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1:53 AM
Q: What was that weapon that Sherlock Holmes used to hit dredger

Sanchit MishraI am surprised that what was that weapon or thing which Sherlock Holmes used on dredger so can someone tell me what was that thing.

4 hours later…
6:03 AM
Q: What is the name of shadow movie

Hatake Kakashimovie where people where trapped in some sort of place and their memories where Erased by a machine that erases the bad memories, and there's a shadow that kills them and it was made when a man with no bad memories got his memories Erased

7 hours later…
12:43 PM
Q: Why no to save John Reese with the help of the same Thornhill snipers from the same episode who helped earlier?

raiymIn Season 5 episode 3 Fusco and Reese was saved by snipers who as Finch described was hired by Thornhill (the Machine). So question is, is there any rational explanation why not to save Reese at the end with help from the same people?

2 hours later…
2:23 PM
Q: Did Mega Maid's last scene correctly show the setting of the vacuum switch?

DrSheldonIn the Mel Brooks movie Spaceballs, the spaceship Spaceballs One transforms into a giant maid with a vacuum cleaner. At the end of the movie, Mega Maid self-destructs, sending the head and the hand holding the handle of the vacuum cleaner onto a beach. It is an homage to the ending of the movie...

1 hour later…
3:38 PM
Q: Why is the "Rocky" franchise particularly lampooned for its many sequels?

DrSheldonSeveral other movies and other media have portrayed fictional high-numbered sequels of the Rocky franchise: Spaceballs shows the spines of videocassettes for Rocky I through XIV. A movie poster for "Rocky XXXVIII" appears in the airport gift shop behind Sonny Bono in Airplane II. A high-numbered...

3 hours later…
6:09 PM
Q: Who decides which actor or actress would play the part in a movie of a famous person with their similar looks?

Debra Griffin LambertWhen I am watching a movie and see the similarity in the looks of a current actor and think that they would be right to play the part of a famous actress how would that be shared with a screen writer?

6:34 PM
Q: I can't remember the name of this scary movie, help!

Laura MedicoI watched a movie about a mom, dad and daughter all living in a house. You find out that the mom and daughter can't seem to be able to leave the house but you don't find out why until the end. Now to the end of the movie- The dad killed both of them and himself(wife and his daughter). The reason ...

4 hours later…
10:20 PM
Q: Why is Mr. Wayne collected by a man with a flashlight?

J. Mini During the scene at the Charlie Chaplin show, right before the scene in the toilets, Mr. Wayne is collected by a man holding a flashlight. Why is this? Why is he being summoned for what appears to be his own toilet break? And why does the man have a flashlight?

11:10 PM
Q: In The Da Vinci Code how does the bishop find out about Langdon

EdHunterAt the beginning of the film it is insinuated that Captain Fache believes that Robert Langdon killed Saunière because of the message left on the floor (PS Find Robert Langdon) The same scene also shows Fache wearing Seal of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei which is obviously meant to be some sort of f...


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