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1:03 AM
Q: Why couldn't Shuri help Tony?

DellaLucretia ThomasWhen Tony snapped in Avengers: Endgame why didn't Dr strange open a space portal and send Tony and Shuri to her lab so she could save him like she did Agent Coleson in Black Panther?

1:56 AM
@AnkitSharma Jon Ericson also :(
2:45 AM
Q: Why did Kim mark one location "confirmed"?

Kirk DavidIn mystery thriller film Searching (2018), Kim contacted his missing daughter’s friends so he can know where they were when his daughter went missing. He wrote their locations on a google sheets, but for one of them he wrote “confirmed”. He made said list after calling each one. So why did he m...

But Jon Ericson is leaving on a good grounds out of his personal choice.
A: Thank you, Shog9

Nog ShineI am sorry that I had to write an answer this late. I was literally speechless when I saw this meta post and immediately logged out. Today I have logged in again to say Thank you. Thank you Shog for everything. I learnt a lot from you. You have been my idol on Stack Exchange. You were one of...

@AnkitSharma I didn't watch Doordarshan serials from 90s'.
@AnkitSharma You made it to the blog post. Congratulations!
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4:08 AM
Q: Identify fantasy film with flying creatures

Greg SchmitI'm sorry if this is too vague, but I remember being about 12 (2003 +/- 5 years) and watching a movie with my Dad about flying creatures (maybe birds, dragons, hippogryphs) and a big part of the plot was learning how to ride or command them and maybe using long leather gloves. For some reason I t...

4:28 AM
Q: In the movie prisoners what does Alex mean he never came

LandfirewordWhen Alex Jones is imprisoned in the makeshift shower/bath torture area made by Keller Dover. He says during one scene “I’m not Alex.” But then he says “I waited but he never came” “ I just wanted to play but he never came” .... this part confuses me, who is Alex referring to when he says “he nev...

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5:58 AM
@NogShine nonsense SE is dead
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9:13 AM
Q: Cartoon from the 1980s or 1970s

Keagan AllanUnfortunately I do not have a lot to give in terms of details. It is vague memories from when I was a kid. I used to watch this cartoon in the late 80s or early 90s. I was very young and can’t remember much. This is what I can remember: it had monster characters. They were different colours an...

Q: Movie with Aliens being sold on the black market as food

EnCoderI watched this movie when I was a kid, around 8-9 years ago (I think) and I can't remember the title or find it on google. I seem to remember it being kind of a documentary style story shot in a desert area with Fallout looking huts and a market where Aliens were sold illegally. After eating them...

9:30 AM
Titans season 2
9:54 AM
Q: How much is Riverdale based on Archie comics?

TGarI just finished Riverdale's first season and started to dig some information about the background. I was surprised to found out that it is actually based on the (apparently famous) comics. I found out several sites describing the differences between characters in the series and the comics. But I...

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12:37 PM
Q: What could have resulted in such a huge crater in WW I?

Yu ZhangIn the movie, 1917, there is huge crater filled with muddy water and bodies, what could have caused it? It is a bit too big for an artillery shell.

@NogShine "leaving on a good grounds out of his personal choice" - Let's stay with just "personal choice".
12:57 PM
Q: Why did Shaw accept to work for CIA?

K.RejepowIn Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw one of the CIA agents approaches Shaw after he talked to his mom in prison. Why did Shaw accepted his job? What did they offer to Shaw?

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6:02 PM
Q: What happened to the virus that scanned for insecurities?

venkatIn Ralph Breaks the Internet there was a black color snake like virus with one eye. What happened to it? Was it a plothole?

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11:21 PM
Movie of the day: Cold Pursuit

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