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4:07 PM
Is the best scrpting engine to integrate in a c++ app still Lua?
4:28 PM
Dont know. I m rookie )
4:47 PM
Me too, in that regards :p
what you want to do?
Are you familiar with openGL?
is there anything sfml cant do that opengl can?
i downloaded some chunk of sfml code and it uses opengl :D
5:11 PM
I think sfml only handles vertex shaders and fragment shaders natively?
(that's one thing, not fully aware of everything)
5:36 PM
why would ai behave differently in debug and release mode?
1 hour later…
6:42 PM
And I want to implement AI like behaviour with scripting..
@RundogieRundogie hmm? Uninitilized variable? Different rand seed?
2 hours later…
8:55 PM
@Vaillancourt Why?Code doesnt change.
2 hours later…
10:56 PM
@RundogieRundogie code does not change, but input do. The compiler will also put some debug code in debug.
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11:30 PM
@RundogieRundogie I think one of the hash functions I use will produce different output in debug.

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