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12:39 AM
Q: How did the plot unravel in The Boys season 2 from the point where it ended in the season 1?

R SIn the end of the season 1 we got Homelander, his wife and Billy on the lawn in front of the house. What was going on next (talking specifically about 3 of them): why Homelander brought him there and how did Billy got away from there?

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8:31 AM
Q: Cronenberg and Ridley Scott: Two directors into body horror?

releseabeI am watching the new Raised by Wolves and it occurs to me that every single Alien flick as well as Blade Runner and its sequel have multiple terrible things happen to humans. Has it been suggested that he was influenced by Cronenberg in this?

9:21 AM
Q: Did se7en failed at Chekov's gun principal?

ma_jafariFirst of all i love se7en and David Fincher is my favorite director of all time but on rewatching se7en i couldn't help but notice how Sommerset's swiss blade failed at Chekov's gun principal. For those of you who are not familiar with Chekov's gun it is a dramatic principle that states that ever...

9:46 AM
Q: What substance is being sprayed during this scene in Chernobyl?

mattia.b89In HBO's Chernobyl series, after reactor no. 4's meltdown, soldiers (Chernobyl's liquidators) splash a light-brown liquid onto the ground, both streets and forest, and for washing vehicles; for this operation they used a variety of means (manned pumps, trucks, helicopters). Here are some screensh...

10:08 AM
Sometimes we could use a little more than 2 seconds of reading and thinking before downvoting every friggin' question, especially from new users.
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12:16 PM
Q: In what language do the French and Germans speak to each other?

colmdeIn 'Allo 'Allo, all of the characters are speaking using "Translation Convention" - in that even though the actors are speaking English, the characters are speaking their own language, and often can't understand each other. Their silly stereotypical accents are supposed to reflect the language th...

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3:35 PM
Q: Is nowaday movie industry making more reboots / sequels?

preBobIn recent times it is not unusual to hear that Hollywood / the movie industry has ran out of ideas and can only do reboots or sequels of old movies. Of course that's a hyperbole. However, I wonder: Are there any statistics supporting the idea that today there are more reboots and sequels? Probabl...

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Only shared Indian nominations in this screnshot
Q: If Mark tells them not to dial at 9:30, why are they dialing at 9:30?

Favonian MusketeerIn The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), standing, Mark Hanna shouts in the middle of the office: Mark Hanna: We don't start dialing at 9:30 because our clients are already answering the phone. Three. Two. One. Let's f*ck! (Clock shows 9:30, Everybody in the office are suddenly busy with phones) If M...

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6:04 PM
Q: In the series Dark Crystal Age of Resistance, why does the Chamberlain have an accent?

Andrew JayEach of the Skeksis have different sounds in their speech, such as a slight British accent, although most seem to have American accents. Except Chamberlain. He speaks with broken English grammar. Why? They've been on Thra for a thousand trine, and none of the Gelflings or Skeksis have any acc...

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7:44 PM
Q: Can't remember the name of a show like power rangers!

Muhammad JahidI used to watch a japanese show in cartoon network like power rangers.It was man made show not cartoon... The heroes of the show use a special card to transfer into robot.They can also make a huge robot by themselves... I cant remember the show name! plz help


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