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6:30 AM
Now mods name show blue box in comments
3 hours later…
9:01 AM
I find it a bit too much really.
2 hours later…
10:33 AM
Q: How did the birds die?

Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask V2At some point in the movie, Isaac is being asked to watch two zebra finches birds called Tony and 400. The friend also says: New food every other day. New water every day. New filtered clean water every day. And these guys pretty much take care of the rest themselves Yet despite the simple requ...

10:58 AM
Q: Foreshadows in Batman V Superman

EPIC Tube HDI was rewatching this intro scene from BvS... I just realized something. The entire scene foreshadows the life of Bruce Wayne. After the Wayne murder, at the funeral, he ran away from Alfred and the rest of the people kinda hinting at the idea of him leaving Gotham. He then goes in the wilderness...

2 hours later…
12:40 PM
Q: What was the underlying pattern of fake Gus nicknames?

JC007BI found a post that listed about 100 different nicknames that Gus had through the course of Psych. To me, they are all over the board - some rhyme, some are real people or fictional characters, some play into the episode story, and so on. So what was the underlying pattern of his nicknames?

1:31 PM
Q: Looking for an anime series from the 2000s

iris185The anime had a male main character in his teens. It involved these men in suits who I think were spies and had these neuralyzers/ mind wiping devices that looked like pens. The first scene I remember was the mc going to a grocery store and getting a carton of milk??? I think he felt someone was ...

I actually like the old way. Only a diamond.
2:14 PM
Dark blue is too in-your-face, I agree
2:35 PM
3 hours later…
5:45 PM
Q: Who likes them big and chunky?

GabrielIn the acclaimed film, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008), Gloria is told that Moto Moto likes her. We then see Moto Moto emerging from the watering hole looking big and chunky and we hear a song playing that also says "I like them big, I like them chunky". I believe when that moment happens it i...


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