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4:59 AM
Q: Was it not immediately very obvious that Carlo was responsible for Sonny's death?

releseabeThat Sonny was intercepted on his way to his sister's apartment and a trap had been laid at a toll plaza showed that someone must have known the exact timing of his sister's phone call. Pretty much only Carlo could have known this -- it was clear to the audience that Carlo had deliberately starte...

Q: What does "Malvole" mean?

J Mac Brownin Donnie Brasco (1997), Donnie & Lefty speaks about Richie: Lefty: What kind of a man has a Malvole? He won't provide for his own wife. Donnie: I'm telling you, this guy's all right. Lefty: You vouch for him? Donnie: When I knew him before, he was all right... I'm just making an introduction. ...

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9:11 AM
Q: What is with the accents in Melancholia?

atmIn the movie Melancholia .. were Justine and Claire sisters by blood? I ask because while one of them has a strong British accent, the other one has a strong American one. Was that a hint to say that they were not blood related?

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11:50 AM
Q: What happened to Jojo after installing the Shield in Love Alarm

AbVk1718I recently watched season 1 of Love Alarm. Then first season ended up with a lot of questions in viewers' mind. The question that I genuinely wanted to get answered was : Why did Kim Jojo break up with Sun Oh? Was it because she installed the SHIELD, and why did she install it in the f...

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5:33 PM
Q: Im looking for a film which had a wrong turn vibe

Darryl HAs I can remember it, the film starts at night, there are a group op people having a beach party, which gets attacked by 'locals', people get killed, but the killing I remember the most is a woman gets chopped in half by a machete, and her torso is dragged off, our group of heros make their way i...


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