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12:29 AM
Is this too broad?
Q: Optimizing spawning 500 objects every 3 seconds

MetaMaxUsing Object Pooling, assuming I'll like to spawn 500 cubes once every three seconds. How do I make it performance friendly? I need ideas, not the code itself.

@DMGregory could use that feature to make a core war style game!
I think there are decent answers for that one, like using ECS, but we could certainly make better answers with more context about what these 500 cubes every 3 seconds need to do / what they represent in the game.
12:59 AM
1:18 AM
good evening!
How are ya, Arthur?
fine, just kinda in a food coma because I ate too much mc donalds
o o f
hope ya don't die from all that grease ;]
1:21 AM
i feel like i am already \o/
and you, how are you today? :D
i am doing alright.
cool! Working too much lately?
nah, maybe not enough, lol.
hahah, by you saying that i'm sure you are doing a lot already, don't put yourself down :)
well, did some yard work, made a bit of cash, and been adding enemy death animations to my game
1:32 AM
see, that is a lot for a day! We have our own pace and time to create! :D But I do feel the same often.. xD
Well, i still have a while before i go to bed. I play on having all enemies done, and add a few more equitable items
yeah, that's a good plan for relaxing before bed, hahah
ye. you got anything else planned for today?
hmm, today before leaving the computer i think i'll rewrite and program in a more clear and legible way my saving and loading files system.. My code was a mess, now i'm using a new formatting
Oh? What sorta project are you working on?
1:39 AM
just a simple unity game of editing terrain and building, not too big, I guess
Oh noice! I am using Unity also!
cool!! what's your game about??
It is a fantasy Role Play game, in which the player is tasked with determining the fate of a legendary artifact called the Amulet of Light. Whoever wields it can control the cycle of night and day.
rn, the only ending is where the player defeats the vampires trying to steal it, but i wanna add another where they aid the vampires instead
wow, that's a great story! I've been watching some games in youtube that show a second ending only after you follow secret steps, hahah
yas, i might do something like that
1:46 AM
cool! Nice to read you have all going smooth! Any bugs implementing animations so far?
not too much, really. i had to adjust some of the objects' weights so that bigger enemies don't instantly go flying
also had a full issues with a few particle effects, but i think i got them fixed
these issues are so awful to deal with when we don't find a solution fast \o/ I've been going through a lot of them lately, so I started recoding
1:54 AM
first time i was going to implement animations i didn't know what the settings did, and simple "bugs" showed. if i had someone with experience to show me the solutions...!
like, setting an animation to be able to animate to itself and the animation getting stuck at the first frame. it's kinda crazy, lol
oof... are you scripting it in?
i am! \o/ but just for processing the attack, and controlling the speed of its animation. Unity handles the others
i don't know if it's a good idea, but i don't have much experience with it yet
it kinda worked well, lol
may i see your code, if you are ok with it?
oh, ok, no problem, it's kinda messy, if you don't mind
it's fine, i am used to ugly code :]
2:00 AM
ok, it's not long, where can i paste it to show you?
uh, here ig?
[NonSerialized]float _motion_time;
[NonSerialized]float _motion_timeNormalized;
[NonSerialized]int _attackStanceSet;
[NonSerialized]float prevSpeed=1;
[NonSerialized]public float AnimatorDetectHorizontalMoveAdjustment=1f/3f;
[NonSerialized]Vector3 _horizontalMoveSpeed;
[NonSerialized]public float AnimatorDetectTurnAngleAdjustment=1f+1f/3f;
[NonSerialized]Vector3 _lastForwardDir;
[NonSerialized]float _turnAngleInRad;
[NonSerialized]public bool BackwardAvailable=false;
void LateUpdate(){
hmmm... it seems all your stuff is in place... maybe use print(); in certain parts of your code, that way the editor console will show what is going on?
just a suggestion, animation is not my expertise
oh, ok, thanks! Of course, every suggestion is appreciated, i'll do that later!! :D i'm doing the file edit stuff now. a lot of try{}catch{} xD
2:10 AM
i'm waiting for my lawyer for a doc i can put in my github project/repository so i can open it to public. I plan to let it be used freely except for comercial purposes, then it's case by case
hmmm... interesting
i wish to help other coders and keep all my stuff open. But i'm really affraid to have it stolen from me because it's kinda my life project
it's the only thing i know how to do, lol
but i never published a game before
Well, you will figure it out
2:19 AM
and you, how many did you publish?? The feeling must be so good! \o/
i haven't published one either ;-;
ooh, I feel so much anxiety. But at the same time, I keep dreaming for the day! xD
I think I won't have too much content in my first version, but as we have today the internet and the possibility of "early access/alpha/beta", I think I'll add more content with time
your game has story, characters, I think you are closer than me
i've been working on it for... 2 and half years now.
nice!! do not give up!! Creating something new from nothing takes a lot of time!!
yes, yes.
it has been a huge learning process to.
i rewrote all the scripts at one point
2:28 AM
i rewrote my scripts, like, ten times, lol blush
understandable, my code is pretty ugly too
sometimes I feel like trash because I can't resolve a bug. other people make it look like so easy. but it's not for me, it's difficult. :P
Nah, don't beat yourself up
2:35 AM
lately i've been feeling better. but sometimes the way people talk, i know it's not personal, but at the end i kinda took it personal, it was not healthy. But now I've been working on that feeling, I guess i'm more mature. \o/
I do understand the feeling of seeing someone who clearly knows more than you discuss topics
yeah, i just don't know it and then, I think "ok, I'm going to listen and learn". But like, i'm not totally worthless, I did create a terrain based on the marching cubes algorithm. Many people did, sure, but it's not "nothing", I did have to read a lot, test a lot, go through the weirdest bugs
I honestly couldn't do that
i'm planning to open my code to public so everyone can use it to learn too, whenever they want
2:44 AM
"I honestly couldn't do that"
like, to my beliefs, and after understanding the algorithm, I'm sure you can if you want! don't say that, hahah.

I think it's not your objective now, so you are doing the animations, the story, the art. That's something I can't nowThat's something
i am mainly doing a bunch of fit and finish, i just put off doing that last set of animation
it's still something I can't do. at least for now.
i'd have yet to train and test a lot before I can do what you are doing now
nah, i am no expert, i promise you
xD lol, like, i'm not either. it's just I believe we shouldn't say we can't do something, it's just maybe we don't have the spare time, or we need to practice before.
2:53 AM
anyway!! how you doing with those animations there? Are the characters 2D or 3D?
3d, but they are stupid simple. you can probably scroll up and find some gifs i put up
@TheMattbat999 beautiful!!!
i am going for a more retro-style, since that is easier
nice! is that a castle? i loved it! did you build it?
The terrain is great, full of obstacles, mountains, did you model it with Unity's Terrain?
snow looks great!!! :D
yep. and that is an abandoned fort i was testing at, been in the game since the very beginning, although i have moved the layout around a lot since then
3:01 AM
the map looks so much fun to explore, are there going to be "monsters"[enemies] apart from vampires?
like, it's like a skyrim starting area, lol
yes, rn there are 22 enemies.
snowy, full of mountains, castle
22?! cool! Did you make the AI for them already?
there are 3 main islands: Isle de Mire, Solsavire, and Morogar. and yes, they all run off of the same Ai, althoug certain variables are unique to each
Mire is the first island, featuring multiple terrains, Solsavire is a snowy wasteland, and Morogar is a volcanic island
3:06 AM
are you going to put like "traps", for example, volcanoes exploding if the character goes too close, or deadly cold lakes in the wasteland?
i thought about it, but none yet.
i love snowy wastelands. even more when there's a safe house with a bonfire right in the middle of it, lol, so cosy
the southern half of Solsavire is somewhat settled, but the northern half is pretty desolate
are there going to be good npcs?
yes, yes, plenty of those, the islands are more of a frontier. Like, to the west is the more settled down lands of Centaria and Avelaroar, while these islands (the Trinity Islands) are the frontier
3:11 AM
ooh, so exciting!! When you launch your game, please call me, i want to play it!!
Ok! Well, i have a free download link if ya wanna try this incomplete version-
do you have Windows, Mac, or Linux?
windows 10
ok, it's downloading xD
i love creating AIs
ima delete that link now
3:15 AM
i was starting to create my AIs some weeks ago. I finished the movement and the "combat"[just move to and start attack], but that was all for now. My character first skill was Ragnarök's homunculus Amstir's Castling
just a teleport skill
noice. that is most of my enemey's Ai, although they also will wander around their area when the player is not close to them.
the story coming up in slow motion, lol
y e s
should i speed that up?
a little, lol
like, i could go away feed my cat and go back and still didn't move up enough, hahah
that first rat is scary
3:23 AM
i can't seem to find the way to aim up or down
there isn't, but you won't need it
oh, ok
the npc's red eyes looking at me are scarier than the rat's, lol, but everything is going smooth so far
"where am i"
"in the tutorial, silly"

"need help on a project"

y e s
his last bit will get you outta there
3:30 AM
i loved the city but i'm kinda lost with the controls, i sometimes shoot the npcs, lol
maybe strafe with a and d and turn camera with arrows, if there's no mouse usage?
qwe, no asd, plus arrows, got it
@Arthur'Gibraltar'Condino use QWEASD to move, RTFGH to attack
i found a hidden chest!!! But it had nothing inside, lol, i forgot to talk to the guy in the inn, going back
all chests have stuff inside, check your inventory
brb, shower
3:46 AM
it had a book.
found a helmet
i got to level 2, i guess. There was an evil cloud following me in the city, i ran away in panic. lol
not going back that way, ever
LOL that was probably a ghost
they are pretty tough
3:52 AM
sometimes i can't aim to the enemy before it gets to me, it takes a long time to turn. like maneuvering a car, lol, but i'm enjoying the game
in the options menu, you can adjust the look sensitivity
i did, it's better now xD
idk what did unity do and the camera rotation can be done with arrows, so my brain like
auto-changed to move forward and strafe with q w e and rotate with arrows
what ever floats ya boat. don't forget you can walk backwards
4:02 AM
ok! xD
i'm going to need to save and continue later! gotta prepare to sleep. tomorrow i'll play more and give you feedback on the quests! found the gost questline, lol. And your game is really "grabbing the attention", there are things to do, there's combat, exp, rpg attributes, it's already full of resources, places to explore, caves, i loved it!!!
Congrats for all your hard work and this amazing result!! :D
13 hours later…
4:47 PM
@Arthur'Gibraltar'Condino thanks for trying my game out!
also proud i actually posted something semi-useful on this site
@TheMattbat999 At some point you'll probably realize you know a lot more than what you think you do :P
@Vaillancourt maybe so :}
ALSO i took your suggestion, and now some enemies go up in a puff of smoke (or flames/mass of leaves, depending on their respective element)
@TheMattbat999 Hey, that's a good idea!
@Vaillancourt so Vampires go up in a puff of black smoke, Yetis go up in a puff of icy fog, Fire Elementals explode upon death, and Life Elementals shoot leaves out everywhere
That's good :)
4:54 PM
I also took the time to change the Life Elemental model, since previously, it was just a recolor of the Fire Elemental
Model reuse as a first step is OK, you need data to work with!
ye, but the model itself didn't fit them well
since the Fire Elemental is based on Solrock from Pokemon
My knowledge of Pokémon is limited.
hold on, i will find an image :}
I found one :)
It's cute ;)
4:57 PM
yes, my Fire Elementals are a cycloptic version, pretty much
5:09 PM
Cool :)
5:19 PM
ok, i think i only have a handful more enemies to finish up, and i will have gotten the animations done
nephew is forcing me too take occasional breaks :}
Ah, those kids...
he just runs in, slings a toy in my hand, plays for a minute or two, then takes it backs and runs off
Oh, well that's easy stuff ;)
5:31 PM
yes. funny and confusing
5:58 PM
aight, time to get work done
2 hours later…
7:56 PM
Since it was recently mentioned in a what'cha all playin' convo, here's a GDC Summer talk follow up about the dev of Hardspace: Shipbreaker
Ooh, thanks!
You're welcome! Was hoping I wasn't recycling things that have already hit the collective radar.
Interesting to see that it was several different things as it made it's way thru the dev process.
I also like that at one point it was "simplified as “Fruit Ninja in space” ".
A couple of times I've felt my own stuff to be too reductionist - chances are it probably wasn't.
Sounded like the full thing will be on the GDC vault at some later date. Something to look forward to.
Hardspace is loads of fun
it's not even done
2 (or more) digit hours loads of fun?
Not trying to be reductionist - more wondering about the depth of systems / skill ceiling...
8:21 PM
I am at 24 hours of play
Still on the first campaign, still trying to be good enough to tackle the "no deaths allowed" version
I had a really good session going, and I cut into some glass, forgot to check if that room was still pressurized. When the air blew out, a floating thing in the room smashed my helmet and killed me.
It's got this really interesting "boring kind of like a job" vibe punctuated by moments of intense stress.
The controls are so fun; once you untether yourself from trying to keep your head "up" and operating at 90 degree angles to things, it gets to be even more fun.
I can't recommend this highly enough to people who enjoy what I call "controller challenges".
Challenges are not yet released, and they add a new ship about every week or two.
here's what happened when I was going to fast, and tried to grapple with a stationary object to pull myself toward it
I get out of single digit hours on single player games very seldom
1 hour later…
9:31 PM
9:52 PM
How are ya, DMG?
Doing alright. Wrapping up for the day and on my way to pick up some pizza for our end-of-week tradition. :)
Noice, Noice
Nearly snapped my controller testing the game build today. XD Streaming lag is not my friend.
How are you doing?
ooof. i am doing fine, finally finished all of the enemy death animations, added a torch for the player to carry around
10:13 PM
Very nice.
not sure what i wanna do next tho.

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