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1:57 AM
> Odin: Are you the God of Hammers? or are you Thor, God of Thunder?
Thor:......can't i be both?
Odin: no, why?
Thor: because i want to be the god THAT GETS HAMMERED! *starts drinking*
Odin:......you were a mistake
@AnkitSharma ahhh ok, good thing i did start watching Elseworlds for more than watching Kate undress Kara with her eyes and Kara...not needing too because she has x-ray vision
Hi all! No offense, but I was hoping to see @steelersquirrel. Text me, girl! 7184147262
2:18 AM
Q: Why did the Philippines fall out of favor in the early 1970's for low budget film production aimed at the US?

NostradamusThe Philippines were a haven for budget film production by filmmakers such as Roger Corman in the late 1950's through to the early 1970's - what was the cause of the demise of a pretty steady pipeline of low budget actioners targeted at the US?

2:58 AM
Q: What does Horse Girl want to express?

jw_There are her horse, the title contains "horse", there are the friend get brain damage after falling off a horse, and finally she take the house out and gone. Once I thought the fallen friend will finally turn out to be herself, but that's wrong. That seems to be something like connection (like w...

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5:34 AM
@Memor-X lol
@NapoleonWilson ok so I checked. The packaging was a little overdone but yet I got the gingerbread house on Thursday. Custom wanted clearance on what is it and why it's coming from out of Indian etc and later declined to send toys but it looks my scolding mail worked.

That's why I prefer FedEx more, at-least Tom Hanks wil dleiver it at any cost.
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6:44 AM
Q: Why didn't Maj Gen Urquhart and his men silence their semi-automatic pistols?

Greek - Area 51 ProposalIn 1:27:04/2:56:12 of A Bridge Too Far (1977), why didn't Maj Gen Roy Urquhart and his few men silence his pistols that they did fire, when they're undeniably trying to dodge Germans? Were they behind enemy (the Germans') lines? I quote the transcript: It's imperative I get back to H. Q. ...

Q: Why did British officers just stand and cheer, while a lone lad was shot in the back trying to fetch an airdrop?

Greek - Area 51 ProposalI don't understand 1:55:14/2:56:12 of A Bridge Too Far (1977). I quote this script: He'll never make it. Those bleeding snipers will get him. Come back! Come on, Ginger mate. - He'll never lift it. - Come on, mate! Bring it back, mate. Come on. Come on! Run, laddie, run! Oh, Jesus Christ...

7:04 AM
Q: What happened to the German Panther that the British failed to PIAT twice?

Greek - Area 51 ProposalIn 1:50:04/2:56:12 of A Bridge Too Far, the British fired two PIAT rockets at a German Panther (portrayed by a Leopard I) but missed. It continues on the road.

7:24 AM
Q: Is it a blooper that Rambo raises only two horses on his farm?

AllanIn Rambo: Last Blood, only two horses are seen on his farm. No cows and no sheep. Can a farm be run this way? Is Rambo, a retired old man, so rich that he pays all the taxes and expenses to keep two horses as pets? Or it's just a blooper?

Q: what is the name of this japanese movie?

Wang Zhongdiwhat is the name of this Japanese movie? a woman drinks with a man. https://i.stack.imgur.com/MArUr.png

Q: Why were these 3 questions unilaterally closed?

Greek - Area 51 ProposalModerator AJ unilaterally closed What happened to the German Panther that the British failed to PIAT twice?, Why did British officers just stand and cheer, while a lone lad was shot in the back trying to fetch an airdrop?, Why didn't Maj Gen Urquhart and his men silence their semi-automatic pisto...

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9:26 AM
Q: Why is Jimmy Carter "history's greatest monster"?

colmdeIn one episode of The Simpsons, the town is unable to raise enough money to build a statue of Abraham Lincoln (due to Marge's unavailability to sell treats because of her incarceration) and so instead is forced to settle for a statue of Jimmy Carter... At which point one of the Springfieldianite...

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12:48 PM
Q: Did Cliff Booth really kill his wife?

KnightIn movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood they just talk about the rumours of Cliff (Brad Pitt) killing his wife. Why in the movie they didn’t clarify what really happened? Did he really do that? Nothing can be inferred from his character as he was intolerant (if this is the right word here) to some...

Welcome to The Screening Room! @McNets
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2:05 PM
@AnkitSharma Thanks for letting me know. I haven't received anything yet.
@AJ9 Hi
What's up?
Interested in movies stuff?
2:50 PM
Q: Why did Amy and Sheldon introduce a matrimonial metric?

SwarleyIn The Big Bang Theory S11E12 (The Matrimonial Metric), why did Sheldon and Amy introduce a metric for choosing the maid of honor and best man respectively, when it was obvious that Lenoard and Penny were the answer they were looking for? Was it the reason that they didn't want to hurt others an...

@AnkitSharma Was it actually sent from the US or directly from Denmark?
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4:51 PM
Q: Why is this a tagline for Terminator 2?

DistressOne of the taglines for Terminator 2: Judgement Day says "It's nothing personal". What is this referring to? I have watched the extended cut, but there seems to be no references to anything being either personal or not. Why is it a tagline?

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8:14 PM
Q: Why the search for Childish Gambino?

WoJIn Yesterday (2019), Jack Malik is searching for some iconic performers when trying to understand what is going on after his accident. One of his searches is for Childish Gambino (= Donald Glover). Is there a particular reason for this search (a hidden joke, friendship between Himesh Patel and h...

8:34 PM
Q: Terminator timeline is strange

LagaggioWhy John Connor looked so different in terminator from 2009 and Genisys. Obviously they are not the same actor but that is so outlier that doesn't even make sense.

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10:36 PM
Q: There is four separated lands of Lion Guard?

John PassDo the lands means four separate regions such as PrideLands, Outlands, BackLands, and Snow Mountain. Though queen of the backlands has less power since leopards don't obey i wonder why.

10:49 PM
The Doctor already explained quite clearly how the Terminator Timeline works
Q: What happens to Victor Creed after "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"?

Neo1009In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Jimmy (Wolverine) has a brother named Victor. Near the end of the film, Wolverine and Victor separate. The movie ends explaining how Wolverine lost his memory, how he got his name, his backstory, but Victor doesn't appear in the X-Men stories again. Or am I just missi...


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