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6:46 AM
Q: Why did John switch to the unwired truck?

BohemianIn the movie "Snitch" (2013) when making the delivery of cash to Mexico, why was it necessary for John Matthews (The Rock) to secretly switch from the wired/surveilled truck to his 2nd truck that was not wired?

8 hours later…
2:34 PM
Q: What is the name of the movie where a woman asks for a ride and a bus going to a mental asylum stops for her?

VegasWhat I remember from this movie is a woman is standing in the middle of nowhere asking for a ride and the vehicle that stops is a bus going to a sort of mental asylum and she is confused as a psychiatric patient. Also I remember that no one believes her story.

3 hours later…
5:53 PM
Q: Is Lucifer in a time loop?

WoJIn Lucifer S06 we meet Rory who is Lucifer's daughter that travels from ~50 years in the future (estimated based on Chole's age at the end because Rory seems to have grown up in a weird way). She is then pulled back into her timeline after having made peace with Lucifer. When (and "where") does s...

6:18 PM
Q: How realistic is Flash of Genius?

Hashim AzizI recently watched Flash of Genius (2008), and I'm curious how close it stays to the real-life story of Robert Kearns, the man who invented the intermittent windshield wiper in 1969 before having the idea stolen by Ford and Chrysler. Is there any information out there on how close to real life th...


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