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3:13 AM
Q: Which was the true pilot of "Seinfeld" - what was originally "The Seinfeld Chronicles" or "Male Unbonding"?

Rob JacksonI've always been somewhat confused, but I can't help but think "Male Unbonding" simply because in 1989 no one knew The Seinfeld Chronicles would become Seinfeld. Or maybe it's obvious, but still I can't help but wonder.

2 hours later…
5:18 AM
Q: want to know the name of the movie and its gener

pravin Ingavale i want to find the name of this movie and gener of it. Or u can tell me name of the actor or actress in this scene

6:08 AM
Q: What is the importance of trees in prisoners?

ma_jafariThroughout the film, different shots of different trees are shown(including the famous tree shot at the beginning) and after searching for some time about what do they really mean I only found this article which is based on one of directors interviews. They’re kind of like ghost characters. They...

8 hours later…
1:39 PM
Q: How does a Vow of Silence relate to Nietzsche?

TomDot ComIn Little Miss Sunshine, Dwayne, a teenage nihilist, is implied to have taken a vow of silence, "because of Friedrich Nietzsche". In another scene, he is shown to be reading "Thus Spake Zarathustra" a novel by Nietzche. How does Dwayne's action of taking a vow of silence relate to Friedrich Nietz...

2:04 PM
Q: What's the meaning of CRI?

M MajundharThe character of Tyler is a product of Narrator’s personality disorder. With support from Project Mayhem members, Tyler brought Narrator's friend Marla to the abandoned building against her will. In the same abandoned building, with her hands tied to a chair, Narrator begs Tyler to stop Project M...

2:54 PM
Q: How did Thanos and the Black Order know where the time and mind stone where so precisely?

Enrique Moreno TentDuring Infinity War, Thanos seeks the infinity stones. How did he know where to find them? Power stone: This is arguably the easiest one, since he knew Ronan had it, and he died in Xander. It is not so hard to find. Reality Stone: The collector had it... How did he know? Space stone: He kinda "s...

7 hours later…
10:06 PM
Q: What is the shadow movie

Hatake KakashiSo I watched this movie a long time ago where people where trapped in some sort of underground facility and their memories where Erased by a machine, they have no idea how they got there but they find out that a psychologist made a machine that erases the bad memories, and there's a shadow that k...


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