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5:58 AM
i've seen places which kept saying how the 13th isn't/wasn't ever popular and some crap like that, and i can imagine that Jodie leaving the show would validate them
but she is getting a third season and with the exception to Christopher Eccleston each Doctor got 3 seasons. infact it would have been a break in the pattern of the 13th for a forth season
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8:20 AM
@MovieReel . . .
> In the acclaimed film, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
. . .
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1:11 PM
Q: What was the first movie in which the bad guy(s) are using a sky beam?

Michael SternThe use of a sky beam has become a trope in the last decade or so. They appear in The Avengers (2012), Big Hero 6 (2014), Independence Day (2016), and many others. Where/when did this all start?

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6:42 PM
Q: If Bruce wayne father richest person in city, How he was alone with child and wife on a road without a driver and bodyguard

hemanjoskoWe all know Bruce Wayne our dear batman like any other superhero he has also a painful beginning for superhero where his family died So the point is if his family is richest family in city. So why there is no driver along them. and if someone pointed a gun towards him why no one saw them. If he i...

7:33 PM
Q: Why do movie credits scroll while TV credits show static frames?

SamUsually the end credits in a movie are usually shown as a scrolling list (some movies show the names of major cast and crew with fancy animations but they subsequently turn into the scrolling list pretty soon), while end credits for a TV episode usually show static frames containing the names one...


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