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7:24 AM
Q: Finding the identity of a deleted user

David G. StorkMy reputation has been increased several times when a (down-voting) user was suspended or deleted from a StackExchange site. How can I find the (former) identity of the suspended user? This will help me understand which of my contended answers were correct, which user disagreement trended my wa...

If some votes on your posts have been cancelled recently (this week), you might be able to check votes (or only downvotes) on your posts using SEDE now and then a week later (after the next update of the data) and compare the two. In that way you could find the posts where number of votes changed. — Martin Sleziak 2 hours ago
Here is a post on MathOverflow Meta which is a bit related: Is it possible to know the list of removed users?Martin Sleziak 2 hours ago
Some SEDE queries which might be used to compare on which posts number of votes changed (if you run them on data in two different weeks): downvotes, down- and upvotes, scores, ... — Martin Sleziak 2 hours ago
@MartinSleziak: Helps... but not really. How would I ever remember the relevant score from months ago? Was it 3? or 4? or 5?.. Won't help me find the problem whose score was lowered by 1 by the user who down-voted my answer. — David G. Stork 3 mins ago
@DavidG.Stork I thought this happened recently. (Which is the situation for which I suggest using SEDE - if the reversal happened after the last update of data, i.e., since Sunday.) In any case, feel free to ping me in chat if needed - perhaps I can clarify a bit more what I meant. (Or you could clarify your question and explain why comparing the numbers from this week and from the next week does not work for you.) — Martin Sleziak 7 secs ago
BTW clarifying the post on meta might be useful. Perhaps adding a screenshot or at least explaining whether the information you got is that you see some reputation changes with "User was removed" on your reputation tab.
In short, it might help to explain what you mean by saying: " Today I am notified that some user was suspended and my reputation received a small boost."
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10:53 AM
I have at least updated my answer in a related post a bit.
A: Can I know where I lost my reputation?

Martin SleziakThere is a related question on Meta Stack Exchange: How can I find posts related to lost reputation due to a “user was removed” message? Glorfindel's answer to this question provides a tool which can be used to find recent reputation changes, including the posts where reputation was change base...

The tool created by Glorfindel can indeed help to find posts where the reputation was reduced after removal of a user.
A: How can I find posts related to lost reputation due to a "user was removed" message?

GlorfindelToday I discovered by accident that this information is (sometimes) visible in your personal timeline/feed in the Stack Exchange app: These two -10s corresponds to this -20 "user was removed" entry in my profile: That means it's available via the Stack Exchange API, using the Reputation His...


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