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1:57 AM
Q: Why does Catherine refer to the kidnap as a "tiger kidnap"?

user24096In Happy Valley S01E04, Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood refers to the kidnap as a "tiger kidnap" (script): I need to talk to him about a kidnap. It's a tiger kidnap, it's live, it's ongoing, it's happening now. Wikipedia ("Tiger kidnapping"): A tiger kidnapping or tiger robbery involves two...

2:37 AM
I recognize Star Wars music during the "light saber battle" but is the music at the end also from a movie as well?
3:14 AM
Q: Why did Jenny do this thing in this scene?

J Mac BrownJenny’s old house stands at the end of the dirt road and appears to be deserted. Jenny walks towards the house and stops, staring at it. Forrest walks towards Jenny. Suddenly, Jenny heaves a rock angrily at the house and throws other things at it: JENNY: How could you do this? She breaks a wind...

9 hours later…
12:18 PM
Q: Did this character get eternal life from the Holy Grail?

Sembei NorimakiIn Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the Holy Grail brings eternal life to whomever drinks from it (or instant death if they chose the wrong one). At the end of the film, So, does that mean that he received eternal life?


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