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12:20 AM
Q: What's up with this trend of resurrecting old movies?

LikkThe last 5 years or so I've seen this unhappy trend: old, successful movies being brought back to life with doubtful results. Take for example the new Star Wars Trilogy, or this new "Indiana Jones 5" that I've recently heard about (can't they stop harassing the poor Indy?) Why has the film indus...

5 hours later…
5:17 AM
@M.A.R. ha Obama giving the medal to himself meme
He was a muslim too /s
You are black too /s
1 hour later…
6:35 AM
@AnkitSharma Constantine as in demon hunting guy Constantine?
@KnightadmiresChappo clearly @M.A.R.'s new avatar shows they are a deranged lunatic hiding behind a judging and accusing mask emoji as a reflection on how society judges their lunacy
that or question our tastes in movies
6:58 AM
Q: Is meat/fish eaten in the Kung Fu Panda universe?

PahlavanThe Kung Fu Panda universerse contains both carnivores (tigers, leopards, wolves, crocodiles etc.) and animals commonly eaten, both by those and in Chinese cuisine (pigs, ducks/geese, cattle, sheep etc.). All of these are portrayed as sentient and one would assume that they are thus not part of t...

7:54 AM
Q: Question about Sex Education plot for season 1 episodes 7 and 8

Dirk101At the ball, after principal Groff is harassed by his son Adam, he picks up a jacket and drugs fall on the floor. He picks them up, then the next day he automatically assumes Maeve and Otis are dealing drugs at the school. I've rewatched the scenes at the ball and in the principal's office the ne...

3 hours later…
10:26 AM
Q: How did the police got the same mask and vest as the thieves in Money Heist?

Nilay GhoshIn S01E06 of Money Heist, we see that 2 policeman is trying to infiltrate the bank and blend with the hostages by wearing the same mask and vests (although they withdrew when they knew what happened afterwards). My question is that how did the policeman got that same masks and vests as the thieve...

2 hours later…
12:33 PM
It's not a confused emoji. It's me raising my enchanting eyebrows
I also look very yellow for some reason
You should test your liver function.
@Loong It's fine. I touched it myself and it looked fine o.o
Back in dialysis there was once this hepatitis scare
. . . Anyway, I'm now enjoying Spaced
@M.A.R. needs more fava beans
Edgar Wright at his kookiest
@M.A.R. You got kidney problem?
12:44 PM
@KnightadmiresChappo i don't think so. more a joke that the smiley has yellow skin and i think that's a side effect of bad kidney function
which begs the question about the characters on The Simpsons
@M.A.R. emojiis are not enchanting. Sir Patrick Stewart has an enchanting voice and even he can't make the poo emojii enchanting
1:16 PM
Q: Do people not wear seat belts in 1970s?

Yu ZhangIn the movie, Once upon a time in Hollywood, characters played by Leonardo, Brad Pitt never wear seat belts. I do not think characters such as Planski and Sharon wear seat belts either. Is it a realistic for Americans living in that era?

1:29 PM
@Memor-X He said something about “dialysis”
@KnightadmiresChappo Formerly
@M.A.R. i thought if you were on dialysis your on it for life
1:48 PM
@Memor-X not if you get a new kidney
This one won't last too long either. At best, 25 to 30 years later, I'd need another transplant
I've been rambling about it so much in these chats I thought everyone would be able to write my biography from memory
Movie of the day: The Gentlemen
I tend to tune out when stuff like that comes up. ;-)
2:05 PM
@NapoleonWilson shrug Looking whiny comes off as incredibly uncool, so you're doing me a favor
2:17 PM
@M.A.R. What caused you kidney problem at such a young age? The only thing I can think of is genetics
@KnightadmiresChappo anatomical defect curable up until 12 months old
@M.A.R. Who donated you the kidney?
Some guy
Relative ?
Or some random guy?
2:26 PM
Was transplantation done in Iran or abroad?
In Iran
Was it costly ?
Did your parents have fear that a kidney from someone outside the family would work properly?
Why would they fear that?
Anyway, it's not like every random bloke on the street can just put their hands under their shirt and hand me a kidney
It's a very cumbersome process
Lots and lots of tests
2:34 PM
I know, but still if someone from your family doesn’t match with your kidneys then the best option people go for is dialysis
3:31 PM
@Memor-X yes, his TV show was canceled by NBC and he came in Arrow first as cameo, now he is regular on Constantine. He is bisexual in comics and show too
@M.A.R. good man you, lol
> Good man, Ryback!
3:56 PM
Q: Why joker did not left the train just like that girl?

GoylloInitially when joker(Arthur) get into the subway train (after he got fired), then there is some goons who was harassing one girl. So as per joker mental health he start laughing on them, and later that girl move away from one train block to another, so why not joker have done same thing? He can a...

Q: Who owns Scooby doo?

stuart stevensonIn the movie from 2002: Here when the gang breaks up, Scooby remains with Shaggy and the mystery machine. Is it canon that Shaggy is the owner / guardian of Scooby doo? Or is Scooby not owned by anyone and Shaggy and Scooby were the only ones to remain friends after the break-up? What other so...

2 hours later…
5:52 PM
@Memor-X started watching Batwoman
3 hours later…
9:03 PM
Q: Significance of pendant in Rob Roy (1995)

Jason P SallingerToward the end of this movie, Tim Roth's character (Cunningham) reveals a gold pendant with a cartoonish portrait of a woman. The next time it is shown, the Marquise Montrose tears it from the recently killed Cunningham. What is the significance of this pendant and the person it portrayed?

9:22 PM
Q: What are the most typical style elements of British cinematography?

akopacsiWhat do you think are the most characteristic style elements that make British cinematography so unique? I mean especially BBC documentaries, but series like Black Mirror, Doctor Who also look different from American series. Is it possible to highlight the most typically British style elements in...

2 hours later…
10:56 PM
Q: Movie about students and hostage situation

Johnny DoesAnyone know a film about hostage situation in a school and where the kids fight back to take control? I remember for sure a scene that some kids make a "weapon" with pens or pencils and shoot the terrorists with it!!! Maybe its an episode from a series i don't know for sure... Thanks in advance!...


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