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4:34 AM
Q: Did the One Ring actually have an influence on Gollum serving Frodo?

CharlesIn The Fellowship of the Ring when Gollum first starts leading Frodo and Sam, Gollum swears on the One Ring that he'll serve the master of the Precious, and Frodo responds by saying that the ring is treacherous and that it'll hold [Gollum] to his word. Was there actually any truth to this? Given ...

Q: How do movies make small places fog up

HowardK32588When somebody is burned and gets put out, you will usually see smoke in small places where you can't get a fog machine in. Or in Airplane! with the smoking ticket, how do they do that effect?

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5:37 AM
i saw this an hour after it was posted, saw what i thought was the insignia for the Ten Rings and went to look up The Mandarin to see if i could find an Iron Man 3 image to compare.....they already updated the wikia site
also, they say theaters so this isn't going to be like Black Widow....we hope
4 hours later…
9:18 AM
Q: How accurate is the depiction of Mt. Everest in "Everest"?

Nicholas NashI'm curious if there are any climbers, familiar with the "mountain of all mountains" out there that might be able to tell me how accurate the details of Mount Everest are in the 2015 movie "Everest". Not necessarily the story (but feel free) but more the mountain itself.

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1:02 PM
Hello my internet friends!!! I'm still alive :)
1:51 PM
@steelersquirrel welcome back
Hello Mods, why there is no Oscar 2021 Topic Challenge?
We are following this tradition every year. Why not this year? what happened to Mods? Why they forget this ?
1 hour later…
3:29 PM
@MayTeresa I...kinda forgot about the Oscars this year. I guess we can make the challenge next week if there is interest.
@MayTeresa Have you been following them the last years?
Due to Corona and all the crap they kinda went quite under the radar this year. The nominations also seem to be rather abysmal, even compared to the previous years. The nominees for best picture seem to be nothing but pseudo-relevant BBC biopics.
But we can still do a topic challenge for those films when the Oscars are over.
I guess Tenet is only nominated for some thing noone cares about, like Sound Editing?
Well, okay, visual effects and production design, that's at least not completely insignificant.
Still rather outrageous for pretty much the single only film that defined cinema last year.
But I guess when everyone only cares about Trump and the American culture wars, nominations for pseudo-authentic documentaries looking back at the history of US activism seem more reasonable than for a film that tries to look into our future and how humanity deals with the responsibility for that future while at the same time redefining what the medium of film is able to accomplish.
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5:40 PM
Q: Tigerland soundtrack Asian string instrument

syreWhat is the music playing during the forest march just before the final confrontation scene between Wilson and Bozz in the film Tigerland? Sounds like a Vietnamese/Chinese string instrument. It can be heard here (Youtube) on its own and mixed into Nathan Larson's Tigerland theme (Youtube). It doe...

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7:32 PM
Q: Understanding the Cowboy's threat in Mulholland Drive

pitamerIn mulholland Drive, when the Cowboy asks Adam to cast Camilla Rhodes for the lead role in his movie, He says that Adam will see him one more time if he does good, or two more times if he does bad. Given the context and tone, It's obviously a threat. However, it's a rather vague one. I've conside...


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