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3:38 AM
Q: In Interstellar, why did NASA hold Coop away from his daughter when he first was brought into the NASA facility?

Bob516There is a short scene where Coop is being guarded by a TARS (maybe it was the other machine) after arriving at the NASA facility in the middle of the night. Why was he kept alone in that room, away from his daughter, rather than just being brought to Prof. Brand and the rest of the NASA personn...

4:03 AM
Q: Why did Diginam & Queenan laugh?

Nelson BlakeAfter Frank contact Colin, he encountered Queenan and officer Diginam: Queenan: What did you do with the real microprocessors, Frank? Frank: Microprocessors. Oh, yeah. I heard the story. You arrested some Chinese government guys...at the border carrying some light sockets or somethin...

3 hours later…
7:30 AM
@MovieReel It's called, you guessed it, remake of movie for different age group
Unless they mean cutting out some parts?
2 hours later…
9:12 AM
Q: Why does The Graham Norton Show have an extra guest come on halfway through?

user135187On The Graham Norton Show, there is usually an additional guest (usually not the music act) that comes in around midway in the show. Why do they do this? Is there some method/logic by which they decide who this guest is?

9:42 AM
@M.A.R. i assume the reverse of like The Huntsman where it came first and then Disney made and all ages Snow White
Lightening maybe?
since Snow White > Huntsman i would called Darkening
2 hours later…
11:45 AM
@Memor-X Oh that mess
I intentionally erase all those movies from my memory and forget they exist.
You know how oxidation and weathering eventually deface antique works of art? Disney seems to be doing it, at a much faster pace, to things of mostly their own creation
1 hour later…
1:15 PM
Q: What/who is the monster in the movie "Monster"?

Yu ZhangIn the movie Monster, what does its title mean?' From the movie's poster, I found it interesting that there are two characters but the title is singular, Monster. After watching this movie, my initial thought was Lee was the monster, but she did not end up being a murderer she was on her own....

7 hours later…
8:05 PM
Q: Noble Gift in Catch 21 Possible?

Erik AndersonIn the tv game show Catch 21, let's suppose it is the first round. One of the other players has already busted. You have a hard 16 and your opponent has an 11. You answer the question correctly and then the next card is a 10. There is a prize for whomever gets a 21. Must you bust or may you be ...

8:53 PM
Q: Prison break - Theory of "dying" sound

NubcakeIn Prison Break SE1E5 - English, Fitz or Percy, Attorneys Veronica Donovan and Nick Savrinn bring a video tape of a murder, in where the suspect is seen on tape shooting another man with a gun in an underground parking lot, to a video expert to analyse the video for any proof it was doctored. Th...


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