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6:32 AM
@steelersquirrel hello
Q: Has any movie been successfully protected from piracy after release to home media or streaming?

JonathanReezTo this day DRM seems to be alive and kicking on paper. For example Widevine restrictions prevent HBO Max from streaming in Full HD on desktop machines. But have these protections ever been successful? Was there a single movie in the history of the industry where it took pirates more than two wee...

7:13 AM
@MovieReel no. no DRM is unhackable, it's only a matter of time and you just give people incentive to pirate when the pirates have the superior version that is yours to play on whatever and how many devices you want (within reason) without the fragile infrastructure of relying on x-party servers to always be online and for you to be able to connect to them
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12:26 PM
@NapoleonWilson Maybe they should have just skipped this year and do next year combined for last two years
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1:49 PM
Q: What does FAB stand for?

Brian HooperI've been channelling my inner seven-year-old recently with the aid of some Thunderbirds DVDs, and it has reminded me of a long-forgotten mystery. The initials F.A.B. are used by International Rescue people to mean "I Agree" or "Great" or "I Hear and Obey". But what do these letters stand for?

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4:12 PM
Q: Why the T-Rex always attack at the rainy night in the first two films?

The Witch King of AngmarIn the first two Jurassic Park films directed by Spielberg, we witness that the Dinosaur always attacks at night with the rainy weather. Particularly if the T-rex is the main dinosaur of the film you know that is going to happen. Is there a reason why the T-rex attack at that specific time and w...

5:01 PM
Q: What would you My Hero Academia or any other anime character be if you made one?

BlockBlaster08One day I was wondering what would my My Hero Academia character be, I came up with an answer but I wanted to hear others ideas. So if you could create a My Hero Academia character (or any other anime), what would it be and why?

5:49 PM
Q: Why was the Night's Watch unaware of the attack from the south during the Battle of Castle Black

SquareCatI really tried to get it, but i just don't. Maybe this is in the books which i have not read. As the entire Night's Watch prepared for the big battle in S04E09, they seemed to have prepared quite well. Given that Gilly knew of the presence of the wildlings south of the wall (as did everyone else ...

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11:49 PM
Q: Why didn't Miller's Men shoot Germans in Neuville?

ClassifiedIn Saving Private Ryan, in the scene where Miller's Men are in Neuville and come upon the German soldiers hiding in a building, why didn't they start shooting them first? Both groups were surprised and were shouting to the opposite group to drop their guns (or I assume that's what the German dia...


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