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4:02 PM
On November 11, the UN is hosting a half-day series of lectures on EDA in honor of John Tukey. We can watch it via Google: plus.google.com/events/cj68mces4jggki4c7b4clvj7tak.

8:30 Introduction from UN Office of Information and Communications Technology

9:00 Dr. Ed Binkowski : The Art of Data Analysis (Bio and Abstract)

9:35 Dr. Dianne Cook : An Exploratory Data Analysis of OECD's 2012 PISA Surveysor Seven Things That Affect Education Around the World (Bio and Abstract)

10:20 Dr. Michael Kane : An Exploratory Analysis of Text Trends in the G77 (Bio and Abstract)

11:10 Mr. Peter Wang : Interactive Web Visualization With Bokeh from Continuum Analytics (Bio and Abstract)
3 hours later…
7:28 PM
We could really use some knowledgeable help starting a Matlab answer on our other software resources meta thread. Anybody game?
2 hours later…
9:07 PM
Anyone have a moment to talk about a scoring algo I'm working on? fairly simple stuff but would be good to get a second opinion
2 hours later…
10:44 PM
@whuber @whuber Thank you for the kind words about my efforts on stats.SE. I am enjoying my time here even though most of the questions are not in my areas of interest or expertise.

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