojo is usually pretty good, but they only ever report official numbers, which a lot of people have contested.
1 hour later…
Civil War is out-doing Dawn of Justice despite being out for a much shorter amount of time.
its not being universally heralded as a flop, but it's not an uncommon descriptor
Dawn of Justice made ~$870million. Deadpool made ~$760million.
@KutuluMike Deadpool had a budget of $58 million. Dawn of Justice had a budget of $250 million
it largely boils down to expectations and budgets.
deadpool was an R rated movie without the name recognition for most people
IIRC, deadpool is the highest grossing r rated movie now
4:16 PM
blade made ~$130million
so it's by far the highest grossing R-rated superhero movie
domestic, passion of the christ is the #1 r rated movie
deadpool is #2
so sayeth box office mojo
is that adjusting for inflation?
top 200 of all time, adjusted for inflation.
passion #62, deadpool #151
batman forever #150
oh wait. not as funny.
I don't believe in adjusting for inflation. Our dollar is just as strong today as it was in 1939.
4:21 PM
wow. domestic only, Deadpool os smoking BvS
151 Deadpool Fox $362,536,253
189 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice WB $328,252,278
Are studio execs not businessmen? If your product makes money, you continue to sell it.
not true.
if your product makes money but another product makes more money and you can only make 1, you make the second
plus, in the stock world, if you say your product will make $1b and people believe you and buy stock and your price goes up, and then your product only makes $800m then it underperformed and they sell your stock and the price drops and you lose $$$$$$$$$$$$
there was news just a few days ago about how disney made ridiculous amounts of money, but their last reports were under what they had anticipated, resulting in a stock price drop
despite being able to scrooge mcduck their profits
> Excluding some items, Disney earned $1.36 per share, missing analyst average expectation of $1.40 per share. Revenue rose to $12.97 billion from $12.46 billion, below the Wall Street target of $13.19 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.
New Ghostbusters trailer makes it not seem as terrible, but still doesn't look good.
@phantom42 That stuff makes me angry and avoid the stock market.
Well they made a crap load of money, but not as much as some analysts thought they would. So sell sell sell sell!
What is Stark Industries making if not weapons?
He casually gives like $600M+ to the MIT guys.
i thought they sold the arc reactor tech and other green energy stuff
4:35 PM
He presumably sells the ability to use his memory machine thing
Q: How does Stark Enterprises maintain its cashflow?

XantecIn the 2008 Iron Man movie, when Tony Stark returns from captivity he holds a press conference during which he states that Stark Enterprises will no longer be a weapons manufacturer. Initially this would obviously be stone walled by Obadiah Stane, but once he was dead Tony would have had greater ...

Well, Tony Stark is sitting on a metaphorical wealth of advanced technology related to his Iron-Man tech.
I mean, if he sold Mini-Arc reactors, you could basically make every vehicle in the world fossil fuel free.
4:55 PM
TV Tropes warning
1 hour later…
6:12 PM
Q: Why didn't Spider-Man's spider-sense detect Ant-Man's attack?

galacticninjaIn Captain America: Civil War, there was a scene where an ant-sized Ant-Man was on Captain America's shield while it is held by Spider-Man. Ant-Man then grew larger, sucker punched Spider-Man and took Cap's shield. What's weird to me is that Ant-Man was able to sucker punch Spider-Man despite Spi...

@RogueJedi I never looked at its budget before! That's so crazy. The movie was awesome. If you like Deadpool, that is.
6:26 PM
Caught the first half of Flash...hmm.
Really confused o.O
I will watch it in few minutes
Will update the spoilers for @AnkitSharma tomorrow after completely watching ;P
Thinking to watch it before last week's LoT
@AnkitSharma ;_;
6:27 PM
Good night o/
You are my official spoiler buddy.
@AnkitSharma :D
@MAFIA36790 Too soon for me
Having dinner
6:28 PM
@AnkitSharma No, no leaving from chat; my day is over at 3am... lots of reading left....
raat ko jo maaja ata he, ho subhe me kaha...;))
@MAFIA36790 You might like this question/answer movies.stackexchange.com/questions/53123/…
@JackBNimble +1 for Leo ;)) BTW, you should mark a cross sign in Black Canary, after all she is retired.
means dead.
6:32 PM
Although, we are not sure of her complete retirement. So, okay a nice answer :) @Jack
They can came with new black canary
or the white canary can be there black canary again
Although, I vaguely recall a news report in Earth-2 saying that Oliver Queen's dad went public that he was Green Arrow over there.
I just realized that Superman isn't super at all.
He's completely average for his species.
He's like an adult joining a children's basketball league and bragging about his skill.
Like when Kramer took Karate and only attended the kids' class.
Maybe he is super because he doesn't want to dominate this earth.
Or when Homer entered the "Design a Powerplant" competition meant for children, and ended up winning.
7:14 PM
@RogueJedi superman sounds a lot better than averagekryptonian
who upvoted this nonsense?
Q: Most Perfect X-Men Timeline

ormviana1- Past [80´s & 90´s] 1.1 - X-Men: First Class (2011) 1.2 - X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) - [ Past Part ] 1.3 - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) 1.4 - Untitled X-Men 90´s (2018) 1.5 - X-Men Origin: Wolverine (2009) 2- Original Trilogy 2.1 - X-Men (2000) 2.2 - X-Men...

7:37 PM
I linked that video at a certain time frame, because he suggests that Netflix characters could have been in Civil War, but weren't because of timing and character capacity.
8:31 PM
Q: X-Man: Days of Future Past - Does Professor X remember the conversation with Wolverine about "previously future"

silverhandI wondering how "young" Professor X, Magneto, Beast... in "new future" don't remember that conversation with Wolverine about how is he come from the "previously future". And how they don't remember in new future when everyone is alive (Cyclops, Jean...) that there is been previously future I mean...

9:24 PM
@JackBNimble not buying it.
9:41 PM
Q: Why can't the speed force take back Zoom's speed?

kshikharIn The Flash TV series, why can't the speed force itself defeat Zoom by taking away his speed? P.S. I am not a comic guy!

9:53 PM
is tomorrow the last episode of Legends of Tomorrow?
I thought Laurel's dad was supposed to show up on one of them.
@KutuluMike he already did
did he?
did I miss one?
i might be behind on that one, 1 sec
nope, i just don't remember that at all.
When time master tried to kill their younger versions
Episode 12 "Last Refuge"
10:09 PM
no, i meant, he was supposed to show up and tell sarah that laurel was dead
I don't know if it was supposed to be happen
so i just had a thought.
last season, a kree came to earth to try to kill Daisy because he found out there were Inhumans.
and the rest of the Inhumans were in hiding.
now they're all over the place and the worst of all has come back out, shouldn't the Kree be freaking out?
10:28 PM
is that why the kree came last year? i thought it was just another pissed off kree dude that sif was hunting
my laptop somehow installed windows 10 by itself.
i dont recall ever saying this was ok
granted: i may have done it while drunk or half asleep
@KutuluMike That dude showed up because Daisy used one of the obelisks in the ancient temple. None of the other Inhumans (other than... Flower Dress woman) have or had done that in a long long time.
that's true.
So that ancient temple must have tipped them off.
supposedly the infinity wars writers just confirmed strange will show up in at least one of them
Wasn't Mac possessed by something in that temple?
10:38 PM
mack or tripp. i think it was mack
That is presumably Kree tech? I can't remember. Auto defensive thing + alerts Kree authorities that someone is screwing around in the old temple.
all those guys look alike. by that, i mean shield agents, of course.
blah. i should pack
At least in AoS, we see companies and people at large getting the benefit of this huge boom in technology.
Like the doctor and all those people in that club that had artificial enhancements.
Otherwise the average American has got to feel pretty slighted that these select few get massive technological advantages over them.
10:56 PM
so, I'm still a few episodes behind AoS but, is HYDRA still really dead?
watching the finale tonight, but there hasn't been mention of hydra in a few eps. just hive
11:09 PM
Q: Is Everett Ross related to Thunderbolt Ross?

user35971In Captain America : Civil War, is Martin Freeman's character Everett Ross, related to Thunderbolt Ross?


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