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12:17 AM
@AnkitSharma streaming or did you have to torrent it in the end?
3 hours later…
3:02 AM
Q: Turned "E" character in titles

Ray ButterworthSome TV series contain a turned "E" character in their titles, such as: HOMƎLAND ÉLITƎ CALIPHATƎ (Feel free to add other examples.) Is there some common underlying meaning to this usage, or is it just used as a "cool" thing, like a Metal umlaut?

6 hours later…
9:06 AM
@Memor-X torrent
Hotstar which did arrowverse partnership denied any plan to bring batwoman and now they merged with Disney + for India so I doubt they will do any new arrowverse tie-ups
9:34 AM
@AnkitSharma that's a shame. well just a heads up that it stops at episode 15 because all current CW series are being delayed because of COVID-19
3 hours later…
12:32 PM
Q: Bad image quality in Gaspar Noé films

Alec BrooksWhy are the images in some of Gaspar Noé films blurry? For example, in I Stand Alone and Irréversible, quality seems very bad although I watched the 1080p BluRay versions. Is this a technical issue, or was it intentional?!

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2:07 PM
Q: Glorifying rape in some older movies

Jason P SallingerI'm noticing a trend in some older movies. The protagonist commits rape. Here are some examples: Harvey Keitel's lead character in Fingers (1978), directed by James Toback Robert DeNiro's lead character in Once Upon A Time In America (1984) by Sergio Leone Rod Steiger's supporting character i...

2:53 PM
@MovieReel Robert De Niro's name pops up in a question like this after i finish watching an episode of classic The Big Picture re-released talking about the first 4 Batman Movies and in one part describing De Niro's Penguin was a lecherous pervert
Uh...that's DeVito. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson really? i thought it was De Niro
No. Have you seen it? The two are...really hard to mix up.
(Assuming you don't just go by name.)
@NapoleonWilson it's been along time but the episode showed clip and i assumed alot of makeup was used
There was some make-up involved, it's Tim Burton afterall.
But no, DeVito is pretty much kind of a little troll already. ;-)
2:58 PM
i just looked him up, yeh he's got a closer body shape. i always assumed that in the movie they just had the actor wear a fat suit
If he would actually have asked why DeNiro's character just seemingly "nonchalantly" raped someone or what role the depiction of rape has in Once Upon a Time in America, rather than this "old movies glorify rape! what gives?" thing, then there would have been some really interesting answers in that, as shown in the answers to this question.
anyway, getting names mixed up aside (should pay more attention there), the episode (which is combined of 4 episodes) is a nice analysis on the Batman films and some of the issues they caused. i still stand though that Jim Carey was great as The Riddler, the rest can be up for question
@NapoleonWilson the question (not your one) more seemed to me less sincere of wanting to get an interesting answer and more trying to stoke some outrage or something
Batman Forever had a lot of good aspects, many of which people just ignore because of its succession by Batman & Robin, the hating of which is considered common sense by now.
@NapoleonWilson Inorite. The answer is either going to be "No they're not" or "tsk tsk tsk", and the OP's reaction to the former will be probably be as useless as the latter response is
@Memor-X Well, yes. While an interesting topic and possibly worth consideration in a broader culture-historical sense, I didn't see much good coming from that question as it was written.
3:11 PM
There might very well be a shift in the acceptance of rape in society and films. But then ask for that, rather than saying it already is so and positing that there is no rape in modern films anymore.
You've now frozen me in Dr. Freeze memes by mentioning that movie
I was about to ask if you're going to answer your own memes now if noone else does.
Also, it's Mister Freeze! Do you even Batman, bro?
(Which is odd, since he actually is a doctor, I think.)
Once a doctor, always a doctor
3:41 PM
Aren't we all the offspring of Engineers anyway?
If only the world still needed engineers.
@M.A.R. but he's not a doctor, he a time travelling robot......or a undercover cop......or a spy.......or a martian spy........or a mother
@NapoleonWilson he is, his real name is Dr. Victor Fries
though that last bit while i suspect is supposed to be like Freeze, i read it like French Fries
The English reading might be more appropriate for Firefly.
(I would have said Pyro, but let's stay with DC.)
in an alt universe, Mr Freeze opens a fast food truck called Freeze Fries where he freezes french fries and comic fan boys argue about how the name is said as much as they argue about how to pronounces GIF
Or deep fried ice cream. That's really delicious, too.
3:57 PM
Fan 1: it's Fries because he makes French Fires!
Fan 2: it's Fries because his last name is Freeze!
Alfred: Master Bruce! Master Grayson! please stop using the bat computer for flame wars!
@NapoleonWilson never tried it and have always wondered how it even works since i would imagine the ice-cream would be melted before a shell can be formed from the cooking
Literal flame wars even.
@Memor-X I don't quite remember. I'd suppose it's quite runny. Or just really really cold beforehand.
1 hour later…
5:10 PM
@NapoleonWilson How about freezed tea?
I like it very much :-)
Like frozen?
Do you mean ice tea, like cold tea, or actual frozen tea, like a solid block of ice? I don't think I ever had the latter. But it might be worth a try.
2 hours later…
7:20 PM
Just freeze a cup of tea and try it after it melts
2 hours later…
9:42 PM
Q: Why was Ki-taek not arrested?

SadeghbayanIn parasite we saw there are couple of cameras around the house(one in the garden and the other one outside the house I think in front of the garage) that can prove to police where Ki-taek escaped. why police didn't check the cameras ?

10:01 PM
Q: Where does Jimmy get cash to the 1.6 Million dollar cash pile whole again?

Yu ZhangIn Better Call Saul, season 1. Jimmy hires Mike to retrieve the stolen cash from the Kettleman's property, then Jimmy puts some cash back in before returning it to the DA office. The Kettleman pay Jimmy a retainer of 30k in cash when Jimmy find them in the wilderness, hiding in a camp. Jimmy...

10:50 PM
@MovieReel That one was cut by the other woman-parasite

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