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12:35 PM
Q: My badges showing great fluctuations

InanimateBeingJust now I saw the number of the badges go down from 13 to 5 then back to 13 and for now it shows 6. Why is this happening? Also, along with that, the number of people reached and votes cast is also reduced.

A: My badges showing great fluctuations

Martin SleziakShort answer: The main site and meta are two different sites, each of them counts badges separately. One guess how this can be explained is that you sometimes look at your profile on the main site where you have 13 badges (at the moment). And if you are on meta, you see the 6 badges earned on met...

But why is it fluctuating? And just some seconds ago, it even fell down to just 1 badge. — InanimateBeing 17 mins ago
@InanimateBeing I don't think it is really fluctuating. On meta, you'll see 6 badges until you get next one. (And since you got commentator badge just recently, it was 5 badges before that.) Similarly, on the main site you should see 13 badges until you get the next one. (You profile says that you've earned the most recent one yesterday.) — Martin Sleziak 15 mins ago
@InanimateBeing When you said that "it fell down to one badge", is it possible that you were looking at StackOverflow Meta - after clicking on this link? (Which I provided in the post as an illustration of differences between various sites.) — Martin Sleziak 13 mins ago
I now a lot confused at the moment and as per the answer by @MartinSleziak, things seem okay, so I'll stop at that. But being present here (right here on this webpage only) the fluctuations were observed by me, though not any more and the fluctuations have stopped after being the way they should be as per the answer. — InanimateBeing 1 min ago
@InanimateBeing Feel free to ping me in chat - if we happen to be online at the same time, I'll try whether I might be able to explain better what I mean. (It might be easier if we can interact a bit and I can ask you which site you're viewing when you see 15 badges, 6 badges, etc.) — Martin Sleziak 45 secs ago
I'll try to be around at least for a few minutes - so if you manage to get in chat, just ping me and we can discuss further.

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