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12:09 AM
ok wait.
end of last week's flash, caitlyn gives the 'i know some part of you loves me' speech to jay
but that's the wrong jay
the one she was macking on for the past year is the dead one?
12:45 AM
i think the assumption is that they must have swapped recently
or the time remnant was from the future, not the past
else, he would risk erasing himself
1:39 AM
but I thought the time remnant really didn't have his speed?
or does he lost his speed if he doesn't take the serum long enough
Q: Falcon/sam wilson's suit Marvel universe

De DayWhere and who made the Falcon's avengers suit in the marvel universe? Is it that, sam wilson obtained that advanced suit,along with all the high tech gadgets like the drones etc (captain America civil war) , at a US military base? So the US military made Falcon's suit?

2:20 AM
Q: Loki's sceptor Marvel

De DayIs it right that Loki's sceptor is no longer in existence now, as the infinity stone on it is in Vision now?

Q: Maker of capt america's shield and origin of vibranium

De DayFrom wiki : (vibranium) It is most known for being used in the construction of Captain America's Shield,[11] the vibranium was of an ultra-resilient vibranium-iron alloy created by Dr. Myron MacLain.[12] The formula has never been reproduced despite numerous attempts From captain america:civil wa...

3:14 AM
> If you have a question, "The Speed Force did it" is the answer.
> If you have a question, "Jay Garrick did it" is the answer.
3:37 AM
BTW, Arrow has returned from the hiatus..... would catch it today....
5:50 AM
Flash was pretty stupid to give up his speed. Criminals are untrustworthy.
6:11 AM
@JackBNimble Oh! c'mon! That episode taught you the value of family and you can't simply refuse to give up your speed for one of your family members.
6:53 AM
@MAFIA36790 Already watched
Nice episode
@AnkitSharma Now I'm jealous.... hmm.... chalo, baat nahi karni tumse ;P
I would watch as the TV schedule goes... 23:00 hrs at Colors Infinity.
I paid the prize :'(
@AnkitSharma o.O
6:55 AM
Anyways my dish TV installed today, so now i can enjoy Colors Infinity and many other stuff
@MAFIA36790 Office shenanigans
@AnkitSharma >;))
I am in curse mod, so don't, tease,me >:D
Anyways, things seems bit calm now or shayad tufaan se pehle ki shanti hai :D
It's clear that Laurel is gone.... who is in the Black Canary costume?
You want me to spoil your episode
7:04 AM
@AnkitSharma nay, just curiosity ;P
It's not important who is inside the suit but it's how it impacted the story/character
@AnkitSharma ooh.
@MAFIA36790 Yeah just need to recharge now
@AnkitSharma I just want to see Damien Dahrk get slayed... her death made a huge impact on me.... damn.
@AnkitSharma Dad subscribed to Videocon in 2014.... just gets pissed off when rain comes....
7:06 AM
To me it didn't impacted much, i am heart broke that felicity and diggle are alive
@AnkitSharma I wanted Diggle dead.
I wanted Daddy Lance dead....
Laurel would train again and revenge and what's her trainer's name.... no matter; he could return in the show in the role of another vigilante.... it would be interesting.
7:25 AM
@JackBNimble Reviews for Captain America: Civil War started to appears weeks ago. After 48 reviews, it's sitting at 98% on RT.
Anyway, daily Road to Captain America: Civil War update that I keep posting for some reason - my latest rewatch of Avengers: Age of Ultron highlighted it's weaknesses more than ever. The main one being that there are too many action scenes - I can't help but feel that Ultron shouldn't have attacked The Avengers after the party scene, just for pacing reasons.
I still think it's a good film (it's certainly one of the more substantial films in the MCU so far), but it's also poorly executed in places and distracted at time. It has all the fingerprints of a film that suffered from studio interference, in other words.
I'm rewatching Ant-Man tonight, which will finish my Road to Captain America: Civil War. In just 36 hours I'll be watching Captain America: Civil War.
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9:16 AM
@MAFIA36790 Yeah i miss wildcat
9:41 AM
Anyways to me Diggle and felicity both are boring. This season diggle's whole arc annoyed me a lot
1 hour later…
10:42 AM
Q: Was this character the only person in Batman: TAS to discover Batman's secret identity?

GGMGIn the Mask of the Phantasm film, Would this make them the first, possibly only, character in Batman: TAS to divine Batman's identity without Batman confiding in them? Edit: Upon further consideration, excluding the What-If episode and dream sequences.

11:34 AM
Q: Could you move Thor's Hammer in a wheelbarrow?

William RobinsonIf Thor put his hammer down on a wheelbarrow you wouldn't be able to take it out of the wheelbarrow. However would you be able to wheel the wheelbarrow around? Similarly if you can move the wheelbarrow, would the hammer fall out if you tipped the wheelbarrow?

12:09 PM
i still think the man in the iron mask is jay garrick
For those inquiring, we love Jay Garrick and would never make him a baddie. No reinvention. Keep watching :) love that you're asking q's.
greg berlanti is jay garrick
so i guess eobard somehow knew about multiple earths? he recognized jay's helmet.
maybe it's common knowledge in the future?
and i did a few quick searches for other mentions of cellular dead zones and jesse/wells and couldn't find any besides this last episode
LoT is so sloppy. in like the second episode or something, stein's wedding ring disappeared shortly after they interfered with the timeline. now ray is freaking out asking about how long it takes for time to set and whether or not he's already dead in the past
and the pilgrim is suddenly willing to hurt/kill the loved ones of the legends - great - so go back in time and just kill the parents of the legends, mission accomplished.
I'm kinda over that show. it's like Arthur Darvill came in and told them how shit Doctor Who is at continuity and they all went "THATS BRILLIANT!"
12:20 PM
every five minutes, someone says, "GUYS, STOP DOING STUFF TO SCREW UP THE TIMELINE", and then someone turns around and says/does something with massive possible ramifications
like telling jax's father about the ied
well, given that the whole point of the show is to screw up the timeline
and the guys trying to prevent them from screwing up the timeline are the villains
what do you expect?
Everyone has a bit Jay Garrick in them.... but I think the man in the iron mask has a bit more Jay Garrick in him.... remember the tap language?
Zoom is Eobard Thawne from Earth-2 and he body-stole Jay Garrick
Teddy told the end would not be surprising.
holy crap.
Facebook profits for 1Q2016: 1.5 billion
that's not revenue, that's net profit
12:43 PM
as for shield. the way i remember it, in the first ep this season, when they show the death, they also show the cross on a chain floating by.. and then show the spanish girl wearing it in like... the next shot.
1:23 PM
@phantom42 Pretty sure she gave that chain to Mack either in that episode or not long after though.
didnt he give it back to her last week?
when she came to the base
@DrRDizzle Wow, you started making sense ;)
@phantom42 I don't remember. I really hope they don't kill Elena off though - I like her.
i dont have any particular like/dislike of any of the secret warriors
though, i probably like joey the least
a bit too whiney
@phantom42 Lincoln is growing on me more, but he's my least favourite.
@AnkitSharma I awlyas make sesne.
1:32 PM
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo‌​ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo u don't
1:48 PM
Q: When does Arrow S04E19 occur in relation to The Flash?

StormieAt the end of Arrow S04E19 we see that So where does this Arrow episode occur in time, in relation to the Flash? Because as of The Flash S02E18's ending we know that So where does this episode of Arrow occur in relation to the CW-verse timeline?

@ComicBookNerd I did expected this oen
@ComicBookNerd Going to go out on a limb here and say it's before Flash Ep 18.
@phantom42 But flash never mentioned going to Star city or about the death
flash showed up in the flashforward earlier in the season
at the graveyard
1:59 PM
so i have no idea what your point is
My idea is
you just said he never mentioned going to star city or death
WE don't know
Who is not making sense?
he clearly knew about it because he went to the funeral
2:01 PM
@MAFIA36790 We are just speculating about the chronology of Arrow S04E19 as per flash
@phantom42 Obviously he knew about the death. I am saying , in Flash TV series, till now he didn't mentioned when he gone to star city and nobody mentioned death of Black canary in flash TV series
Even cisco did mentioned felcity and her help in making suit more strong but not about anything like this
I think it doesn't really matter and actually we could never know about that.
@AnkitSharma ooohhhhh.... I was about to write it.
Yes, even this is not clear when Felicity gave that dwarf star element....
arrowverse has a problem in that even though they all share producers, the writing staffs clearly barely ever talk to each other
And what about Sara?
2:05 PM
Does the LoT Team know about that?
@MAFIA36790 sara is in different time
@AnkitSharma Well, they don't even exist now in 2016.....
till they return to the same time.
sara's bloodlust was supposedly cured by constantine this season, but she still has it in LoT
2:06 PM
I hope there ship blast and they all die
@phantom42 They kept it vague. I think Constantine just returned her soul in her body and reduced her bloodlust in the process
@AnkitSharma my dog is starring at me annoyingly for my crazy laugh on this
@phantom42 Hmmm.... this is Arrowverse.
@phantom42 too shiny for my eyes
And i zoomed it too
2:10 PM
And well, the cartoon Savage is returning tomorrow in the latest LoT episode.... that gonna be a disaster, I assure along with that nonsense Kendra.
I am happy that x-men bringing colour to there universe
@MAFIA36790 ohhh lord send those Egyptians to Egyptian hell
If i was from Egypt then i must have started petition to stop the show for laminsing the Egyptians characters
The man in the mask might be Keyser Soze (AKA Jay Garrick)
Keyser Söze
It might also be the deposed king of France.
I am sure twist will be boring and disappointing
2:18 PM
@AnkitSharma Racism increases after poor people getting succumbed to Kendra's venomous acting
@DrRDizzle Elena's in a coffin in suspended animation until Bonnie dies.
@KutuluMike do what now
we were talking about shield
i know.
too early for humor?
2:22 PM
or i'm just slow
@KutuluMike The Internet desperately needs a piece of punctuation that indicates something should be taken as a joke.
@phantom42 also... sometimes I'm not sure that the writing staffs on different episodes on the same show talk to each other.
@AnkitSharma Who is he?
too lazy to google
Was that a joke or do you really not know?
cuz it was almost a good joke
2:24 PM
Who is Keyser Soze?
limps away
too late, already been done
i have concluded that I suffer from mild OCD
@KutuluMike Are you using OCD as a way to say that you are a bit anal about things, or that you genuinely suffer from a mild version of the disorder?
I have a pile of fast food napkins on my desk that I've collected over the years and since they are all from different places, they're all just slightly different sizes
i just caught myself organizing them from smallest to largest and lining up the corners
every time I look at it and one of the napkins is misaligned I pull the whole pile down and try to fix it.
@DrRDizzle I used to assume I was just a bit anal about things but I reallized that in some cases if I see something done "wrong" i genuinely ruins my day
@MAFIA36790 The Usual Suspects Film
i am still being distracted by these stupid napkins.
2:28 PM
@KutuluMike I'm "OCD" about stupid things, like the various things I collect.
They need to be consistently designed if they are all part of a series.
Or consistently sized.
I once threw away 3 hardcover books and bought new copies of them because the 4th in the series was printed in a slightly bigger size
@KutuluMike I've done that with TV series and films. So far, I've planned my book buying to the point where I haven't had to do that so far.
it does suck sometimes.
Although the inconsistency between my hardcover/paperback and child edition/adult edition Harry Potter books needs to be fixed.
like, i can't buy any of the new Dresden Files books when they come out because I bought the first 6 of them in paperback
2:32 PM
@KutuluMike I refuse to buy Steelbook Blu Rays because not all Blu Rays are released as Steelbooks.
but those things are just me being anal.
this is like, I was literally unable to do my job for 15 minutes until I organized my napkin pile
even I think that's over the line
@KutuluMike Maybe you really do have a mild version of OCD. Just remember - you don't have to make sure that anything on your desk is either parallel or perpendicular with the edges of it.
well, we know mike isn't ocd about keeping up with his tv
@DrRDizzle all of my piles of paper, notebooks, and pads are organized by size and carefully pushed into corners.
My desk is organized by how I randomly placed trash on it.
Although I notice I still have two Diet Dr. Pepper bottles that are supposed to give me free exclusion digital comics for BvS.
Unfortunately the app doesn't work correctly on my phone.
2:41 PM
@KutuluMike I don't know if i should continue TVD or not, as i know most of the spoilers :D
universal just bought dreamworks
So no more distribution by Touchstone Pictures(disney)
unless they have an existing deal, like Universal had with Marvel
As per wikipeid, deal will be over this year
Wow as per Wikipedia NBCUniversal is over Disney in top studio chart
And WB is third
that market share figure is questionable at best
which if you start clicking through, makes zero sense.
2:56 PM
those numbers are just distribution numbers.
says it's gross for the year
e.g. Universal didn't make Furious 7, they just distributed it
so that gross revenue didn't all go to Universal, though they probably got a big chunk of it
everytime i see the new Xman trailers all i see is this
3:17 PM
Another semester over.
> "So i was going to take a Taekwondo class, but i saw Aikido and i saw how you have use your brain mentally and so i can relax it a little bit more and so i took Aikido and then i took Strength Training as well you get buffer too."
Paper sadness.
3:51 PM
@Himarm Am I seeing 90's Power Rangers?
made me nostalgic
ive still got it on vhs
4:35 PM
barry: "we cant beat this guy without super powers"
nobody: "why don't we call the pied piper, who is apparently our friend in this revised timeline?"
4:48 PM
or that chick we know who has magic powers.
4:59 PM
Q: Why couldn't Doctor Strange cast a Chinese actress for the Ancient One, but make the character non-Tibetan?

ThunderforgeIn the Doctor Strange comics, the titular character is trained by "the Ancient One", who is a Tibetan mystic. An interview with co-writer C. Robert Cargill noted that if they kept this origin, China would have likely banned the movie in the country: He originates from Tibet, so if you acknowl...

@Movienerd no. there were no other options. the option fairy came and actually removed every other option. it said, "this is the only thing you're allowed to do."
5:31 PM
the guy in the cube next to me has a mug from his son that says "worlds okayest dad"
good son there
not lying to his father
6:36 PM
@phantom42 I'm finally caught up.
Danielle Panabaker is so terrible playing Killer Frost.
shes always been kinda meh to me as an actress, shes just cute
ive watched all her disney movies
back in the day
@KutuluMike Who is the chick with magic powers?
6:54 PM
Jay Garrick?
@Himarm cute, huh? Well....
@Himarm Remember Sky High?
@Himarm o.O
yeah sky high
6:58 PM
I remember that movie.... 2008?
more like 2004
@Himarm no, no.... not release... I saw it in 2007 or 8 in Disney channel.
i saw it in theaters
with my little sister
(for my little sister)
but was okay with it since danielle is cute lol
7:00 PM
Himarm is blushing
i only blush when im drinking
and im still sober at owrk
Oh! just completed the third episode of X files!
@Himarm: Did you catch Arrow's latest episode?
7:05 PM
Q: Why does Groot want money?

Sean CondonIn The Guardians of the Galaxy we see Groot repeatedly express a desire for a share of any financial pay off. Rocket even comments on it: Asleep for the danger, awake for the money, as per frickin' usual. However, what need does Groot have for money? He doesn't use weapons, wear clothes or ...

im a few behind
Vixen is an American animated web series from executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg, which debuted on August 25, 2015, on The CW's online streaming platform, CW Seed. It is based on the DC Comics character Mari McCabe / Vixen, a costumed superhero crime-fighter with the power to mimic the abilities of any animal that has ever lived on Earth. The series is set in the Arrowverse, the same fictional universe as Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. The first season concluded on September 29, 2015, and in January 2016, the series was renewed for a second season...
been watching drunk history
Oh her. She is only on Arrow though.
@JackBNimble only one episode she appeared in.... a cameo? hmmm...
7:19 PM
what a bunch of whiners. fox is supposedly skipping a hall h presentation at SDCC because all the exclusive stuff gets "pirated" and put online
@MAFIA36790 more than a cameo.
do we need to go over the definition of cameo again?
@JackBNimble i love that while she's being held captive, she ensures that her hair and makeup are perfect at all times.
Q: What exactly is the relationship of Hunter Zolomon to Jay Garrick?

Chris B. BehrensIn a recent episode, it was revealed that: And yet, So...why do they, as far as I can tell, look exactly alike? Have I missed something here?

doesn't barry create speed mirages a few times?
because zoom tells barry that he [zoom] is not fast enough to create speed mirages
but zoom is like 10x faster than barry
Zoom is not faster than Reverse-Flash.
i didnt say he was?
also, @KutuluMike looking at at the transcript.. zoom didnt do the double/swap plan until after they closed the breaches
> I also knew that the only way to make Barry become faster was if you all witnessed your old pal Jay die.

> When did you decide to do that?

> Oh, once you closed all the breaches, went to Earth-2.
@phantom42 Just saying.
7:34 PM
@phantom42 Yeh... that was indeed a good plan... at least it worked.
@phantom42 I thought he was saying he didn't decide to kill his second copy until they closed the breaches
I assumed the Jay that came to Earth-1 was always the time remnant
hm. maybe
it was probably just the speed force
because the speed force is jay garrick
7:51 PM
Answer of every question is Jay Garrick.
BTW, Barry did actually create speed force... hmm.
I don't see how killing a time remnant is a good idea.
One way or another, you are screwing yourself over.
8:09 PM
@JackBNimble This is Arrowverse ;(
8:21 PM
a thought just occurred to me.
Black Panther's suit has vibranium boots.
every time they mention vibranium in an MCU movie, we get flooded with stupid questions about how vibranium physics works.
i think we even have a question about vibranium boots?
8:45 PM
how do vibranium boots work
why does he wear them
why not iron man in vibranium armor
why is black panther black
I'm sure his vibranium claws will be questioned a lot.
9:01 PM
I really wish I knew how to upload pictures from the new mobile chat.
iphone mobile?
@Himarm Windows phone
You can usually just copy paste it in
It's a photo I've taken
i've had to just drop back to the full site to upload
pain in the ass
9:09 PM
Well how do I do that?
The 3 lines on the top left
for iphone at least
Those three lines don't do anything on Windows Phone lol
your best bet is to use imgur app
upload your photo
then link that into this chat
Too much effort
Here is (roughly) what I wanted to post;
That's from a deleted scene in Ant-Man. Zoom in on the guys neck.
The tattoo?
9:14 PM
@JackBNimble Yeah.
@KutuluMike WoT Tv show announced plus.google.com/103674399065634804648/posts?hl=en
9:37 PM
is it the same garbage that went to pilot last year or whatever?
well find out
she said major movie company
or major studio
she didnt like that pilot last year, so hopfully its not them
10:02 PM
she didn't like that pilot because she didn't think they were allowed to make it.
"all legal issues have been resolved" sounds suspiciously like they came to an agreement with the people who make that pilot
they were suing her for claiming they had no rights to make the pilot
10:15 PM
i guess marvel released the synopsis for the episode after civil war
and it has a minor spoiler
of agents of SHIELD?
sorry, yea
spoiler for CW
Synopsis: "While dealing with the death of captain america and the sudden appearance of Black Bolt from the skies,..."
and wolverine riding lockjaw
lockjaw is awesome.
if Daisy doesn't get to meet Lockjaw before that show is cancelled I'm going to retroactively refuse to watch any of it.
I will demand my rating's point back.
10:18 PM
if they're going to cancel inhumans, shield needs to just double down
from what I have heard, Feige is a massive Inhumans fan.
so I don't think he wants to let TV have them.
if this were anyone but Marvel I would say they can't figure out how to bring them into a movie.
but they made freaking ant-man a smash hit.
maybe Feige's throwing a tantrum because TV got them first and he doesn't want to acknowledge any of it, but knows how stupid it will make him look?
these guys can play nice with sony but cant figure shit out with their own company
hell, their own damned family
get joss back in there and tell him to stop ignoring the show
@KutuluMike I read that out of context and had a heart attack for a second.
I fully understand the principle that you can't write a movie that assumes it's fans have watched the show.
but they have taken that to the utterly absurd other extreme and pretending like no one has watched their own show
sure, you cant requiredthem to watch everything, but "hey, coulson is alive" isn't hard
10:23 PM
name-drop daredevil or punisher or some shit in random conversation.
i mean, it's not like it wasn't the biggest thing going on in NYC at the time.
civil war would be perfect for it
or that list of names in TWS
"now thanks to you we got all these idiots running around new york in devil masks and skull t-shirts playing hero."
you, banner, a reporter in cairo, stephen strange, some lawyer in hell's kitchen...
at least they kept the same guy as president.
though I think they'll need to replace him next year.
but he was in IM3 first wasnt he?
10:25 PM
are you caught up with shield?
but how easy would it be to have an AoS story about the newly elected president having to deal with this crap. and then get the same guy to appear in the next marvel movie as the new president.
not even close.
Bobby & Hunter just left.
I'm catching up on that, though.
not that far
like 3 back?
I knocked out a few shows... lucifer, flash, arrow, legends, magicians, teen wolf, shannarra, the expanse, TVC, the originals, grimm, stichers, supergirl I'mall caught up.
they just shut down a LOT of hydra
10:27 PM
i am behind on the magicians, 12 monkeys, the 100, supernatural, izombie, agents of shield, blindspot, shadowhunters, and I think orphan black is back on.
so... that should technically have a lot of effect on the whole MCU
except as far as the MCU is concerned, SHIELD and HYDRA as both dead,
they were in the hydra base in AoU
those two clowns in Age of Ultron were the last "scattered remnants" according to Cap
I thought he said they'd been chasing down the leftovers of HYDRA for months and they thought these two were basically it
not sure
10:30 PM
Weren't they Hydra trying to buy the Ant-Man technology?
the guy that pym punched in the face
Right, so they still exist.
i think the point is that they're largely decentralized now
Now they only care about ancient Inhumans.
and even moreso now after this week
the new lara croft
ava from ex machina
couple of years ago, i interviewed at a local company. after the first round, they were pretty much ready to make me an offer, but i realized who owned the company and chose not to take the job, knowing that the company would likely find drama and fold in the relative near future.
interviewed a dev today, who recently got laid off from that company... just a few weeks before the company went out of business last month.
10:44 PM
not as ominous as the reason i left the previous version of the company... when the right hand man of the owner killed himself
well, that wasn't why i left - but that was a big red flag that it was time to go
Q: What's more important to have seen before Civil War: Daredevil S2 or Agent Carter S2?

user24601My best friend has been lagging behind on her MCU TV shows lately. She's definitely going to be caught up with Agents of SHIELD before seeing Civil War, but she may not have time to watch both Agent Carter S2 and Daredevil S2. On the one hand, Agent Carter is a Captain America character, but on t...

are we all prepared for "where was daredevil during civil war?" "where was luke cage during civil war?" "where was foggy's ex-girlfriend?" "where was coulson?"
11:19 PM
where was cello girl during Civil War?

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