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1:50 AM
@AnkitSharma demand by who? the fandom?
from my understanding the Snyder Cut wasn't actually a thing, just something the fandom deluded itself with because everyone wanted Justice League to not suck and wanted to believe that there was an entirely different movie already made
if people want to keep deluding themselves for "Snyder Cuts" of films they wanted to be good but reality wasn't fair then let them delude themselves, but you can never appease the fans and doing this just will cause a bigger reaction
like if Justice League gets re-release and is good, then great, but no one can be blamed if it bombs again but even worse because the film company coddled the fandom into building up hype
2:36 AM
Q: How far from reality were field and general officers who didn't remove rank insignia from their helmets, when near the enemy?

AccountingI revised How far from reality were field and general officers who didn't remove rank insignia from their helmets, when near the enemy? to make it on topic, like How far from reality is 'Black Hawk Down' when a Delta sergeant carries an unsecured weapon during a barbecue?. Please re-open? How els...

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3:53 AM
@Memor-X see it was not only fan, director and even actors supported that claim that Snyder cut is better. Also this is not first time director cut is coming and I always felt director cuts are usually better . Even in Batman V Superman extended cut was better
@Memor-X yup and David Ayer using it by retweeting etc, he need his fame lol
@AnkitSharma all the Director Cuts i have seen have extra scenes but nothing that make them better compared to the original. from what i kept hearing about the Snyder Cut, it's a different film and i can't imagine some extended scenes doing that
4:44 AM
@Memor-X What is meant by “Directos Cut” ? I have seen so many videos on YouTube which are tilted as “... Directors Cut”
@NapoleonWilson Hello! So many days have gone and I haven’t greeted you, just thought of saying hello
@Memor-X it's more like they removed scenes and added few , they made it 2 hour film with additional footage , that means they removed a lot of Snyder stuff , also Snyder never did the reshoot of scenes he wanted so now to prove his worth he might reshoot more then he originally wanted to
Q: Director's Cut, Editor's Cut, Theatrical Cut. What do these mean?

Mehper C. PalavuzlarWhat do the following terms mean in movie business? Director's Cut Editor's Cut Theatrical Cut What are the differences between them? Are there any other cut s?

@Memor-X also did you see Batman V superman extended cut ? It had half hour of content extra which do change the game , made Lois more meaningful , made conflict clearer
Also Snyder cut scenes which supposed to give answer to flash vission of Bruce got cut
Also Suicide Squad Enchantress supposed to be double possessed by mother box and that witch , making a node to juatice league . But WB wanted it to be more simple
Q: Why Achilles cried over Hector body in the movie troy?

AndroidManifesterI would like to know why does Achilles cried over Hector's dead body and said "brother we'll meet again soon" in the movie Troy (2004)? Hector is an enemy and Achilles is the one who killed him thu Achilles aware that hector is a good man! but why should he cry over his body?!

4:59 AM
Thank you @AnkitSharma
@AnkitSharma i haven't yet but now i might see if i can find it
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7:02 AM
@M.A.R. how old was Ahmud ?
2 hours later…
8:33 AM
Q: What does "from the south" mean? (British slang? Euphemism for black?)

user135187In Line of Duty S01E03, there's this conversation: We've followed procedure to the letter, sir. I don't doubt it for a minute, but Tony Gates is, uh, from the South. I'm sure you'd be mortified, Ted, mortified, if anyone formed the opinion that AC-12 makes a point of pressing charges ag...

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9:45 AM
Q: How does an online video on demand tv generate revenue or ROI

Blessing Patrice-AL'OMI've always wondered how online TV channels, either hosted on YouTube or on a website, generates revenue and guarantee return on investment, especially if the production budget is $20,000 and above

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1:06 PM
@ankii Huh
Who's Ahmad?
1:19 PM
Apparently 25
Not a kid unless you're a grandpa
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5:25 PM
Q: Why did Sid give 50$ to Jack for wrecking Reynold's career?

Nelson BlakeIn neo noir crime LA Confidential (1997), Sid meets officer Jack on the set of Badge of Honor show: Sid: Reynolds is acey-deucey, not to mention broke. I'm getting him to fuck the DA for 100 bucks. That's twice the 50 you got for wrecking his career.

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11:27 PM
Q: Why Skyler White leaves home early and came back in the evening

MaxI recently finished the second season of Breaking Bad and was left with a doubt: After Walter White lies to Skyler and the problems began in the marriage, she starts to leave home early morning and came back in the evening. Ok, she is upset, I get it, but the series never showed where she goes ...


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