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12:31 AM
@Memor-X Thanks to technology, we can make movie-quality pictures with a brick. Also thanks to technology, nobody watches the brick movies others make.
So . . . whatever. Let them come.
1:00 AM
@It'sOver except if it's porn
2 hours later…
2:39 AM
Q: Some questions about The Prestige (2006)

Karthikeya KazaAssuming Borden twin #1 is the bad-ish one who ties the fatal knot and twin #2 is the meek and gentler one and that Angier met twin #2 both the times when he wanted to know which knot had been tied, why didn't twin #2 lie to Angier? It's not as if he has sworn to tell the truth throughout his lif...

@AnkitSharma when Monitor says he's testing out universes to prepare for a crisis involving something stronger than him, is he referring to Anti-Monitor in Crisis or just whatever big bad is going to turn up in Elseworlds
2 hours later…
4:42 AM
Q: Trying to find a movie I watched a few years back

Daltin SimmonsI watched this movie a few years back maybe 5 to 7 years ago with my dad. All I can remember either they were able to slow down time when they wanted to or it just happened during this gun fight scene in a hotel. I know it isn't a lot of information but maybe a few answers will spark a memory to ...

7 hours later…
11:27 AM
Q: What is the meaning of the 'single white lighting bolt on back background' symbol in jojo rabbit?

ZapnukThere were two different 'single lightning bolt symbols. The first on is a badge awarded within the hitlerjugend afaik: The second one has different colors and is portaid on a flag. What's its meaning?

6 hours later…
5:31 PM
Q: In the fourth season of Better call saul will Jimmy be reinstated?

Himanshu PoddarIn the last episode we saw that a woman from the committee called Jimmy to do some paperwork. Does that mean Jimmy will be granted his license back or they called him just for some other thing. Because what I think is if Jimmy will get his license back then that means he will start practicing an...

2 hours later…
7:47 PM
@Mistu4u I quit.
@NapoleonWilson I think I revived something on Thursday Weill check abs confirm. Custom were making some drama but resolved now
@Memor-X he is talking about crisis only
1 hour later…
8:54 PM
Q: Hjælp til at finde film

Megan Maze JakobsenDa jeg var barn så vi en film, mener den var baseret på virkelige hendelser. Her er hvad jeg kan huske Filmen starter med at det er mørkt og det regner meget, mens de begraver deres døde barn. Derefter går vi fiæbage i tiden og følger dette barns sygdomsforløb. Der er ingen børn der vil lege me...

3 hours later…
11:56 PM
Q: How did they get the entrapped testicles shot in Something About Mary?

Tyler DurdenIn the 1998 comedy "There's Something About Mary" there is a scene in which the groom gets his testicles entrapped in his zipper and this mess is briefly shown as an inserted still frame. How did they get that shot? Did they zip up a stunt man's balls or something?


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