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1:48 AM
Q: Is lens flare shot organically, or added in post-production?

Harper - Reinstate MonicaThe Star Trek series and movies really love their lens flare. Does the organic picture actually taken by the camera have this lens flare in it? Or is it added to the image in post-production? Are there rolls of film/RAW files that don't have it, that would allow a "Director's (well not JJ ...

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3:51 AM
@AnkitSharma Nah. Just questions from a neighbor
4:14 AM
Q: Who / what exactly is the mysterious voice that Elsa hears?

encryptoferiaIn Frozen 2 , Elsa hears the voice like in the "Into the Unknown" song, maybe I missed or just didn't really understand it, but who/what really is the source of that voice?

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5:57 AM
Q: Is it all meta in Twin Peaks?

ksadjadRecently a video in Youtube is circulating around about Twin Peaks. I mean this, the general idea behind it is something like this. Lynch made the series as a reaction to rapid growth of "consumable tv violence" and he goes on and test his theory on some plot lines of the original tv series, the...

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7:13 AM
@AnkitSharma part 2 ?
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10:04 AM
Q: Why did Fran say "You did this" in knives out?

mindreader[SPOILER ALERT]. [SPOILER ALERT]. [SPOILER ALERT]. In knives out, when dying, why did Fran say "you did this" to Marta when she knew who the killer was? I understand that she did not say "you", but I just didn't get what did she say and how was she pointing towards the real killer with tha...

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1:13 PM
If we are (or only me) still talking about comic book stuff trailer then The Boys Season 2 trailer out
1:26 PM
drop the WW teaser tomorrow too!
I am yet to watch The boys 1
Currently playing Halo Combat Evolved.
Trivia: released 2001.
2:15 PM
2:37 PM
That was a nice game indeed. The level design was a bit repetetive, but the story and atmosphere were neat.
It suffers from the bullshit release policy since Microsoft wanted to make it the X-Box flagship. Had they properly released it for PC at the time it was originally planned, it would have been a lot more ground-breaking, because vehicles in FPS would have been da next big thing.
Also the only Halo I ever played...because console.
2 hours later…
5:04 PM
@NapoleonWilson you're back! ... and gone.
did you also read its wikipedia, I read the same thing about level design there.
Why the "was".. ? I am playing it now, properly. Though played on an XP in 2011, but then it got virus.
I don't know much about why the fuss over console, X-Box and PC.
Also the only Halo I'd ever play...because Mac.
5:39 PM
@ankii No. But it was a general impression I had.
I think it was also a common criticism I read in the magazines back then.
I still remember the whole library thing, which was an immense drag.
It might all have been better had they released it 2 years earlier as planned.
A nice comparison was Unreal 2 at the time. The story was largely meh and it didn't have vehicles either, but the levels were a lot more beautiful and varied, at least as I remember it.
@ankii Because I played it ages ago. ;-)
Also, I recently watched a let's play of some kind of re-released beautified new version, so it can look quite nice still. But the original really didn't age well.
I'm done for now. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson that's where wikipedia picks it up
> I played it ages ago
meh, Casino Royale.
wait no.. the other one,
~1984 movie
@ankii It was a really big hyped thing back then, especially for having vehicles in an FPS. Then Microsoft baught the developer and made it X-Box only, with the PC coming 2 years later, at which point noone really cared that much anymore.
it is better on PC, than on console. Even though I've never touched console ever.
that's what I read, on steam.
5:49 PM
@ankii Well, duh! ;-)
It's a shooter. You don't play FPS without a friggin' mouse, even in the 21st century.
Ah, I meant pulp fiction above. And 1994.
to make a case for gold olds.
I still don't get the conneection. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson are you being sarcastic here ?
@ankii No, not at all.
(At least not in a "meaning the opposite" sense.)
@NapoleonWilson you can see a movie even if it is from a diff generation, if it's good.
5:53 PM
@ankii Oh, of course.
thus the game,
I wasn't implying it was any less worth because it was old (not that 2003 is old anyway).
I am not an avid player to compare controller, and mouse/keyboards.
Just that I loved it back then, and recently got success in installing it on my Mac.
I'd love if I can find Road Rash too.
vacations right on time.
6:20 PM
Q: 1940s movie, about a vagrant (?)

user89108Movie I saw on tv as a kid in 1968; wasn't paying much attention, just recall 2 bits of it. It seemed very old, maybe 1940s. 1. This old guy, a vagrant called "Mr Smith" gets a job as a soda jerk. On his 1st try at making a drink, he sprays himself with soda, and calls it a "[something] Surpr...

Just started Far from home as my interest level fall form 20% to 0%
I am not sure if I want to finish it or not
So snap/blip made Peter so horny that he is after MJ so desperately who he used to ignore
Uff they are doing all 80s joke badly
Ok we have Betty Brant as blond and parody of wannabe 80s actress
Wow Betty is with potentially hob goblin ok whatever
Hence proved blip make you horny
6:44 PM
So Aunt May is more hot then MJ and now eve happy hitting on him.
And Nicky Fury acting like a crazy ex
7:19 PM
I hope this one qualifies for a rant
7:49 PM
8:03 PM
Q: Can someone explain to me why in 'Trainspotting' does Renton steal the money from his group of friends and how come he started to think this way?

don johnsonTrainspotting is a classic film and i rewatched it recently but i didnt really watch the end properly and got confused as to why Renton steals the money from his group of friends. I can understand why he did because of having friends like Begbie (who he realized that he just coduldnt excuse him f...

8:32 PM
@AnkitSharma I can't help but feel your urge to draw arguments from conclusions
I haven't been able to watch the last few good movies yet.
"uffff", as @Ankit would point out
Haven't seen Once Upon a Tarantino Dreamland, MorallyVagueFellas and Jester
Something about those names doesn't feel right
And Knives are not even out here yet, but definitely will watch it.
3 hours later…
11:09 PM
Q: Why did Lantos help Roy?

BlueMoon93Per wiki, Lantos reveals that Clifford's crew had mutinied and tried to return to Earth, causing him to turn off their life-support systems, her parents included. She then decides to help Roy sneak into the ship with the crew that brought him to Mars. What is her motivation? Why does she r...


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