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1:18 AM
Report: Ryan Reynolds To Voice Detective Pikachu In Live Action Film - http://bit.ly/2B7lOEN
courteously yoinked from The Bridge
3 hours later…
4:16 AM
@Memor-X lol
@DForck42 I do and it’s irritating
People did it with infinity war trailer a lot
@steelersquirrel soooo cute
@Memor-X looks cute but I don’t care about Pokemon anymore
@AnkitSharma well care just enough for thiis
Q: Identify the animated movie from my childhood

Nikhil EshvarI need help in finding this animated movie from my childhood... Movie description: A girl/Queen wants to gives magical "hero" powers to a boy she adores but she accidentally gives it to another boy. They are transported to a Toy world where the boy must save them. The movie revolves around the p...

4:55 AM
You should watch LEGO MOVIE you will love it . — YOthisisYO 11 mins ago
never saw that before
Q: why orphan black its only a serie and not a movie

user59742ophan black[![the clones[Tatiana][maslani]][actress] its a perfect to be movie

Kangana's Aap ki Adalat Video in Top Trending Videos of India 2017. @AnkitSharma @ABcDexter @AJ
@MovieReel for someone with the Informed badge you seems to be having a hard time understanding what you're supposed to post
Youtube Rewind is back and as usual, nothing interesting to me in that.
@NogShine Youtube Rewind?
5:02 AM
Yes, they do it every year with top trending and popular videos of the year.
@NogShine no i mean, what the flying steeler squirrel is Youtube Rewind?
@Memor-X A compilation of top trending videos and the youtubers who created it.
5:20 AM
@NogShine ufff I don’t like her drama and how can she is the only one fall for married guys and always it’s guys fault
@Memor-X lol, they are ball monsters 😂
@AnkitSharma Chim Pokomons. :D
@NogShine or maybe you don’t know YouTube stuff much
@AnkitSharma I don't listen to music videos. So, not interested in that video.
5:38 AM
@NogShine I think I can recognise 70 % atleast like every year
@NogShine any Indian this time ? Last time it was TVF
There was BB ki vines.
Superwomen will be there I guess but she is not much of Indian
@NogShine wow
I like BB ki vines
This time it was dominated by Shape of you, Despacito..
and fidget spinners
@NogShine because despacito was the top voted YouTybe video ever
@NogShine uffff expected that
And ther must be few stupid challenges
There was a tribute to terrorist attacks.
Telugu language appears in the video.
5:46 AM
@NogShine nice
Vidya vox ?
I think yes.
She deserves to be there
I will check tonight
6:05 AM
Looks like that future question will be in HNQ even after a week.
Still the hottest question on the network.
@NogShine holy moly nooooooooooooooooooooo
168. whatever
@MovieReel no thnaks
@MovieReel Ask something god so that I get 50k today
More 31 only
Or maybe I should I ask a question, I was thinking so save few for Winterbash but I will manage
6:15 AM
Mass upvotes @AnkitSharma
gets suspended by @NapoleonWilson
@AnkitSharma bleh not a good question, think something else
@AnkitSharma don't shout on me, think yourself then
@AnkitSharma back off
@NogShine someone really is mass upvoting me but not here, on Hinduism
Charity of this year International Association for Suicide Prevention for me \o/
7:24 AM
Only only declined flag in sicif, so it's going fine
and total count by now 101
Ohh so F word comment get auto deleted with single flag too @Mithrandir
327 flags here.. More 173 for a Gold
7:41 AM
and 3 flags on meta.SE gives me a deputy badge.
@NogShine run query to find offensive comments or +1, easy
Or open the site and wait for an hour. You can find a herd of lost sheep. :P
That feeling when comments are auto deleted after your flag!!!!
Q: Looking for a martial arts children's movie from I believe the 90's

kuraakenI'm looking for a movie I saw as a kid, but I can't remember a whole lot from it, but I'll try to list some of what I remember (a few things may be a bit uncertain). It is in English There are two main characters. A boy and girl I want to say around 13-15 years old and they both do martial arts...

@JarkoDubbeldam LOL
Got my first silver badge on Meta.SE \o/
@MovieReel nice ID which I am not able to answer
7:54 AM
I think the only movies I watched in that genre are Karate Kid and Kung Fu Panda
And from reading the question I doubt it is either
Karate Kid is awesome and remake is shit
I do not remember whether I watched the original or the remake
@JarkoDubbeldam remake got Will Smith's crazy son
And in remake they do Kung fu and still call the film karate kid
Karate != Kung- fu
7:57 AM
Yep, 'twas the remake
Done with flags on Meta.SE
Now ask some good question here and I will answer it :P
I should watch something to ask.
I have a question but will ask in Winter bash.
Just tried my hand on IPS.
This time, it isn't too broad \o/
8:03 AM
brb closevoting
raises pitchfork
@JarkoDubbeldam Don't you dare. I answered that one
8:50 AM
@AnkitSharma and s***
9:19 AM
@Mithrandir I see
Q: Is Surtur under Loki's mind control?

Sarin Jacob SunnyIn Thor: Ragnarok, we saw that an army of dead was resurrected with the help of eternal flame. And the people who came back were under the control of Hela, person who used eternal flame to wake them. So Loki used eternal flame to wake Surtur. Then does that mean Surtur is under Loki's control? ...

9:52 AM
@Mithrandir so +1 on start is only get auto delete or this feature is off for beta site?
@AnkitSharma It has to be below a certain length, but it's enabled everywhere.
I flagged few where comment is small and +1 is in middle and end and it didn't worked
right, it has to be at the beginning
Oh, and +1 for the one mother many fathers point. — Pawan Jul 15 '14 at 4:38
like this
@Mithrandir I see
1+ don't work either
1+ for GRRM quote — CyanAngel Jun 11 '14 at 14:20
@Mithrandir you need updated query now data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/768209/…
indeed, @Randal'Thor will kill us
9:58 AM
Mornin' all
> Daily comment flag limit reached; please try again in 14 hours
@DrRDizzle good afternoon
@AnkitSharma I've got 95 flags left...
I get 100 flags a day on Science Fiction & Fantasy, but I don't really want to drive the SFF mods crazy
@Mithrandir only 19 pending flag from me, by this speed it will take me 10 years to get mArshgal :D
@Mithrandir I ma happy that @DForck42 don't get 100 yet :P
10:01 AM
@MovieReel Done answering
@AnkitSharma I'mma use that query you just linked here on Movies & TV and make you deal with all those flags ;)
@Mithrandir better then dforck's flag "comment need cleaning" with a question where 20+ comments are tehre and more then 15 are related to question or answer in a way
Have to read them all to see what to do
Good point +1, Good answer +1 are not getting auto deleted.
Is Thor script available online?
@NogShine I can't find any valid one that's why didn't answered :P
@Mithrandir handled without an whining :P
Some words were unclear to me.
10:15 AM
> Their bodies buried as heroes beneath this very pass.
Like this ^
It means that their dead bodies were buried in that spot - beneath the path that they're presumably currently travelling on - and that they were considered heroes when they were buried.
@Mithrandir Is the sentence right or did I hear it wrong?
I typed as I heard.
the sentence seems to be grammatically correct to me, but I can't see context
Hela says that to that Heimdall's substitute
What's his name?
the bald guy.
They are from Ragnarok movie. It is from my answer
A: Is Surtur under Loki's mind control?

Nog ShineSurter will not be under Loki's mind control. The army of the dead whom Hela resurrected were her loyal allies from her past and were under her control before their death. Her dog was also brought to life along with them. It is clear from her dialogues and the pictures on the ceilings before s...

@Mithra ^
10:23 AM
looks okay to me, but I know nothing about that movie
I don't know what SFF mods do to me. I flagged their +1 comment.
11:02 AM
@NogShine Oh no.... maybe they'll dispatch a helicopter your way ;) meta.stackexchange.com/a/303764/369802
@NogShine they will tear your skin apart cc@Randal'Thor
Warning... I'm pretty sure this may cause people to attempt to upvote their own posts just to get a free coffee and helicopter ride. — Catija Nov 27 at 18:55
1 hour later…
12:38 PM
@MovieReel Done with my question for the day
Q: Looking for an image of Widget’s armoured form

user137369In the environmentally themed cartoon of the 90’s, Widget, the titular character could spin and transform into something different. Unless I’m misremembering, one of his transformations was an armoured robocop-like form. I’d like to find an image of said transformation. Bonus if you can also fi...

Q: Was Thor: Ragnarok supposed to have different tone in start of production?

Ankit SharmaIn Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see Thor's vision about the coming Ragnarok, which was too dark and gritty. But what we got in Thor: Ragnarok was nothing like that. It was light-hearted comedy in tone rather then what we see in Thor's vision. Was that suggest that initial plan of Thor: Ragnarok w...

@AnkitSharma I see nothing in the on-topic rules that would exclude this question. I ask you reconsider. The show is clearly identified, the question is unambiguous, and there’s no better SE site to ask this. — user137369 40 secs ago
"no better SE site" doesn't means we will take everything you can ask :D
12:57 PM
Q: Is it possible for a human to create Infinity Stones?

irsha I don't know if this is true, may be its just a hoax. But is it possible for a human to create Infinity Stones? Trailer of Infinity War :

Q: What is the earliest time in history a non-science fiction movie or TV show is set in?

ITguyI am not talking about science fiction film, more so a realistic representation of PEOPLE living in these old times. One such example is '10,000 BC' the film. It shows the thinking of people living in such a time (e.g. they are afraid of the river etc.). Again I don't want to include a film/TV ...

1:14 PM
@Mithrandir Aha, so it's you two flagging stuff!
@AnkitSharma Very true ... but in this case, there is an SE site which would probably take that question :-)
@Randal'Thor You don't have the userscript for showing the flagger?
However, I don't understand why it's off-topic here?
I certainly don't understand why it's closed as a recommendation question.
It's not asking for recommendations - it's asking about a specific character in a specific show.
@Mithrandir Userscripts are for wimps :-P
@Randal'Thor *hides stash of dozens of scripts*
Although honestly, scripts are really helpful.
@Napoleon @steeler That Macbeth question we were discussing last night already got an answer :-) literature.stackexchange.com/a/4964/17
@Randal'Thor find me a image/video for his transformation. How it's better then the trivia of content locating
@MovieReel bleh
@Randal'Thor you know quality > quantity?
@Randal'Thor none of them was wrong
1:29 PM
@MovieReel Oh now I'm impressed.... There's one about future in HNQ, I should have thought of asking the counterpart... :P
@Mithrandir he can check on our profile and I openly said I did
@AnkitSharma I declined one flag by accident - tried to edit a comment and hit "dismiss" instead :-/ I don't think it was one of yours though.
@AnkitSharma Ahh, so it comes under "trivia"? But you closed it as "recommendation" - that was the most puzzling part for me.
@AnkitSharma ?
@Randal'Thor that recommendation reason also say locating , maybe more bold needed there
@Randal'Thor you always prefer to take as much migration as possible that i though if you about quality /quantity thing or not ;)
Q: Did Duncan Jones intentionally use actors of different ethnic groups in Warcraft movie?

Jack JohanssonIn the Warcraft movie, there are actors which represent the different races on earth. Such as the elf king ( or ambassador ), the captain of the guards, etc. Did the director intentionally choose these actors to send an anti-racism message? Or is this how he makes his movies? I don't have a pro...

@AnkitSharma Yeah, I'm generally in favour of migration and don't understand why a lot of people aren't. Not migrating crap (I even declined a migration flag just now on a way broad/opinion-based question), but if a question is closed on one site and would be considered decent on another, then why shouldn't the OP get their answer?
1:44 PM
He couldn't find enough green 3-legged actors with just the right shade of scales... so he had to use humans... — Tetsujin 6 mins ago
I suppose one argument against migration is that people can always just re-ask manually.
@Randal'Thor or another grey user who will never accept the answer ?
an accepted answer isn't that big a deal
a user can always choose not to accept any answer
1:58 PM
@AnkitSharma lol
Q: Who is the actor that plays the character ‘Chase’, appearing right near the end of the film ‘The First Time’

Doiig SaundersHe’s uncredited (I’m not referring to Chase Levy, who I don’t remember seeing in the film at all) and I’m just interested because it seems like it’s meant to be a cameo or something, due to the nature of the appearance. Thanks

@Randal'Thor And quite a good one. Seems to cover the major points.
@Randal'Thor nice one +1
Danke :-D
@AnkitSharma flags as NLN :P
2:06 PM
@Randal'Thor dank thanks
@AJ what bis NLN now O.o
@AnkitSharma no longer needed
comment flag reason
2:08 PM
Yeay wedding pics \o/
@AnkitSharma @steelersquirrel just a couple of photos to tide y'all over ^^^^
@steelersquirrel you are missing something way important
@DForck42 you guys look so adorable, nice pics
@AnkitSharma :-D thank you
I joined Fun committee at my office, now my senior can prove I have too much extra time for random shit :D
@AnkitSharma lol
2:26 PM
But you guys are really adorable and where is @steelersquirrel
Q: How does the magic in liar liar work?

user13267In Liar Liar, Jim Carrey gains the superpower of not being able to lie for 24 hours. As per the article linked earlier, A lie is a statement used intentionally for the purpose of deception. The practice of communicating lies is called lying, and a person who communicates a lie may be t...

It can work here better I guess
@AnkitSharma Not sure why it's closed tbh. Seems to be about superpowers and magic, and therefore on-topic. It already has 3 votes to reopen too.
@Randal'Thor not lying is not really a super power
Of course I'll migrate it if it stays closed, but it may well not do.
That awesome guy Steve Harrington agree with me ;p
@AnkitSharma Being physically unable to lie might be though.
I read the Wikipedia page - seems like it has supernatural elements at the least.
2:35 PM
But whole film have no fantasy or science fiction element
just a wishing under falling star, which can happen in real too ;)
@AnkitSharma Isn't being physically unable to lie a supernatural element?
> The following day, Fletcher immediately realizes that he is unable to do anything dishonest. He cannot lie, mislead, or even deceive by withholding a true answer, and often uncontrollably blurts out vulgar and painful truths that anger his co-workers.
I know, I have seen the film
@Randal'Thor I'm unsure what the rules are for the sff se. imho it's most definitely not hard scifi as it doesn't explore any consequence of science or technology. one could possibly make the argument that it's soft scifi, but to me that doesn't seem to be the intent of the movie. you could argue that it has magical or supernatural elements, but broadening that too much would end up including all Christmas movies, which I know most fantasy fans would NOT include in fantasy
@AnkitSharma Weird, this question was re-asked on SFF and then almost immediately self-deleted.
@Randal'Thor O.o
@DForck42 I have joined that site years ago and still can't understand whats is scifi and what not :D
2:44 PM
@DForck42 Questions about an SF/F element in a non-SF/F work are generally on-topic.
I guess the rationale is that we have the expertise to answer questions about aliens or magic even if the story itself isn't predominantly about aliens or magic.
@Randal'Thor I get more confused with talking animal, spy-fy and nolan batman trilogy part of on/off topic
@Randal'Thor it's a weird border case imho, but y'all do you
@Randal'Thor you see the wedding pics I posted?
@NogShine ur answer in HNQ
3:05 PM
@DForck42 I did! Looks like we have a new Cute Couple of the Screening Room :-D
@Randal'Thor :-D
3:41 PM
@Randal'Thor agreed
4:30 PM
wow @DrRDizzle so you go after every DC fan to tell them how much you dislike Justice League :D
I see 30/40 of your such tweets daily :D
4:59 PM
@Tinkeringbell If a CM is on the way, I expect JNat or my friend.
My inbox exploded.
We have our second 50k user of the site!
yeah \o/
@AnkitSharma \o/
My question on IPS too.
My answer brought a user to the site.
5:51 PM
@NogShine nice
6:34 PM
soooooooooooooooo silent again
We are currently offline for maintenance

Routine maintenance usually takes less than an hour. If this turns into an extended outage, we will tweet updates from @StackStatus or post details on the status blog.
They are not working to me too.
I was replying to some answers I got on IPS
They said don't use a phone on a bus.
working again
@Ankit Sharma i know you got enough reputation,but stop editing the irrelevant things in the post as if you are a computer AI, designed to find the number of spaces, which makes practically no impression on the reader.Thank you. — user123 9 hours ago
IPS + M&TV gave 238 today.
6:45 PM
Resolved already
@ankit sharma,Edlothiad duly noted. — user123 6 hours ago
Yes, seen
@NogShine +1 to you and tinkerbell
nice posts
Thank you
Q: Does Thor lose certain powers without his hammer?

Metro BoominWhen Thor loses his hammer, he believes he is no longer as strong as he was because he lost his powers as the God Of Thunder. Odin comes to him in a vision (twice) and shows that the hammer "was to focus his power". We first see that Thor has the powers of thunder within him when he was being ba...

This question makes me surprised. Because it was clearly stated that Hammer is only a tool to put his power in control.
Absence of script is making me stop answering Ragnarok questions.
movies.stackexchange.com/q/82159/48608 I got this question too but I put Frigga in it. Why didn't Odin bring back Frigga back to life using eternal flame?
7:01 PM
Why bring zombie Frigga
or maybe he respect death and rebirth
or any other loved ones.
same rule
respect death I guess
Q: Does the eternal flame reanimate only evil people?

user76639In Thor: Ragnarok, we learn that the eternal flame of Asgard could re-animate people then why wouldn't they use it to bring back people close to Thor? Does the eternal flame reanimate only evil people?

Why don't you answer it? Lack of sources?
The same question I posted above
10 mins ago, by Nog Shine
https://movies.stackexchange.com/q/82159/48608 I got this question too but I put Frigga in it. Why didn't Odin bring back Frigga back to life using eternal flame?
No solid answer I have
Resurrecting the body alone is not a correct thin. It resurrects whole thing.
7:06 PM
The writers didn't get the idea of using an eternal flame during the second movie..
Problem solved.:P
7:26 PM
Q: Does Amondi's English accent in Sense8 reflect her wealth?

TheEnvironmentalistDisclaimer: Spoilers within for Season 1 Episode 6 of Sense8. In Netflix's show Sense8, Capheus is charged with transporting Kenyan crime lord Silas Kabaka's daughter Amondi to a treatment clinic for leukemia. When the viewers first encounter Amondi, we're a bit surprised to notice she speaks wi...

Good night @AnkitSharma Have a sound sleep.
good night
7:57 PM
Q: True Crime Series

TattyI cannot find the name of the true crime series aired probably between 2013-2016... I remember little bits of 3 of the stories. All of the stories I believe were based between 1950 and 1960 ( and it's NOT A crime to Remember) 1. Young envied teen with blonde hair is at a drive in and afterwards ...

@NogShine We're doing our best to bash em. Your comments/edit certainly help, thanks for that! :D
8:31 PM
Q: Why painting on the face?

johnnyevoluniumI watched the Netflix Dark series. There are many unanswered questions, but indications are given to speculate. But I did not understand painting story. What does it mean ?

Q: Title of movie from the 90s

MaiauxI'm looking for the title of a movie I saw around 20 years ago. I can only recollect few facts (I don't remember any actor and don't know if any of them was famous), but hopefully these facts are sufficient to determine the title: I saw the movie no later than 1997, and it was a recent movie ba...

1 hour later…
9:33 PM
Q: PUNISHER SPOILER Why didn't Billy Russo delete records of the anvil mercenaries after the Homeland fight?

EH F. MohammadIsn't it a goof? With the resources like he has working with Agent Orange he should've been able to remove their files/id's etc. Not to forget he shot one of his partners in the head while fleeing from the fight in order to preserve his identity. So is it the writers fault or that he was stupid? ...

9:47 PM
Q: Plane crash in jungle (comedy)

tomasvojI've found this description on yahoo answers from the year 2011 and i am looking for the same movie: Hey guys, I'm looking for a movie title which me and my family used to watch on VHS when I was like 5-6 years old, so I guess it's from 80's, perhaps early 90's. It was a comedy (I assume, cuz we...

@MovieReel i dislike these "here's the description of a movie someone else made. tell me what movie it is"
first off because the OP wasn't the one who originally created the description they can't with any degree of accuracy say if something is correct, only go by whichever movie that matches the closest to what they describe
and secondly it makes it feel like they are outsourcing the work. this one in particular came from Yahoo Answer so it's got the vibe of "i want to answer this question Yahoo Answers, i'll ask it here, get an answer then report it there"
@Memor-X I thought ID questions were on the edge of being banned forever anyway... Why bother about a specific type? ;)
@Tinkeringbell they are here but the decision hasn't been made yet. and in the world we live in today who knows what will happen
@Memor-X That's true ;) Well, I think you've got fair points anyway ;)
also i've seen it happen recently on SciFi from a user who copied pasted a question they answered on Anime & Manga which they didn't get a confirmation if it was correct or not
9:55 PM
@Memor-X cross-posting isn't allowed. If it's an exact duplicate of something on another site, one has to go
I have to go too ;)
@Tinkeringbell it's off-topic on Anime and Manga and recently there's been talk of migrating or reposting scifi id requests on SciFi.SE
like they're still on-topic there and i would assume someone from SciFi has came here suggesting the same if ID Requests are banned
just looked up the question on yahoo answers. it has a best answer sooooo

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