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6:08 AM
Q: Was that Julie Newmar on Thriller "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper"?

INSvictimThriller: Season 1, Episode 28 Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper (11 Apr. 1961) Was that Julie Newmar as one of the victims ? I looked up Pamela Curran and Jill Livesey and they don't look like her, but she is not mentioned in the credits.

6:45 AM
Q: What movie is being mocked?

DustinDavisIn Scary Movie 2, there is a scene where Cindy is on top of the professor in a Red dress. They hear a noise and Cindy says, "She suspects something". Professor says, "Who" and Cindy replies, "Your wife!" What movies is this referencing? I believe it was Michelle Phifer and maybe Harrison Ford? I...

Q: What poster is this?

DustinDavisFrom one of the last scenes in Scary Movie 2, where Cindy is on the phone with her dad. She is in a room with the bird and you can see 3 posters on the wall, one in the middle is for 2 pac. I want to know which one is on the right?

7:18 AM
posted on July 01, 2013

The Heat is predictable, but Melissa McCarthy is reliably funny and Sandra Bullock proves a capable foil.

posted on July 01, 2013

White House Down benefits from Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx's sharp comedic chemistry, but director Roland Emmerich smothers it with narrative clich�s and relentless, choppily edited action.

8:04 AM
@TomatoBot Hmm, seems White House Down has quite a similar rating as Olympus Has Fallen, though the consensus of the latter sounds a bit more favourable. Probably gonna watch both, since Olympus Has Fallen looks quite promising and though I haven't seen a trailer for White House Down yet, if it's one thing that I trust Emmerich with, it's great popcorn entertainment. Those 48/73 don't really scare me, of course nobody likes good old stereotypical action movies.
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9:19 AM
Q: Why was Mulder hiding since 9th season of The X-Files only?

VoitcusAs I watched almost all episodes of The X-Files and both movies I couldn't understand one thing. If Mulder was so danger to the Syndicate, why did not they just kill him? The Syndicate could be so powerful to do this with minimal effort. Ok, they did not want to make him a mortar, but he could h...

2 hours later…
11:40 AM
@ChristianRau For that genre of movie, 48 is probably about as good as it gets.
It's interresting though that one often encounters movies with the same premise released at the same time. Don't they feel embarrassed stealing ideas that fast (at least they could wait some years). But Ok, maybe it's just coincidence. I remember this whole Snow White madness some years ago with at least three (though pretty different) Snow White movies in a single year.
12:01 PM
@mods Please make a synonym for . My previous request using a moderator flag was marked "helpful" while nothing happened. So I'm trying the chat now.
@ChristianRau Done, didn't see a request for itmeself o.x
And what the hell, 80% of the eval questions are ID, that just annoys me.
12:14 PM
@TylerShads Well, not 80% I think, but I get what you mean.
more than I would like
Q: Let's get critical: Jun 2013 Site Self-Evaluation

CommunityWe all love Movies & TV Stack Exchange, but there is a whole world of people out there who need answers to their questions and don't even know that this site exists. When they arrive from Google, what will their first impression be? Let's try to look at this site through the eyes of someone who's...

did you know, I am bored!
@TylerShads because like 80% of our questions are ID
@kalina And I keep trying to fix that, but the community still loves them -.-
maybe you'll just have to accept they're on topic
At this point in the site's life, I couldn't give 2 shits if our Q's/day dropped to 2 if it meant getting rid of ID
It severely drops our quality down immensly
I saw the eval and was excited cause we got some really good pieces lately and the MoS questions were fantastic, then all I see is ID....ID....ID...iffy-trivia....ID...ID
12:17 PM
well I worked through them as if ID questions were on topic
since if they were off topic, they'd have been deleted already
Oh so did I, but unless I see a Wall-o-text ID question, it doesn't get anything higher than Satisfactory from me
Meh, I just skipped some of them since I couldn't responsibly evaluate between my objective on-topic feelings and my subjective who-cares feelings. The overall mix of questions really wasn't that good. And +1 for that nice meta post (and not only because it contains my name in a positive context ;)).
Though I have to say that for now the Man of Steel questions aren't as good as e.g. the Dark Knight (Rises) ones (or maybe some of the Avengers questions). But I guess there are still many to come.
12:25 PM
Its still good to have some relevant questions for whats out plus some slightly interesting pieces. Yeah they weren't as good but they still stood out enough to me.
Do we get the same questions, because I only got about 3 or 4 ID ones.
I'm pretty sure of it
LOL - let me go back and re-evaluate them.
Missing the Topic of the Week. Never posted something for it, but it was a good motor for interresting questions. Maybe one could revive it for current releases only putting them into a broader picture (and in weeks without activity just pause it instead of coming up with arbitrary topics). Something like a DC-week in reaction to MoC. Or Star Trek-week in reaction to STID.
Oh, I can't - doh.
@ChristianRau Agreed
12:47 PM
Was hoping to save it for graduation when we could offer actual prizes
If I had the money I'd do that out of pocket
Well, just doing it "for the honor" might be a sufficient motivation for now. Even as a graduate site I don't think we can put out real prizes that often (and it brings a whole lot of issues for non-U.S. citizens anyway, I guess, but Ok, Paypal would always work, but would be rather boring, even if money is in the end the best prize one can get).
I was thinking something relatively cheap like a movie ticket. but you are right anyway. The idea was stolen from SFF where they did a similar thing
And it is armageddon, the sun is shining bright, and there's rain pouring down likea waterfall, dafuq
With rep, the for the hodor honor thing doesn't work very well.
2 hours later…
3:23 PM
Nearly afternoon.
nearly headless as well
so Cosplacon went off with not too many hitches
@TylerShads the Cosplay Convention that just happened here in missouri this last weekend that i helped run
3:31 PM
3:57 PM
Hi guys what is this On Hold means, is this a new feature added in Close vote option ?
Jay Hanlon on June 25, 2013

It pains me when I hear people say that our sites are unfriendly, or that we chase new users away. But it’s a hard problem, because our highest priority has always been the quality of content on our sites.  And it still is. We can’t lower our standards. We won’t.

But we have been working hard to make our sites more welcoming, reminding users that feedback can be clear and nice, and helping new users learn the ropes before they get frustrated.  And, as of today, we’ve completely overhauled closing. …

@TylerShads i previously clicked on that postcard but due to some office work leaved it in middle. Thanx for linking.
Mostly week question got self evaluation this time
...wat...they're remaking Godzilla...again
I give up!
4:12 PM
4 hours later…
8:11 PM
Q: "Fast forward effect" in Mad Max

Lukas KnuthIn Mad Max and Mad Max 2, there are several scenes (often fast scenes, like car chases), where the film seems to be running on "fast forward". The characters move very quick and it looks very unnatural. Did they do this on purpose? Or is this just a byproduct of trying to make an action scene se...

@TylerShads That's very silly.

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