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10:22 AM
Q: The Thing About Pam - money handling

user7294900In The Thing About Pam series we see pam drying money, hiding money, writing check, but it seems inconsistent with she is in debt, saying see has no money and buying real estates which should be from bank account. Why is she handling money in a strange ways?

3 hours later…
1:22 PM
Q: Why isn't Luke in Bunk'd?

taylor.2317In Season 1 of Bunk'd, a spinoff of the show Jessie, it is explained that Luke is at school still, studying at summer school. Apart from his one cameo, he doesn't make any appearances during seasons 2-6. Why is this? Surely he couldn't have been at summer school for 6 years?

2:13 PM
Q: Are there any other Scarlet Witches in the Multiverse?

EdwinIn Doctor Strange the Multiverse of Madness, we see Wanda as Scarlet Witch Doesn't that mean there is no other Scarlet Witch in the whole Multiverse? If yes, does that mean that the one Scarlet Witch would be the one from the "What If" series?


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