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12:29 AM
Q: Why when you watch the copy of the tape you are free from the curse?

LYDIANA VELASQUEZThe question I'm asking is why did Rachel make a copy of the tape to break the curse? Does it reset the whole killing cycle? Does samara like it when people watch her tape? Why does she still kill people? And why after you watch the tape you die in 7days exactly?

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4:20 AM
Suicide Squad might get director cut too
Lets see
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9:42 AM
Q: Why did Camera Tech cop reacted in this way?

Nelson BlakeIn The Departed 2006, In a secret place, Frank Costello doing business with Chinamen: Frank: For his own good, tell Bruce Lee and the Karate Kids... none of us are carrying automatic weapons. Because here, in this country... it don't add inches to your d*ck. You get a life sentence for it...

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10:54 AM
Q: Why may Harlan not have included his mother in his will? (Knives Out)

Mad BannersAlthough Harlan Thrombey enacted an alternate will in the days preceding his death, it is unclear what the future holds for his very elderly mother, who was not mentioned in this will. Unlike Harlan’s other family members, it is unclear for what reason Mrs Thrombey was excluded from the will. Is...

@AnkitSharma too? you mean like a Snyder Cut?
11:43 AM
Q: Why did China's general have to share his phone number and repeat what Louise told him?

user1612738In the movie Arrival, why did China's general have to share his phone number and repeat what Louise told him because he knows she knew them anyways!

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1:43 PM
Q: Why didn’t Iron Man just fly away from Thanos after stealing his infinity stones?

user74261Iron Man’s booster (as seen in IW trailer 2) should be able to fly away from a much weaker Thanos who is now without the stones. Specifically to go to someone like Hulk who have proven to be able to survive after snapping. Even if he couldn’t outrun him, he could still use any one of the stones...

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6:31 PM
That's also Denzel Jr., by the way.
7:14 PM
Q: How does Clarice deduce that Buffalo Bill knew his first victim?

HouseflyIn Silence of the Lambs, how does Clarice and her friend deduce that the killer Buffalo Bill knew his first victim Fredrica Bimmel? I watched this particular scene several times, but still couldn't get it clearly. Probably mainly because I didn't understand what she meant by "The one he weight...

7:27 PM
Sadly springfieldspringfield still doesn't seem to have recovered. But Drew's Script-O-Rama helps, too.
I would never have thought they used such an odd word as "covet" instead of "desire". But I guess it's fits to Dr. Lecter's eloquence.
Q: Is there anything to be said about the fact that Bane's mask is the negative of Batman's?

jeremy909 I was looking at this image and thinking about how odd it is that Batman's suit has absolutely no protection for his chin and mouth. It struck me, then, that Bane's headgear is exactly the opposite, protecting only his mouth (although I know protection is not the primary function of his mask). ...

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10:37 PM
Q: Why Atlanta was hunted and how where she disappeared to?

R SIn the Aquaman movie Atlanta (Nicole Kidman) was injured (probably by somebody) and then was attached by soldiers, then presumably was dead, turned out she's alive. How and why all this happened?

Q: Anti-police movies

Candid MoeMost police movies show a favorable image of the police: knights in shinning white armor fighting against evil. A few films show good cops inserted in corrupt police forces (Serpico, 1973) or corrupt cops (Bad Lieutenant, 1992, 2009). Is there films that shows the institution itself as inherent...

11:01 PM
Q: Why did they tell that Roy should go to Mars to understand what's happened?

R SIn the Ad Astra movie Roy McBride was told by command that he's going to Mars to figure out what's happened near Neptune. On Mars they try to send a question to the Neptune's station. Couldn't it be done from Earth?

@MovieReel citation needed
Cops are for the most part annoying drivers in white cars that our protagonist dodges

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