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2:36 AM
@M.A.R. for me Spider-Man is my fav Marvel hero maybe my expectation are too high. Also I did praised spider-verse too
@M.A.R. I am hearing only good things about it
Got first hat and it’s recycled one
Forget Spider-Man, let’s bash the winter bash.
All hats are old and lame
Meh #BurnTheHats
But I still want to get more to burn more
Q: ❄️ Winter Bash 2019 Hat list ❄️

DavidThe Winter Bash is back and the hats are listed below. As always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated as we learn them. Only edit the secret hat answer with definitive and correct triggers. This is not the place ...

3:27 AM
So first hat is a bug
4:20 AM
Q: Who is this chef in Ratatouille?

yuritsuki Seen at 2:35 in the Special Order scene in Ratatouille. I don't recall ever seeing his face anywhere else in the movie, but for some reason his face seems incredibly familiar, as if it was used in previous Pixar movies or something as an easter egg. When Colette is explaining to Linguini who ...

5:15 AM
In 6 to 8 weeks. — Ankit Sharma 5 mins ago
No one said it starts today.
@NogShine see start board
@AnkitSharma Yeah but I didn't count seconds.
Still I can't get many hats. 😑
5:57 AM
@NogShine meneither, got oen fat which is also a bug
Some hats have the same trigger. I got 2 hats till now.
I thought of getting a Guru badge for this one but never mind.
Only souls are for sale. Not upvotes. :P
@NogShine My soul belongs to someone else ;) so it can no longer be sold. :P
6:07 AM
@AJ can't help
Souls for sale for lame recycled hat.
@AnkitSharma Well, have you upvoted Darth Locke's answer? cc @NogShine
@AJ which?
This one can give me two hats. Just one upvote.
Linked one? yes
6:08 AM
@AJ long ago
@AnkitSharma this one?
@AJ Already voted.
See if missing any one else I linked.
I have too many accepted answers sitting at 9.
I am not even paying attention to the hat triggers. 🙄
You want to get a simple and secret one?
Go upvote the first answer or question of a new user, which was posted during winter bash.
6:21 AM
Should it be necessarily new contributor's post?
First post. That's all.
@AJ Did it give you 2 or 3…
No hat yet
But it might give three hats. Cosmic Brain, Amzing Grace and The Merlin.
I might try for question badges which are posted during specific time period.
Isit 7 PM anywhere?
@NogShine Will be within 24 minutes in Brisbane.
6:42 AM
@AJ I asked a question on MSE already at 12:PM.
Waiting for hat
Got hero of time
7:08 AM
@AJ that one too
One more vote on Locke's answer will give me a gold badge.
@AJ what about here cc @NogShine
There you go
@AJ I checked everything can't help with 9 ones
@AnkitSharma I got the hats.
7:11 AM
@AJ ohhh
4 more accepts to go
that I can't do :D
@NogShine pending accept ;)
Got one for Memor-x, DForck and Steelersquirrel.
7:50 AM
@AJ cograts for being the lead
I have to think for questions here and Hinduism
8:02 AM
I am#3 network wide. Living the moment. 😆
1 hour later…
9:20 AM
X-Men: The Animated Series is teh full name but tag is which look clumsy
only 2 post so edited
2 hours later…
11:15 AM
Did you wait with the self-answer for Winter Bash? ;-)
11:46 AM
@NapoleonWilson I forgot to answer it when I got clarity about it. Now while going through all potential candidates I pciked this
@NapoleonWilson anyways I am skeptical about the chances so will be trying more soon ;)
1 hour later…
1:08 PM
So I am on 9th position with 1000 other people
Q: Why would the BBC change a show to mass market?

colmdeThe running story of series two of Extras is that, the BBC executives meddle with Andy Millman's original script for When The Whistle Blows to turn it from what he thinks is a classy comedy into an awful critically slated mass-appeal sit-com full of clichés, catch-phrases and wigs, much to his an...

1:38 PM
Q: How to be ready for the ongoing crisis?

Ankit SharmaIn Arrowverse, they are doing the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. I heard it's connected to a lot of shows from Arrowverse and out of Arrowverse. So I wanted to know how much I should know before watching Crisis? Which shows I should be aware of, I am up to date with only Flash and Arrow an...

2:28 PM
@AnkitSharma I am in fourth position.
A: New Post Notices are live network-wide

Nog Shinesupport feature-request The new deleted post notice for deleted posts (non spam) reads (emphasis mine) This post is hidden. It was deleted 2 months ago by.... I don't understand what is the reason to say "This post is hidden". This text is seen in the notice applied for questions and ans...

Are everyone satisfactory with the change in post notices?
3:29 PM
I haven't really figured all the changes out fully yet. There's about 5 million super long metas with 5 million answers each on that thing.
Some things are nice, like them looking less like quotes now and being at the top. Other things are more questionable, like hiding specific information from low-rep users.
Other things are just irrelevant garnish one way or the other, like "needs clarity" vs "unclear".
3:45 PM
So taking @pauli_D advice was not the great idea
I didn't for 50 facts about Crisis episode
But I adjusted here and there so I am fine
3:59 PM
@NapoleonWilson I agree with this specific complaint.
@NogShine That's actually not a complaint at all. That's just indifference to an irrelevant change.
4:37 PM
Ok paradox in watchman
When you know everything should we not try changing it?
So you ask for utopia you got it
Now I am not sure if I even want utopia
Depends what is sold as "utopia".
You certainly don't want the one sold by Silicon Valley, as that easily turns out to be a dystopia.
4:52 PM
@AnkitSharma you didnt ping me!!
@NogShine I've seen that before.. nice that answers can't be dupe-d.
Searching the correct Queen is getting harder day by day.
@ankii Some answer proposed removing meta commentary but not specifically about deletion notice. So I posted.
There is a new Queen starring Ramya Krishnan as Jayalalitha.
There's something about a Russian Queen, there's Kangana's and so much more on the TPB
but trailer isn't strong enough..
@ankii Is this your first Winterbash
5:09 PM
Did anyone watch trailer of Jayalalitha biopic starring Kangana Ranaut?
Movie of the day: Runaway Train
@ankii Are you participating?
5:32 PM
@NogShine wait there are two!
why do they make twos ?
Kabir singh too..
@NogShine I would reply to that after I earn some reputable no. of hars
nvm.. neither of the trailers/ first looks are strong.
5:47 PM
Q: Do the symbols used in the TV series Evil, actually exist?

Darth LockeIn Robert & Michelle Kings' latest TV series, Evil, a priest in training, a forensic psychologist/mother of four, and skeptic techie-carpenter/contractor investigate for the Vatican: the potential for the supernatural, including the demonic, contesting if some people may be demons sent by the dev...

1 hour later…
7:01 PM
@NapoleonWilson moon colony where you rule over 100s of dumb Adam n Eve?
@ankii oops now I did
@NogShine I m avoiding it
That sounds more like Hugo Drax's plan than something from Watchmen.
@NapoleonWilson I was talking about Watchmen only
Forgot to recharge wifi else can finish far from home but already too sleepy now
Though, if they're doing the whole space squid deal, Moonraker shouldn't be too silly for them either.
It's squid rain now
At-least more food for sea food lovers.
Q: Where is Richard's thumb drive?

RahulIn the finale of Silicon Valley Richard tells interviewers that he still has the entire code base of Pied Piper on a thumb drive. But he is not able to locate it. My question is two-fold. Did Jin-Yang steal the thumb drive? Are there going to be more seasons about the missing thumb drive or ...

8:09 PM
@NapoleonWilson 777 plus Fargo or?
Q: Who killed this character in "The commuter"?

YasskierIn The commuter movie, a mysterious woman - Joanna - tasks a regular commuter - Michael - to find a train passenger "who doesn't belong here". Later we find, that she has her own man on board tasked with "taking care of" the person that Michael has to find. During the course of the movie, Joa...

8:53 PM
Q: Is there an ice cream bar on-board the Contessa?

Mikael Dúi BolinderIn S09E13 15:00 you can see Alexi Wolkoff having some ice cream on-board his ship Contessa. Is there an ice cream bar on the boat or where did he get the ice cream?

3 hours later…
11:59 PM
Q: How was the three mammary-gland effect done for the prostitute?

CTMacUserIn the first Total Recall movie, the main cast visits a bar, and one of the patrons was a woman that had three mammary glands (instead of the usual two for non-injured adult human women). Did the actress (Lycia Naff) wear a plate with all three visible glands? Or was only one prosthetic gland m...


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