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2:47 AM
Q: What is in the file John Smith shows to Himmler, and how did he get it?

BrianIn S02E10, Smith asks Raeder to dig up the intelligence files on the officers that have been sent to New York to "help" him put down the Resistance uprisings. Later, While Smith already knew this fact from a previous episode, the file must have contained some extraordinarily convincing corrobora...

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10:13 AM
Q: How did Dr. Strange behold 14,000,605 possible timelines within a single day?

Mr. Sigma.Even if it takes 1 second to behold a possible outcome, it should have taken 14000605/(60x60x24) = 162 days to behold all the possible outcomes. But it seems from the plot that he took only few minutes or hours to behold all the possibilities? So, how could he see all the 14M possibilities?

10:56 AM
@MovieReel If you have encountered a different experience while future-watching with the Time stone please let us know.
11:23 AM
if i recall the scene his head was going really weird looking at all the futures. even if he wasn't also using the time stone to view multiple timelines at the same time he was totally spending less than 1 sec per timeline
but i am curious if he could identify the sacred timeline when he was doing that
The Ancient One seemed to hint at it herself
@MovieReel running the numbers myself, i don't recall how long he was looking into futures but if he was viewing a timeline a milisecond, he could do it in about 4 hours
if he was doing a timeline every microsecond he could have it done in about 14 seconds which could be more on the ball depending on how long he was doing it
11:52 AM
Q: How realistic were the events in "Conspiracy"?

Deschele SchilderThe 2001 film "Conspiracy" is about the so-called "Final Solution" to the problem of getting rid of Jews as efficiently, cheap, and fast as possible in Nazi Germany. Many hotshots of the evil regime had gathered in a landhouse owned by Heydrich, who coined the term. The meeting, which actually to...

He is manipulating time! I mean, how was any of this possible?
(Dr. Strange, not Reinhard Heydrich. Unfortunately that was possible.)
@Memor-X He doesn't have to look at them one after the other, though.
@NapoleonWilson yeh it's most likely that
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1:04 PM
@NapoleonWilson well maybe I was a bit too snarky about it but that's my point
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5:13 PM
Q: In Disney's animated "One Hundred and One Dalmatians", how does a poor couple in 1960s England afford a house maid?

PongoThey present the male as a starving artist living alone in a small London apartment with Pongo the dog. Once he meets the female, they cut to them living in a different little "house" (looks more like an apartment) but now with a house maid/cook! In the "behind the scenes" of this movie, they mak...

6:03 PM
Q: Alien movie where the alien is a beautiful woman?

Kat119I was very young so I only remember two scenes. Has to be 80s/90s movie about a beautiful female alien. The main character (a man) wanted to have sexual relations with the alien woman. She basically stopped him and started “making him feel good” telepathically. They were in a pool/body of water d...

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9:47 PM
Q: Any hunting-related divinatory rituals in filmography?

perep1972I'm looking for some film/program scene, regarding some real or fictitious tribe where, after some divinatory ritual, the sorcerer/witcher or similar indicates the tribesmen where to hunt. Any idea?


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