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3:51 AM
Q: Thanks for six years!

JoshIn the six years since I was elected to be a moderator on GDSE, I've had a great time working with and supporting the community here. But ends come to all things. I've found myself with less and less time to put towards the site recently, and so I've decided to step down as a moderator. Thanks...

6 hours later…
9:52 AM
I'm really thinking of adding no lagg compensation and trusting the clients for V1 of the game.

- I would prefer it to be played LAN anyways
- Lagg comp potentially gives advantage to laggers and creates problems (getting shot from behind cover)
- Lagg comp induces it's own delay.
- Cheaters aren't too much of a problem in LAN
- Faster development; easier to get development started and find solutions to other practical non-network issues.
- When having a fully working game; it's easier to see what effect adding lagg-comp has, instead of developing the game while developing lagg comp.
6 hours later…
3:45 PM
rewriting networking is bad
you should get your networking up first, then build the game around it.
we're going through switching from peer-to-peer networking to deadicated servers on Dead By Daylight, and it is an absolute nightmare.
6 hours later…
9:59 PM
Hmm, fair point though.

I just think it's not worth the effort for a LAN game.
But it just feels wrong at the same time.

Something in me wants to do it properly; but at the moment it is blocking me from doing actually anything.
Tomorrow/next week; I think I'll just start from scratch; doing everything properly or something lol.
Probably going to be a struggle; but refactoring at this point in the progress will take time; but not as much as later on.

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